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Collection Overview

Title: Guide to the Papers of Jacob Shatzky, 1910-1963 RG 356

ID: RG 356 FA

Creator: Shatzky, Jacob (1893-1956)

Extent: 10.5 Linear Feet

Arrangement: Series are divided mainly by type, except for the Series IV: Personal Documents, the only series which contains a mixture of types.

Languages: Yiddish, English, Polish, German, Hebrew, Spanish


Jacob Shatzky (1893-1956) was an historian, literary and theater critic, editor, bibliographer, lexicographer, lecturer, teacher and librarian. The Papers of Jacob Shatzky cover the period of 1910-1960's and reflect to different degrees all aspects of his activities. Some papers of Jacob Shatzky's wife, Ida, consist for the most part of materials relating to his death. Manuscript and other materials relating to memorial books published posthumously in commemoration of Jacob Shatzky, such as the Shatzky Book , (Buenos Aires, 1957) and Yakov Shatzki in Ondenk , (New York, 1957) constitute another significant part of the collection.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Papers of Jacob Shatzky, which cover the period 1910-1960s relate to all aspects of Shatzky's career as well as to his personal life. The papers consist of correspondence, manuscripts, notes, bibliographies, diplomas, certificates, financial and legal documents, i.d. cards, photos, printed invitations and announcements, raffle tickets, clippings, and personal memorabilia.

Despite the wide range of topics, the collection is a fragmentary one. The most significant material in the Papers of Jacob Shatzky consists of notes and manuscript fragments relating to the History of the Jews in Warsaw, Volume IV as well as notes to Volumes I-III. In 1943, YIVO commissioned Dr. Shatzky to write the history of the community of Warsaw. Volume I (beginning 1831) was published in 1947, Volume II (1831-1863) in 1948, Volume III (1863-1896) in 1953. At the time of his death in 1956, Shatzky was working on Volume IV, which is unpublished at the time of the compilation of this inventory.

These materials consist of notes, organized by topic. Notes consist of bibliographical references, as well as excerpts or citations. The topics are classified either by historical event, such as World War I, or by subject, such as hospitals, education, culture. Among the topics prepared by Shatzky are, the rabbinate, community council, Yiddish literature, art, theater, press, printing, school systems, political movements, local organizations, charities, industry, trade, banks. Although almost all of the bibliographical references are from published sources, these notes and references contain original research work. No social history of Warsaw (1896-1918) has been undertaken to date, comparable both in time period and scope to Dr. Shatzky's projected book.

The other manuscript materials in Series II are far less significant and are very fragmentary. Shatzky must have published about 1000 works in his lifetime. The single box of manuscripts is therefore a meager representation of his writings.

The Correspondence Series, spans the period 1910-1956. The 1930s, 1940s and 1950s contain the greatest numbers of letters. The 1910s contain only a handful of letters; the 1920s are fragmentary as well. The reasons for these gaps are unknown. Secondly, despite the wide range of scholars, publishers, writers, most of the correspondence consists of single items or a handful of letters. Only a minority of the correspondents have more than about 5 to 10 letters. Among the more prolific correspondents: A. A. Roback, Raphael Mahler, Kalman Marmor, Joseph Opatoshu, Shmuel Niger, Melekh Ravitch, Zalman Zylbercweig. Among the significant but less prolific: Emanuel Ringelblum, Menashe Boraisho, Solomon Grayzel, Abraham Duker, Salo Baron, Philip Friedman, Max Weinreich, Aaron Zeitlin, I. Bashevis Singer, Mendl Elkin, Aaron Glanz-Leyelez, Rudolf Glanz, A. Golomb, Alexander Harkavy, Abraham Heschel, Peretz Hirshbein, M. Handelsman, H. Leivik, Itsik Manger, Zalman Reizin, Mark Wischnitzer.

Some of the organizations Shatzky corresponded with: American Jewish Committee, (showing Shatzky's involvement with the AJC Yearbook on Latin American Jewry. The AJC material contains reports and statistical information on Jewish communities in Latin America, as well as correspondence with communities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela); Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, N.Y.; Congress for Jewish Culture, N.Y., Buenos Aires; Dubnow Fund for Yiddish Encyclopedia, Berlin, Paris; Enciclopedia Della Spettacolo, Rome; Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora, Jerusalem; Farayn fun yidishe literatn un zhurnalistn (Association of Jewish Writers and Journalists), Warsaw; Hebrew Union College Library, Cincinnati; Jewish Book Council, N.Y., Jewish Daily Eagle, Montreal; Jewish Theological Seminary, N.Y.; Jewish Public Library, Montreal; New York Public Library; I. L. Peretz Farayn, Czortkow; Portugeesch Isrealitisch Seminarium Ets Haim, Amsterdam; New York State Psychiatric Institute and Hospital, N.Y.; Yiddish Pen Club, N.Y., Sigmund Freud Archives, N.Y.; Sociedad Habraica Argentina, Buenos Aires; Central Committee of Jews in Poland, Warsaw; Soncino Gesselschaft, Berlin; Yiddish Culture Society, N.Y.; YIVO, N.Y., Vilna, Buenos Aires; Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw.

The bibliographical series contains a bibliography of Old Yiddish Literature in print. To our knowledge this bibliography has never been published. It was commissioned by the YIVO Institute circa 1930 and was apparently never completed.

The Series IV: Personal Documents contains mainly personal letters of recommendation, diplomas, memorabilia, identification cards, but few photos.

The clippings cover the time period 1910s-1960s and contain a representative sampling of reviews and articles about Shatzky including biographical material. They are however, in very poor condition, and very fragile, especially early clippings of the 1910s-1920s which were not even handled because of their condition. The printed materials cover the years 1920s-1950s but occupy only 1 folder and account for only a portion of Shatzky's lecturing activities.

Research possibilities include: studies on the history of the Jews in Warsaw, from its beginnings to 1918, especially 1896-1918; studies in Old Yiddish Literature; Jews and psychiatry; Jews and medical questions; career and life of Jacob Shatzky; Jewish life in Latin America.

