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RG 1650: Max S. Levine Society
RG 1651: Independent Horodoker Benevolent Aid Association
RG 1652: First Korosmezoer Sick and Aid Society
RG 1654: Congregation Volin Peoples of Matziv
RG 1657: Independent First Oddesser Society of Brownsville
RG 1662: First Chorostkower K.U.V.
RG 1665: Odesser Young Ladies Benevolent Association
RG 1666: First Berlader Roumanian Benevolent Association
RG 1667: Independent Skoler Lodge No. 220, Independent Order of Brith Abraham
RG 1668: Zabludower K.U.V.
RG 1671: Independent Kutner Young Men's Benevolent Association
RG 1673: First Azapoler Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 1676: Hyman Schiff Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 1679: Ladies' Aid Society of East New York
RG 1683: Balta Benevolent Congregation of the City of New York
RG 1685: Woloziner Young Men's Association
RG 1691: Sudilkow Sick Support Society
RG 1693: Ida Garsony (Krakauer) Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 1694: Shatover Podolier Independent Society
RG 1695: Evenitzer Benevolent Association
RG 1696: Chevra Beth Israel Anshei Hlusk
RG 1703: Bethlehem Benevolent Society
RG 1707: First Botoschan American Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 1711: United Brothers Town of Brooklyn Aid Society
RG 1712: United Dubienker Relief Committee
RG 1714: Association of Ekaterinoslav
RG 1715: Soloker Benevolent Association
RG 1717: Young Friends Association
RG 1718: Progress Lodge #38 Brith Abraham (Progressive Welfare Society)
RG 1724: West Side Brotherly Love Congregation and Benevolent Society
RG 1725: Brodyer Young Men's Benevolent and Educational Alliance
RG 1756: Radautz Roumanian Benevolent Society
RG 1761: Erste Romaner KUV
RG 1782: Czernowitz Berkowiner Lodge
RG 1783: First Hrubieshower Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 1786: Independent Korwer Young Men's Society
RG 1790: Montefiore Brotherly Benefit Association
RG 1792: First Independent Husiatyner Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 1793: Medgibosh progressive Solidarity Society
RG 1794: Congregation Chevra Tillim un Mishnaith un Share Torah de Brooklyn
RG 1795: The United Children of Joseph Solomon
RG 1799: First Piusker Benevolent Association
RG 1802: Progressive Slutzker Young Men's Benevolent Association
RG 1805: East New York Progressive Society
RG 1809: Streshiner Brothers Aid Society
RG 1814: Minnie M. Friedman Ladies Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 1817: First Krilowitzer Young Friends Progressive Benevolent Circle
RG 1820: Young Seekers of Friendship
RG 1824: First Greenpoint Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 1825: Congregation Capooler Unterstitzung
RG 1826: Independent Geisen Benevolent Society
RG 1827: Twentieth Century Lodge No. 234 Independent Order Brith Abraham
RG 1830: First Yaltuskower Benevolent Society
RG 1834: Society Sons of Adam
RG 1838: Judea Protective Association
RG 1878: Glinianer Young Men's Benevolent Association
RG 1880: International Sick and Benefit Society
RG 1883: Abraham Miller Association of Williamsburg
RG 1884: First Wengrower Benevolent Society
RG 1887: Congregation Beth Moses of Brooklyn
RG 1888: Chudnover Independent Benevolent Society
RG 1889: First Krementchuger Benevolent Association
RG 1894: Devenishker Verein of Greater New York
RG 1895: Young Friends Fraternal Alliance
RG 1898: First Modlibozicer Benevolent Society
RG 1914: Amdurer Benevolent Association
RG 1917: Chevra Brit Achim Anshei Semiatich
RG 1921: Kishinever Sick Benevolent Society
RG 1924: Minsker Independent Benevolent Association
RG 1925: First Toporower Ladies Sick Benevolent Society

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