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RG 442 : Refuah Vechaim Society
RG 445 : Hebrew-American Typographical Union
RG 447 : Carl Schurz Foundation - Oberlander Trust Fund
RG 460 : Jewish Occupational Council
RG 465 : Kinder Zhurnal and Farlag Matones
RG 512 : Folksbiene Theater
RG 526 : Louis Lamed Fund
RG 531 : Artef Theater
RG 557 : Einsatzgruppen
RG 562 : Jewish Telegraphic Agency, New York
RG 575 : Workmen's Circle
RG 583 : Samaritan Society
RG 592 : Jewish Education Committee
RG 595 : Committee for the Study of Recent Immigration from Europe (CSRIE)
RG 606: Labor Zionist Organization of America
RG 608: Bneis Rachel Ladies Charity Society of Brownsville
RG 614: Congregation Mahazike Hadas, London
RG 618: National Council of Jewsih Women Search Department
RG 629: Association of Jewish Community Relations Workers
RG 639: Day-Morning Journal ("Der Tog")
RG 651: Jewish Agricultural Society (Baron de Hirsch Fund)
RG 655: Yiddish Culture Club
RG 659: Sholem Aleichem Folk Institute (SAFI)
RG 659.1: Sholem Aleichem Folk Institute (SAFI), Camp Boiberik
RG 674: District Court of Jerusalem: Eichman Trial
RG 685: Forward Association
RG 686: Jewish Daily Forward
RG 701: I.L. Peretz Yiddish Writers Union
RG 754: Hebrew Technical Institute
RG 763: Freie Arbeiter Stimme
RG 772: First Beitcher Sick Benevolent Society
RG 780: Congregation Ezras Achim Bnei Pinsk
RG 781: Dombier Benevolent Society
RG 782: Grodner-Lipanker Branch 74, Workmen's Circle
RG 783: First Kulaczkowitzer Kranken Untershtitsung
RG 784: Henry Clay Lodge # 15, IOBA
RG 785: Plotzker Young Men's Independent Association
RG 786: Cherkasser-Smela Benevolent Association
RG 787: Kudryncer Benevolent Society
RG 788: Kremenitzer Wolyner Benevolent Association
RG 789: Kroker Benevolent Association
RG 790: Kosice and Vicinity Chapter 59, Bnai Zion
RG 791: Korostishever Aid Society
RG 792: Kolomear Friends Association
RG 793: Congregation Tifereth Joseph Anshei Przemysl
RG 794: Trembowla True Sister
RG 795: United Disner Benevolent Association
RG 796: Progressive Samborer Young Men's Benevolent Association
RG 798: First Zborower Sick and Benevolent Association
RG 799: Duklar Relief Society
RG 801: Klub Zyrardow
RG 808: First Zdunska Wola Benevolent Society
RG 809: Breziner Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 810: Busker Bnai Brith Sick and Benevolent Association
RG 811: Independent Skierniewicer Benevolent Association
RG 812: Reuben Guskin Babroisker Branch 206, Workmen's Circle
RG 813: United Radomer Relief for U.S. and Canada
RG 815: Congregation Anshei Krashnik
RG 816: Bershader Benevolent Society
RG 817: Lomazer Young Men's and Women's Benevolent Association
RG 818: Satanover Benevolent Society
RG 819: Satanover Sisterhood
RG 820: Progressive Horodenker Benevolent Society
RG 822: United Meseritzer Relief
RG 823: Independent Meseritzer Young Men's Association
RG 824: Independent Zetler Young Men's Benevolent Association
RG 825: First Rashkower Benevolent Society
RG 826: Independent Bukarester Sick Aid Association
RG 827: Lutowisker Young Men's Benevolent Society
RG 828: First Independent Mukulincer S & B Association
RG 829: Paul Revere Lodge # 464, Independent Order Brith Abraham
RG 830: Family Lodge # 189, Independent Order Brith Abraham
RG 831: Soroker Young Friends Benevolent and Educational League
RG 832: First Soroker Bessarabier Mutual Aid Society
RG 834: First Wojnilower Sick Benevolent Society
RG 835: First Bratslower Ladies Auxiliary
RG 836: First Bratslow Podolier Sick Benefit Society
RG 838: Tolchiner Benevolent Society
RG 839: Moses Family Society
RG 840: Congregation Ahavath Zedek Anshei Timkowitz
RG 842: Gombiner Young Men's Benevolent Association
RG 843: Friends of Alexandrovsk Benevolent Association
RG 844: Buczacs-American Benevolent Sick and Aid Society
RG 845: First Uscie Zielone Sick and Benevolent Assciation
RG 846: United Sons of Israel
RG 847: Stoliner Progressive Society
RG 848: Schklover Independent Benevolent Association
RG 849: United Smolewitzer Association
RG 850: Stavisker Young Men's Benevolent Association
RG 851: Lomzer Aid Society
RG 852: First Wiznitz Bukawinaer Ladies Society
RG 853: Independent Burdujener Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 854: First Pressburger Sick and Benevolent Society
RG 855: Horodishter Korsoner Lodge
RG 857: Kutno Society Bnai Jacob
RG 858: Odessar Young Men's Benevolent Association
RG 859: First Independent Odessar Ladies S & B Association
RG 860: Ostrolenker Friendship Society
RG 861: Independent Elizabethgrad Ladies Benevolent Association
RG 862: Congregation Bikur Cholim of East New York (Shepetovka)
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