Historical Note

Jacob Shatzky was born in Warsaw in 1893 and received a traditional kheder education. After working temporarily as an office clerk, he studied history and philosophy at universities in Lemberg, Vienna, Berlin and Warsaw. In 1922 he received his Ph.D from the University of Warsaw. His dissertation title was "The Jewish Question in the Kingdom of Poland During the Paskiewicz Era."

Shatzky's career in Poland began in 1913 with the publication of a historical study in Izraelita . This was followed by other contributions to Polish-Jewish periodicals, including Evreiskaia Starina , Nasz Kurier , Bikher velt . During World War I, Shatzky enlisted and fought in Pilsudski's Legion, where he received several military decorations and was appointed lieutenant. In 1918 he was asked by the Polish Foreign Ministry to report on Jewish affairs in Poland, particularly the April pogroms in Vilna. When the Ministry did not react to his report he resigned from his post and taught history in Jewish high schools in Warsaw.

In 1923 Shatzky emigrated to the United States where he lived until his death. During this latter period of his life, he established himself as a prominent Jewish historian. Although his deepest interest was the history of the Jews in Poland, he published numerous studies on all aspects of Jewish history. In addition, he wrote extensively on Jewish literature, literary history, folklore and biography.

Shatzky's talents and interests found expression in the enthusiastic movement to found the YIVO Institute in Vilna as well as the American branch in New York, called Amopteyl (Amerikaner opteyl). He was one of the founders of the Amopteyl, and travelled and lectured extensively, campaigning for support.

During Shatzky's long association with the YIVO he assumed many positions. He was the secretary of the Amopteyl, a member of the YIVO Board of Directors, chairman of the YIVO Historian's Circle. He served on the Executive Committee, became research secretary of the Historical Section, and was a member of the Commission on Research. He was a co-editor of the YIVO bleter and the YIVO Annual of Jewish Social Science . YIVO was also directly involved in Shatzky's development as a historian, as most of his historical works were commissioned and published by the Institute.

Among the better known works published by the YIVO are ' The Chmielnicki Massacres of 1648 ' (1938), Jewish Educational Policy in Poland from 1806-1866 , (1943), and, The History of the Jews in Warsaw , (3 volumes, 1947-53).

From 1930 to 1956 Shatzky was affiliated with the New York State Psychiatric Institute where he was chief librarian. In this capacity, he built up the research library, creating one of the best psychiatric libraries in the world. An example of his ability as a collector, was his acquisition of the private library of Sigmund Freud for the Institute. In 1940 he co-authored the standard Psychiatric Dictionary with Leland E. Hinsie.

Throughout his lifetime, Shatzky was affiliated with numerous Jewish organizations. These included the World Congress for Jewish Culture, where he was co-editor of the Lexicon of Modern Yiddish Literature , and the Yiddish P.E.N. Club where he was president. He was also associated with organizations around the world, such as the YIVO in Argentina. In addition to his literary work, Shatzky enjoyed popularity as a lecturer. He frequently lectured in New York, at conferences, lecture series, events organized by Jewish groups. These included branches of the Workmen's Circle, and community centers. He travelled often to South America, as well, conducting highly successful speaking tours and campaigning at the same time for the YIVO Institute.

Two bibliographies have been published of Shatzky's works. The first was prepared by Mordecai Kosover and Menashe Unger, and published by the Amopteyl branch of YIVO in 1939. It lists 580 items. The second published in the Shatzky Book after his death, lists works written from 1939 to 1956.

At the time of his death, in June 1956, Shatzky was working on the fourth volume of the Geshikhte fun yidn in varshe ( History of the Jews in Warsaw ), which, at the time of the compilation of this inventory, is still unpublished.

Administrative Information

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Open to researchers.

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Acquisition Method: Only part of the papers are deposited in the YIVO Archives. The materials were donated in installments. Some papers were given to the YIVO by Jacob Shatzky himself in the 1950s. The bulk of the collection was received in 1956 from Moshe Starkman, executor of Jacob Shatzky's literary estate. Other portions were possibly donated by Ida Shatzky in the late 1950s, by Ezekiel Lifschutz, editor of the Shatzky Book , and the final segment, by Eugene Willenberg Shatzky, Jacob Shatzky's adopted son, upon his mother Ida Shatzky's death, in 1964.

Separated Materials: Correspondence with Jacob Shatzky in the 1920s as a member of the board of the Amopteyl branch of YIVO was removed to the Records of the Amopteyl in the YIVO Archives, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research - Yidisher Visnshaftlekher Institut (New York) , 1192 , as it was a natural and organic part of the latter record group.

Related Materials: Only a portion of Jacob Shatzky's papers were deposited in the YIVO Archives, as in accordance with his will, part of them were given to the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People, Jerusalem, Israel.

Preferred Citation: Published citations should read as follows: Identification of item, date (if known); YIVO Archives; Jacob Shatzky Papers; RG 356; folder number.

Finding Aid Revision History: In 1956, upon receipt of the bulk of the collection, about 80% of it was sorted and placed in folders with folder descriptions. There were no series titles, however, and no arrangement within the folders. In 1981 most of the work consisted of establishment of series titles, arrangement within each folder and sorting and classifying about 20% of the material which was not in any order.

Box and Folder Listing

Series I: Correspondence
Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically by last name.
Subseries 1: Individuals
Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically by last name.
Folder 1: Correspondence - A

Adalberg, Samuel, undated

Aisenberg, Rachel, 1943

Anilowicz, J. 1931

Apenszlak, Jacob, 1939-1940

Aronosn, Gregory, 1956

Asef, S., 1945-1946

Ayala, Francisco, 1947

Folder 2: Correspondence Babinksy, V. - Bernstein, S.

Babinsky, V., 1940

Balaban, Meir, 1932, 1939

Bamberger, Bernard, undated, 1944, 1947

Barag, G., undated, 1955

Baron, Joseph, undated, 1930-1945, 1951

Baron, Salo, 1930-1954

Bashevis (Singer), Isaac, undated, 1953

Bat-Chaim, 1954

Beilin, S., undated, 1939

Beimel, J., 1935

Benardete, M. J.

