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RG 1817: First Krilowitzer Young Friends Progressive Benevolent Circle
RG 1818: First Ostrowzer Young Men's Benevolent Society
RG 1819: Erste Zabner Congregation Bnei Shulem David
RG 1820: Young Seekers of Friendship
RG 1821: Krynicaer Young Men's Benevolent Society
RG 1822: First Turover Aid Society
RG 1823: Markarover Benevolent Association
RG 1824: First Greenpoint Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 1825: Congregation Capooler Unterstitzung
RG 1827: Twentieth Century Lodge No. 234 Independent Order Brith Abraham
RG 1829: Independent Bialystoker Brotherly Love Association No. 1
RG 1830: First Yaltuskower Benevolent Society
RG 1831: Chevra Mogen David Anshei Brok (Brock)
RG 1832: First Nearer Benevolent Society
RG 1833: First Zaslawer Benevolent Association
RG 1834: Society Sons of Adam
RG 1835: Congregation Beth Sholom Tomchei Harav
RG 1836: Independent Brotherhood of Yonkers
RG 1838: Judea Protective Association
RG 1839: Butka Benevolent Society
RG 1841: Congregation Nachal Itzchok Dorshe Tov
RG 1842: Tarascher Brotherly Society
RG 1877: Sanders Association
RG 1878: Glinianer Young Men's Benevolent Association
RG 1880: International Sick and Benefit Society
RG 1881: Finah Benevolent Association
RG 1882: Adler's Young Men Independent Association No. 1
RG 1883: Abraham Miller Association of Williamsburg
RG 1884: First Wengrower Benevolent Society
RG 1885: Milgrim Fraternal Association
RG 1887: Congregation Beth Moses of Brooklyn
RG 1888: Chudnover Independent Benevolent Society
RG 1889: First Krementchuger Benevolent Association
RG 1891: Congregation Chevra Linas Hazedek Anshey Sokolka
RG 1892: Metro Benevolent Association
RG 1894: Devenishker Verein of Greater New York
RG 1895: Young Friends Fraternal Alliance
RG 1897: Woronowitzer Benevolent Association
RG 1898: First Modlibozicer Benevolent Society
RG 1899: Sherishower Benevolent Association
RG 1900: The First Gerer Warshawer Young Men's Association
RG 1901: First Poltaver Brotherhood Aid Association of Greater New York
RG 1906: Chevra Bnei Rabbi Menachem Mendel Anshei Dubrowa
RG 1909: Piotrkov Trybunalski Relief Association
RG 1914: Amdurer Benevolent Association
RG 1919: First Pilzner Benevolent Society
RG 1920: Dashever Benevolent Society
RG 1921: Kishinever Sick Benevolent Society
RG 1933: Zosler Protective Association
RG 1975: Young Friends Pleasure and Benefit Society
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