Ben-Zvi, Meir, undated, 1950

Berger, M., 1937-1938

Bergner, Herz, 1951

Berkowitz, J.D., and Ernestine, 1925-1932

Berlinski, S., 1952

Bernstein, Mordecai, 1954

Bernstein, S., 1928, 1943, 1950

Folder 3: Correspondence B - Berul, Z.-Bychowski, Gustav

Berul, Z., 1933

Besso, H.V., 1938

Bialostotzky, B., undated

Bickel, S., 1939, 1952

Bimko, B., undated, 1926

Blumenfeld, L., 1927

Boim, Mendel, 1953-1954

Boraisho, Menachem, 1926-1944

Bornheim, Werner, 1955

Borodianski, Chaim, 1929-1934

Borvitch, Michal, 1949-1954

Botoshansky, Jacob, 1953

Brainin, Reuben, 1923

Brann, Henry W. 1953

Braunstein, Baruch, 1936

Brilling, B., 1936, 1951

Broches, Z., undated, 1938-1955

Bromberg, undated, 1936

Bruck, Alfred, J., 1945

Brusilow, Nathan M., 1953

Bychowski, Gustav, 1955

Folder 4: Correspondence - C

Cahman, Werner, J., 1956

Cardozo, I. J., 1950

Charney, Daniel, 1954, see: Baron, Salo

Chmielnitsky, Melekh, undated, 1945

Cohn, Zvi, or Cohen, 1953

Convisser, Jacob, 1933

Corona, M., 1938, 1955

Czernichow, Jozef, 1932

Folder 5: Correspondence D

Davidson, H., 1953

Davidson, I., 1938

Davis, C. C., 1952

Diamond, M., 1929

Dinowitz, J., 1932

Djament, S., 1950

Dorin, E., 1953

Drake, William, 1929

Dresner, S., undated

Drimer, undated

Dubinsky, H., 1940

Dujovne, Leon, 1953

Dukhovne, E. and D., 1947

Duker, Alexander, 1933-1953

Folder 6: Correspondence - E

Efron, J., 1947-1949

Eichorn, L., 1947

Eiger, Marjan, see Stefan Napierski

Eisenbud, Jule, 1951

Ejges, S., 1931

Elkin, Mendel, 1930-1932

Engelman, U.Z., 1938-1939

Erik, Max, 1928

Ernst, S., 1928-1930

Folder 8: Correspondence - F Correspondence - G
1926-1956, , 1923-1956

Garma, Angle, 1949

Gelber, N. 1923-1927

Gelerter, M., 1952

Genss, N., 1938

Gershoy, E., undated

Ginsberg, S., 1931-1938

Gisser, M.D., 1947

Gittler, J.B., 1937

Glanz, J., 1937-1939

Glanz, Rudolf, 1938

Glanz-Leyeles, A.G., undated, 1954

Glicenstein, Beatrice, undated

Goldman, Paul L., 1956

Goldstein, R., 1951

Goldstick, Isidore, 1946

Golomb, A., undated, 1944-1946

Gordin, Aba, 1943

Gordin, Michael J., 1934

Gordon, Hirsch, L., 1926

Gordon, Jacob, 1930

Gore, N., 1951

Gottlieb, R., 1923

Grayzel, Solomon, 1933-1954

Greenwald, L., undated, 1934

Grinberg, Ch. 1927

Grossman, Henryk, 1934

Grossman, Vladimir, undated, 1938-1940

Gruenbaum, Icchok, 1952

Gurstein, A., 1926-1927

Folder 9: Correspondence - H

Halevy, M., undated

Halpern, I., 1934-1954

Halpern, O., undated

Handelsman, M., undated, 1921

Harkavy, Alexander, 1926

Hass, Jacob de, 1933

Helfgot, Rosa, 1956

Hersch, Ben, Z., 1955

Herzer, B., 1935

Heschl, A., 1944

Hessing, S., 1933

Hinsie, Leland, 1951-1956

Hirschbein, Peretz, undated

Hirschel, L., 1936-1937

Hirszfeld, Dr. Ludwik, 1946

Holzman, Max, 1956

Horowitz, Isac, 1953

Hurwitz, Meir, 1935

Hurwitz, Moshe, undated

Folder 10: Correspondence - I-J

Ignatov, David, 1925

Iceland, Reuven, 1955

Jacobson, I., 1931

Jaczkowski, J., 1927-1929

Jaffe, Sol, S., 1954

Jakubowitz, M., 1953

Janowsky, Oscar, 1933-1935

Javetz, V., 1932

Joffe, Judah, 1930

Folder 11: Correspondence - Kagan, Jonas to Kon, Pinchas

Kagan, Jonas, 1928

Kagan, S. R., 1934

Kahan, S., 1938-1939

Kahn, Maximo, Jose, 1949

Kalish, M. E., 1931

Kalmanovitch, Zelig, undated, 1933-1938

Kaminski, D., 1935

Kaminski, P., 1927

Kaplan, Mordecai M., 1934

Karp, M., 1933

Karpes, I., undated

Karpof, Maurice, 1931-1951

Katz, Ruby, 1931

Katzenelenbogen, N., 1931

Kaufman, M., 1925

Kayfetz, B. G., undated, 1939

Kayser, Stephen, S., 1956

Kazdan, Khaim, 1938-1956

Khayes, Kh., 1935

Khayes, S., 1934

Kisch, Guido, 1938-1943

Kish, H., 1948

Kisin, Kh., undated

Kletchevski, I., 1947

Kliger, K., 1950-1951

Kloss, Heine, 1931

Kogan, S., 1947

Kohanski, A.S., 1932

Kohler, Max, 1933

Kon, Pinchas, 1926-1937

Folder 12: Correspondence - Konopnicka-Pytlinska, Laura to Kutchinski, Shlomo

Konopnicka-Pytlinska, Laura, 1921-1925

Konstantinovsky, Menashe, 1934

Kopeloff, I. and Mrs., 1924-1933

Korman, Ezra, undated,1927-1933

Korn, Rachel, 1950

Korngold, Lucjan, 1948

Kosover, Mordechai, 1936-1955

Kovenski, I., 1949

Kramer, Moshe, 1925

Krepliak, Jacob, undated

Kursky, Ph., 1933, 1943

Kutchinski, Shlomo, 1953

Folder 13: Correspondence - L

Lamed, Louis, 1947

Lamer, Wanda, 1940

Lasker, Helmuth, 1936

Leftvitch, Joseph, 1953

Lehman, Szmul, 1933

Lehrer, Leibush, 1931-1944

Leiserowitz, Heinrich, 1925

Leivik, H., 1933

Lerner, Shmuel, 1947

Lestchinsky, Jacob, 1928-1946

Levin, B., 1947-1949

Levin, Shmuel, undated

Levine, I., 1934

Levinski, Khaykel, 1939

Levitats, Itshak, A., 1933-1953

Liber, B., 1949-1951

Liberman, Chaim, 1940, 1949

Liberman, Kopel, 1934-1935

Lifshitz, I., 1938

Lipshutz, E., 1928-1955

Lipiner, Elias, 1947, 1949

Litwin, A., undated

Loewenstamm, Kurt, 1947

Folder 14: Correspondence - Maarsen, I. to Matenko, Pesakh

Maarsen, I., 1938

Maggid, David, 1937

Mahler, Raphael, 1936-1953

Maisler, Mlle, undated, 1950

Maitlis, Jacob I., 1939-1953

Malakhi, A.R., 1945

Malamud, Samuel, 1953

Malkin, D.R., 1932

Manger, Itsik, 1951-1954

Mann, Jacob, 1936-1937

Manteuffel, Tadeusz, 1929, 1932

Marcus, Jacob Rader, 1944, 1946

Marcus, Joseph, undated

Margoshes, Joseph, 1937

Mark, Berl, 1954-1956

Mark, Yudl, 1953

Marmor, Kalman, 1926-1954

Marx, Alexander, 1927-1938

Maryson, J.A., 1929, 1934

Matenko, Pesakh, 1931-1940

Folder 15: Correspondence - Meisel, Nathan to Mukdoni, Alexander

Meisel, Nathan, 1926-1944

Meltser, Shimshon, 1952

Mendelsohn, Shlomo, 1944, 1946

Mendelsohn, S. Felix, 1931, 1943

Menes, A., 1932-1939

Mestel, Jacob, 1947, 1955

Mibashan, A., 1953-1954

Milch, Jacob, undated, 1932-1940

Miller, L., undated

Miller, Sholem, 1938, 1940

Minc, P., 1955

Minde, M., undated

Minkin, Jacob, 1936

Minkoff, N.B., 1953

Minkowska, Anna, 1921

Mishkin, Leonard C., 1950

Mishkowski, Noah, Sara, 1934

Moses, L., 1933

Moskowitz, Moses, 1940

Mostovski, Meir, 1941

Mukdoni, Alexander, undated, 1929-1934

Folder 16: Correspondence - N

Napierski, Stefan (Marjan Eiger), 1921

Nathan, N.M., 1912

Nathanson, W., 1930-1931

Nemm, Jacob, 1952

Niger, Shmuel, 1923-1954

Folder 18: Correspondence - O Correspondence - P
1922-1956, , 1928-1952

18. Pat, Jacob, 1947

Pat, Chaim, 1949

Perlmutter, R., undated

Perlow, Boruch D., 1952

Peters, M., 1939

Petrushka, S., 1941, 1947

Pinedo, Edgard, 1937

Pinson, Koppel S., 1940, 1949

Pollack, Leonard, 1937

Pollack, Shmuel, undated

Poloticki, Jacob and Clara, 1947

Pomaranski, Stefan, 1928

Pomerantz, Alexander, 1952

Pomerantz, I.C., 1938

Pomrenze, Sholem, 1938

Posner, S., 1933-1938

Probst, Mendl, undated

Ptasnik, Jan, undated

Folder 19: Correspondence - Rabina, Menashe to Rivkind, Yitchak

Rabina, Menashe, 1938

Rabinowicz, Sz., undated

Raddock, Charles Adam, 1931

Raizman, Icchak, 1953, 1954

Raskin, Sylvia, 1954

Ratner, Z., 1931

Ravitch, Melekh, 1942-1952

Rawidowica, Simon, 1930-1956

Reisin, Abraham, 1934

Reizin, Zalman, 1928-1932

Resnick, Salomon, 1933-1937, 1947

Ringelblum, Emanuel, 1932-1941

Rivkin, Mrs. B., 1951

Rivkin, Ellis, undated, 1950

Rivkin, Israel, 1936

Rivkind, Yitchak, 1950

: Correspondence - Roback A.A. to Rudnicki, Ivan

Roback, A. A., 1925-1944

Robinsohn, Haim, undated, 1935

Rochlin, S. A., 1950

Roland, Charles, 1930

Rollansky, Samuel, 1946-1949

Rosen, George, 1949

Rosen, Josef, 1951

Rosenberg, Moshe, 1938-1940

Rosenthal, Judah, 1944-1952

Rothbart, Jacob, undated

Rubin, I., 1935, 1953

Rubin, Ruth, 1951

Rubinstein, A., 1951

Rudnicki, Ivan, 1952

: Correspondence - Sachs, V.S. to Shulman, Elias

Sachs, V.S., 1932

Sackler, Harry, 1927

Sadan, Dov, 1949

Saltz, Charles, 1942

Sapir, B., 1944

Sato, Kogi, 1956

Schapira, 1939

Schapiro, Israel, 1939-1943

Scharfstein, Z., 1946-1947

Schauss, H., 1931

Scherl, David, 1938

Schneersohn, F., 1953-1954

Schoss, S., 1931-1937

Schusheim, Esther L., 1953-1955

Schwarcz, Mendel, 1946

Schwartz, Hersh, 1954

Schwartz, Maurice, 1938-1939

Schwartz, Pinchas, 1936

Schwartz, Shlomo, 1933

Schwarzbard, 1953

Schweid, Mark, 1953

Seeligman, Sigmund, 1932-1933

Seligman, R., undated, 1930

Sendrey, Alfred, 1945-1950

Shalit, S., 1936

Shenshderay, M., 1948-1952

Sherman, Bezalel, 1954

Sheskin, Chaim, 1930

Shifrin, Tzvi, 1926

Shpizman, L., 1944

Shtiff, Nachum, 1926

Shulman, Elias, 1929-1953

Folder 22: Correspondence - Shulvass, M.A. to Szur, Moshe

Shulvass, M.A., 1948-1954

Shunami, S., 1937-1945

Shur, M., 1938

Shuster, Zechariah, 1953

Siegel, Ada, 1943

Siegel, I. I., 1950

Silberbusch, David Y., 1929

Silver, L., 1936

Singer, Elias, 1947-1948

Siskin, Edgar, 1947

Sklarsky, Moshe Shmuel, 1943

Smith, I. R., 1937

Soltes, Mordecai, 1934

Sorsky, John, 1934

Starkman, Moshe (contains enclosures re plays of Jacob Gordin), 1955

Steinberg, I. N., 1944

Steinberg, J., 1932

Steinbruck, H., 1935

Stern, Harry J., 1939

Stillschwig, N. C., 1937-1938

Stoliar, Gitl, 1952

Stonehill, Ben, undated

Streit, Leon, 1937

Suhl, A., 1933

Suskovitch, Shlomo, 1954-1955

Sutskever, Abraham, 1952-1953

Syngalowski, A., 1934-1955

Szacki, Antoni, 1955

Szajkowski, Zosa, 1936-1938

Szereny, Bela, undated

Szereszewska, Helena, 1954

Szereszewski, Gregorio, 1949

Szmuszkowicz, Shlomo, 1955

Szur, Moshe, 1932

Folder 23: Correspondence - T

Taubler, S., 1946

Teitelbaum, Abraham, 1927-1934

Tenenbaum, Joseph, 1926-1954

Tenenbaum, Rachela, 1932

Tierkel, David B., 1933-1934

Trachtenberg, Joshua, undated, 1940, 1954

Trammer, Marie, 1934-1938

Trus, Alter, 1955

Tsinberg, I., 1937

Turin, A., 1926

Turkow, Jonas, 1953

Turkow, Mark, 1947-1954

Twersky, Jochanan, 1934

Tygel, Z., 1932

Folder 24: Correspondence - U to V

Ulrych, Baruch, 1953

Unger, Menashe, undated, 1935

Uris, A. S., undated

Urynski, Gershon, undated

Vaxer, M., 1932-1939

Veinig, N., 1933-1938

Folder 25: Correspondence - Wachstein, B. to Weinreich, Max Correspondence - Weinryb, Bernard to Wolfson, H.
1919-1953, , 1923-1956

Weinryb, Bernard D., 1929-1946

Wiener, Leo, 1925-1928

Wilczynski, H., 1933

Wilenberg, Rosalia, 1924

Winiecki, Joseph, 1951-1956

Wininger, S., 1933

Winter, Szmul, 1934-1935

Wischnitzer, Mark, 1923-1947

Wittlin, Josef and Anna, 1949, 1952

Wogler, A., undated

Wolfson, H., 1934

Folder 27: Correspondence - Y to Z

Yagubski, M., 1950

Yarmolinski, 1925

Yerushalmi, S., 1952

Yosekowitch, Y. T., 1954

Young, Karl, 1937

Yovely, S. Z., 1933

Zack, B.G., 1934, 1939

Zagelman, Dr., 1910

Zeidman, Hilel, 1947

Zeitlin, Aaron, 1933-1952

Zilberberg, Y., 1955

Zineman, Y. or J., 1953-1954

Zisle, Joseph, 1933

Zlotnick, J. L., 1937-1938

Zuhl, A., 1932-1937

Zulawska, K. and R., 1923, 1924, 1925

Zulawsky, Zygmunt, 1924

Zunser, Charles, 1947-1952

Zwick, M.T., 1934

Zylberzweig, Zalman, 1927-1953

Folder 28: Miscellaneous
Includes letters collected by Shatzky, written by others, among them:
Folder 29: Unidentified
Subseries 2: Organizations
Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically.
Folder 30: Correspondence - A

American Friends of Hebrew University (New York, N.Y.), 1954

American Guild for German Cultural Freedom (New York, N.Y.), 1939

American Historical Association (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1938

American Jewish Historical Society (New York, N.Y.), 1927, 1937

American Jewish Committee (New York, N.Y.), 1941-1953

American Jewish Yearbook (New York, N.Y.), 1940-1942

American Jewish Tercentenary Committee, (New York, N.Y.), 1953

Amsterdam University Library (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), 1932

Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith, (New York, N.Y.), 1952

Archive and Museum of the Jewish Labour Movement, 1937

Army Medical Library (U.S.). War Department (Washington, D.C.), 1936

Artef Theatre (New York, , N.Y.), 1931

Associacion Mutual Israelita Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 1953

Associacion Psicoanalitica Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 1947

Association of Friends of Our Tribune (New York, N.Y.), 1953

Aufgang (monthly, theater) Sighet, Maramures, (Sighetu Marmatiei, Romania), 1933

Folder 31: Correspondence - B - C

Bayt Akhad Ha-Am, Tel Aviv, 1937

Bibliothek der Israelitische Kulturgemeinde (Vienna, Austria), 1936

Bibliothek der Lehranstalt fur die Wissenschaft des Judentums, Berlin, 1938

Bibliothek des Judischetheologischen Seminars, Breslau, 1934

B'nai Brith, Cincinnati, 1930

B'nai Brith Hillel Foundation, N. Y., 1948-1953

Bodleian Library, Oxford, 1936, 1938

British Museum, London, 1938

Canadian Jewish Year Book, Montreal, 1940

Centro Israelita de Cuba, Havana, 1939, 1951

Columbia University in the City of New York, N.Y., 1952

Columbia University Press, N.Y., 1937

Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Inc., N.Y., 1955, 1956

The Conference on Jewish Relations, N. Y., 1936-1950

Congres International des sciences historiques, Warsaw, 1932

Congress for Jewish Culture, N.Y., Buenos Aires, 1949, 1953, 1956

Congress Weekly , N. Y., 1952

Council of Fraternal Benevolent and Landsmanshaften Organizations, NY, 1940

Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds, NY, 1939

Cultural Association of Polish Jews, NY, 1939

Culture League of Roumanian Jews, NY, 1933

Cyclopedia Judaica, NY, 1930

Folder 32: Correspondence - D - E

Davke , Buenos Aires, 1951-1953

Delegacion de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas, Buenos Aires, 1953

Dom Ksiazki, Warsaw, 1952

Dos Poilishe Yidntum, Buenos Aires, 1950s

Dropsie College, Philadlephia, 1930

Dubnow-Fund for Yiddish Encyclopedia, Berlin, Paris, NY, 1932-1939

Ediciones Estrellas, Buenos Aires, 1951

Dr. Israel Elfenbein Jubille Committee, NY, 1951

Congregation Emanue-El, 1932

Enciclopedia Della Spettacolo, with attached list of entries for Yiddish theater, Rome, 1953-1955

Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora, Jerusalem, 1951-1953

Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, NY, 1930-1931

Eugene Field Society, 1944

Ezrah, Jewish Hospital, Buenos Aires, 1949

Folder 33: Correspondence - F - G

Farayn fun yidishe literatn un zhurnalistn in varshe, 1926-1927

Buchhandlung Gustav Fock, NY, 1934

The Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, 1936

Freie arbeter stimme , NY, 1933

Friends of the Yiddish Art Theatre, 1937

Friends of the YIVO, NY, 1939

Gesellschaft zur Erforschung judischer Kunstdenkmaler, Frankfurt, 1928, undated

Gesellschaft zur Forderung der Wissenschaft des Judentums, Berlin, 1934-1936

Dr. H. Glanz, Publisher, 1940

Gles Gminy Zydowskiej , Warsaw, 1938

Di Goldene Keit , Tel Aviv, 1938

Redaktion der Grossen Yudische National-Biographie, Cernauti, undated

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, NY, 1926

Folder 34: Correspondence - H - I

Hadoar , NY, undated

Hasifriah Hareishit l'madaey hayehadut, Warsaw, 1936

Heavar , Tel Aviv, 1952

Hebrew Union College Library, Cincinnati, 1925-1955

Hanhalat Hahistadrut Hatsionit, Jerusalem, 1953

Hitakhdut Tsionit B'kuba, Havana, 1953

Ikor, NY, 1936

Illustrowany Kuryer Codzienny , Warsaw, 1933

Immigrants' Conference, NY 1939

The Institute for Advanced Study, NY, 1931

Folder 35: Correspondence - J

Jewish Academy of Arts and Sciences, NY, 1937-1938

Jewish Book Council, NY, 1942-1954

Jewish Club, NY, 1950-1953, 1954

Jewish Daily Eagle , Montreal, 1932-1940

Jewish Forum, NY, 1944

Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw, 1950-1954

Jewish Institute of Religion, NY, 1936

Jewish Museum Forum, NY 1951

Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem, 1930-1938

Jewish People's Institute, Chicago, 1938

Jewish Public Library, Montreal, 1934-1956

Jewish Quarterly Review , Philadelphia, 1956

Jewish Social Studies , NY, 1946, 1954

Jewish Theological Seminary of America, NY, 1938, 1946-1952

Jewish Welfare Board, NY, 1924-1955

Joachimstal's Boekhandel, Amsterdam 1948

Jolowicz, Joseph, Buchhandlung und antiquariat, Berlin, 1930

Judischer Verlag, Berlin, 1929

Folder 36: Correspondence - K-O

Keren Kayemet L'Yisrael, Buenos Aires, 1949

Kinderland, Buenos Aires, 1952

Knof, Alfred A., NY, 1943

A. Kokoteck, and Co., 1928

Waissman Koogan, Rio de Janeiro, 1950-1953

Geselshaft Kultur Lige, Warsaw, 1931

Farlag David Lerman, Buenos Aires, 1949

Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., 1953-1955

Literarishe Bleter, Warsaw, 1925

Kultur Komisye Baym Landslayt Farayn Fun Lomze, Zembrowe, Buenos Aires, 1949

Farayn fun Marbuschover landslayt in yisroel, Tel Aviv, 1953

Meksikaner yidishe shtim , Mexico, 1934

Mendele Moikher Seforim Museum, Odessa, 1928

Merriam Company, Springfield, Mass., 1952

National Committee for Labor Israel, NY, 1954

New York Academy of Medicine, NY, 1956

New York Public Library, NY, 1927-1953

Libreria Antiquaria Editrice, Leo S. Olschki, 1947

Omanut , Zagreb, 1936

Ort, Geneva, undated

Oxford University Press, NY, 1955

Folder 37: Correspondence - P

A. Packter Hebreeuwsche Boekhandel, Amsterdam, 1936

I.L. Peretz, yiddisher kultureler yugnt tsenter, Mexico, 1939

I.L. Peretz farayn, Czertkow, Poland, 1933

I.L. Peretz School, Winnipeg, 1937

I.L. Peretz Writers Union, 1926, 1928

Komiter tsu baehrn dem 700 yerign egzistents der yidisher kehilo in Plotsk (Plock, Poland) 1937

Dos Poilishe Yidntum, B.A., 1947-1953

Polish Roman Catholic Union of America, Chicago, 1942

Portugeesch Isrealitisch Seminarium Ets Haim, Amsterdam, 1933, 1937

Di presse , Buenos Aires, 1929

The Psychoanalytic Quarterly , 1946-1947

Folder 38: Correspondence - R - S

Ruhama, (Union of Women in Behalf of Polish Jewry), NY, 1938

Sifriya Ironit, Sha-ar-Tsion, Tel Aviv, 1936

Sholem-Aleikhem Kultur Vinkl, Bronx, undated

Sholem Aleikhem Folks Institut (L.M. Stein Jubilee Committee), Chicago, 1937

Sholem-Aleikhem Shul, Buenos Aires, 1951, 1955

Sigmund Freund Archives, Inc., NY, 1952

Sifritat-Poalim Workers Book Guild, Hashomer Hatsair, Tel Aviv, 1952

Simon and Shuster, Inc., NY, 1947

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, 1931

Sociedad de Estudios Historicos de los Israelitas en Mexico, Mexico, 1941

Sociedad Hebraica Argentina (Hebraica ) Buenos Aires, 1953

Societas Spinozana Polonica, Warsaw, 1936

Soncino-Gesellschaft, Berlin, 1926-1932

South African Jewish Sociological and Historical Society, Johannesburg, 1948

Special Libraries Association, NY, 1942

Spinoza Institute of America, NY, 1932

Het Spinosahuis, The Hague, 1936

Irgun Oley Szczebrzeszyn, 1947

Folder 39: Correspondence - T-W

Taylor's Foreign Press, London, 1937

Tsentral farband fun poylishe yidn in argentine, Buenos Aires, 1947-1955

Tsentral komitet fun yidn in poyln (Central Committee of Jews in Poland), Warsaw, 1949

Tsentrale yidishe shulorganizatsie in letland, Riga, 1926

Tsentraler Bildungs Komitet, Vilna, 1931

Tsentraler Kultur Rat, Paris, 1946

Ujkelet , Oradea, Roumania, 1938

The Ukranian Academy of Arts and Sciences, NY, 1953

Ukranian Congress Committee of America, Inc., NY, 1952

Union Sionista de Cuba, 1953

United Hospital Fund of New York, NY, 1943

United Jewish Appeal, NY, 1942, 1952

United Restitution Organizations, NY, 1956

Unzer Vort , Buenos Aires, 1954

Landslayt-farayn fun varshe un umgegnt, Buenos Aires, 1952

V'ad l'hotsa'at sefer zikaron l'kdoshey Vengruv (Wegrow), Tel Aviv, 1953

Editorial 'La Verdad', Mexico, 1939

Veterans Administration Hospital, NY, 1956

Di Vokh , Paris, 1939

Walka , Cracow, 1926

Wecker , NY, 1952

Wegrow: See Vengruv Who's Who in Library Service, Columbia University, NY, 1954

Who's Who in World Jewry, NY, 1953-1954

Hieronim Wilder-Polski Antykwarjat Naukowy Warsaw, 1931

Workmen's Circle, 1932

Works Progress Administration for Connecticut, Conn., n.d.

Works Progress Administration for Massachusetts, Mass., 1938

Folder 40: Correspondence - Y

Yeshiva University, NY, 1955

Yiddish Culture Society, NY, 1930, 1934

Yiddish Dictionary Committee, 1953

Yidishe gezelshaft far kunst un kultur in Havana, Havana, 1937

Yidishe literatn un zhurnalistn farayn, H.D. Nomberg, Buenos Aires, 1953

Yidishe shul organizatsiye hoyptfarvaltung, Warsaw, 1929

Yidishe presse , Rio de Janeiro, 1954

Yidishe shul in meksike, Mexico, 1952-1954

Yidishe sport tsenter in meksike, Mexico, 1954

Di yidishe tsaytung , Buenos Aires, 1954

Yidisher druker komiter, Lodz, 1947

Yidisher folks-institut far kultur un dertsiung, Rio de Janeiro, 1954

Yiddish Theater Club, NY, undated

YIVO (Buenos Aires, New York, Uruguay, Vilna), 1947-1956

Young Mens and Young Womens Hebrew Association, NY, 1951

Folder 41: Yiddish Pen Club, NY
Folder 42: Correspondence - Z

Union of Zamosch Emigrants in Israel, 1946-1954

Zeitschrift für die Geschichte der Juden der Tschechoslowakei , Brunn, 1931

Zionist Organization of America, NY, 1952

Zhelenover Bulletin , Chicago, undated

Zhitlowsky Folks-Komitet, NY, 1944

Zwiazek Narodowy Polski, Chicago, 1942

Folder 43: Unidentified and Miscellaneous
Subseries 3: Family
Arrangement: Arranged chronologically.
Folder 44: Jacob Shatzky to Ida Shatzky
1924 June 25-1929 July 15
Folder 45: Jacob Shatzky to Ida Shatzky
1929 August 10-1932 August 21
Folder 46: Jacob Shatzky to Ida Shatzky
1932 September 2-1947 April 25
Folder 47: Jacob Shatzky to Ida Shatzky
1947 April 27-1948 July 26
Folder 48: Jacob Shatzky to Ida Shatzky
undated, 1950 June 22-1953 August 6
Folder 49: Willenberg Shatzky, Eugene
Subseries 4: Shatzky, Ida
Letters to Ida Shatzky.
Arrangement: [information on the filing sequence of the described materials, e.g., chronological]
Folder 50: Condolences
Folder 51: Correspondence
1912, circa 1956, circa 1960
Folder 52: Rapoport, O.
Folder 53: Singer, Elias
Series II: Manuscripts and Notes
undated, 1936
Subseries 1: History of the Jews in Warsaw
: A) Volume I - Notes and Bibliographical references
Folder 54: Period 1527-1724 - Bibliographical references and notes - Miscellaneous topics
Folder 55: Period 1795-1831 - Bibliographical references and notes - Miscellaneous topics
Folder 56: Duchy of Warsaw - Period 1807-1814
: B) Voume II - Notes and Bibliographical references
Folder 57: Manuscript fragments and footnotes
Folder 58: Manuscript fragments and footnotes
Folder 59: Period 1855-1863 - Notes and bibliographical references
: C) Voume III - Notes and Bibliographical references
Folder 60: Community Council
Folder 61: Charity
Folder 62: Rabbinate
Folder 63: Press
Folder 64: Printing
Folder 65: Music, Theater
Folder 66: Cultural activities
Folder 67: Hebrew and Yiddish writers
Folder 68: Education, schools
Folder 69: Hospitals
Folder 70: Synagogues, Talmud learning groups, Talmud Torahs, Tlomackie Synagogue
Folder 71: Chassiduth
Folder 72: Zionist Movement
Folder 73: Pogrom 1881
Folder 74: From Hatisifirah , 1891
Folder 75: Unsorted notes to volume III
Folder 76: Unsorted notes to volume III
Folder 77: Unsorted notes to volume III
Folder 78: Unsorted notes to volume III
Folder 79: Unsorted notes to volume III, before 1881
Folder 80: Photostatic copies of documents and notes to Volume III
Folder 81: Photostatic copies for Volume III
Folder 82: Photostatic copies for Volume III
Folder 83: Photostatic copies for Volume III
Folder 84: Photostatic copies for Volume III
Folder 85: Photostatic copies of documents for Volume III
Folder 86: Photostatic copies of documents relating to the Rabbinical Seminary in Warsaw
Folder 87: Photostatic copies of documents for Volume III
Folder 88: Photostatic copies of documents for Volume III
: D) Voume IV - Notes and Bibliographical references
Folder 89: Community elections
Folder 90: Community budget and varia
Folder 91: Economic situation - 1914-1918
Folder 92: Co-operatives
Folder 93: Banks, credit
Folder 94: Industry
Folder 95: Commerce
Folder 96: Real Estate
Folder 97: Rabbinate
Folder 98: Synagogues
Folder 99: Hebrew school system
Folder 100: Higher education
Folder 101: Vocational education
Folder 102: Continuation courses for adults
Folder 103: Community schools, the community's stand on the language question
Folder 104: City elementary schools for Jewish students, private schools
Folder 105: Teachers' organizations
Folder 106: Organizations of Teachers' Seminaries; courses for teachers and the public
Folder 107: Kheders, Talmud Torahs, Yeshivoth
Folder 108: Yiddish schools, textbooks
Folder 109: School systems from 1914-1918 and language question, 1914-1915
Folder 110: Problems in education
Folder 111: Jews in the Polish school systems in Warsaw
Folder 112: Private high schools for boys and girls
Folder 113: Charity: German occupation, 1915-1918
Folder 114: Charity: Relief work in Russian period
Folder 115: Charity: Social work
Folder 116: Medical charities; hospitals, physicians in Warsaw, 1896-1918
Folder 117: Labor
Folder 118: Strikes
Folder 119: Organized Labor
Folder 120: Association of Employees in commercial establishments
Folder 121: Socialist movement
Folder 122: Jewish Anarchists in Warsaw: memoirs, letters, photos (original source material)
Folder 123: Socjal Demokracja Krolestwa Polskiego (SDKPL), Litwy (Social Democrats of Poland and Lithuania), Jews in these parties
Folder 124: Bund
Folder 125: PPS: Polska Partia Socjalistyczna
Folder 126: Socialist-Zionists, Proletaryat, Poale Zion
Folder 127: Zionism, all parties
Folder 128: Assimilationist movement
Folder 129: Assimilation
Folder 130: Cultural clubs, sports clubs and societies; libraries
Folder 131: Jews and Polish Culture
Folder 132: Music and the arts
Folder 133: Jewish Press
Folder 134: Yiddish Theater
Folder 135: Yiddish Literature
Folder 136: Jews in Polish literature, press, theater, publishing
Folder 137: Jewish literature in Polish
Folder 138: Hebrew Literature 1
Folder 139: Printers
Folder 140: Publishing houses
Folder 141: Jewish customs: weddings, holidays
Folder 142: Chassiduth and shtiblekh
Folder 143: Anti-semitism
Folder 144: Russia 1905-1906
Folder 145: First World War, 1914-1915. Refugees, Russian period, Polish-Jewish relations
Folder 146: German Occupation, August 1915-November 1918
Folder 147: Statistics
Folder 148: Biographical information on various personalities
Folder 149: Biographical information on various personalities
Folder 150: Varia, Volume IV
: E) Notes and Manuscripts, Miscellaneous, Volumes I-V
Folder 151: From beginning to 1918 - Volumes I-IV
Folder 152: Unsorted notes to Volume V, 1920-1939
Including original correspondence and other documents
Folder 153: History of the Jews in Warsaw from the beginnings to 1896 - Short version
Author undetermined (probably Shatzky)
Folders: 75 pp.
Language of Material: In Yiddish.
Subseries 2: Manuscripts and Notes to Various Topics
undated, 1936
: A) Historical Works
Folder 154: A muster fun a mentshlekhn lebn [Example of a human life]
Language of Material: In Yiddish.
Folder 155: A naye yidishe geshikhte: Shul bukh far arbetr ring shuln [A New Jewish History. Textbook for Workmen's Circle Schools]
Folders: 57 pp.
Language of Material: In Yiddish.
Folder 156: Czestochowa - Notes and clippings
Language of Material: In Yiddish and Polish
Folder 157: Di kentnish fun poylish [Knowledge of the Polish language]
Language of Material: In Yiddish and Polish.
Folders: 3 pp.
Folder 158: Geshikhte fun yidn in pitshayev [History of the Jews in Pociejow] - Der kloyster in pitshayev [The church in Pociejow]
Language of Material: In Yiddish
Folder 159: Kheshbn hanefesh fun a yiddisher historiker [Meditations of a Jewish Historian]
Folders: 6 pp.
Folders: 11 pp.
Language of Material: In Yiddish.
Folder 160: Biographical sketches

Lessing, Theodore

Moiseif, Leon

Language of Material: In Yiddish.
Folder 161: Moyshe montefiore in poyln [Moses Montefiore in Poland] and Natsionale shtimungen by daytsher yidn mit 100 yor tsurik [National sentiments among German Jews a hundred years ago]
Folders: 30 pp.
Language of Material: In Yiddish.
Folder 162: Sfardim y Ashkenazim en la historia [Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews in history]
Language of Material: Mostly in Spanish.
Folder 163: Spinoza un zany svive [Spinoza and his environment]
Language of Material: In English.
Folders: 39 pp.
Folder 164: Tsu der diskusye vegn reform oder revolutsye [Reform or revolution: a discussion]
Language of Material: In Yiddish.
Folders: 7 pp.
: B) Yiddish Folklore and Literature
Folder 165: Arum Sholem Aleykhem'n [About Sholem Aleikhem] and Der umbakanter Perets [The Unknown Peretz]
Folders: 7 pp. , 16 pp.
Language of Material: In Yiddish.
Folder 166: Morris Rosenfeld in likht fun zayn brif, New York
Folder 167: Niger, Shmuel
Language of Material: In Yiddish.
Folders: 10 pp.

Folder 168: Tsvey entfers oyf der ankete vegn yidishn teater in gefangen lager b'eys der milkhome [Two responses to the survey on Yiddish theater in prisoners' camps during the war])

Tsu der poylishn folkslied: "wojna zydowska" [On the Polish Folksong: "wojna zydowska"]

Vegn Itsik Manger [On Itsik Manger]

Folders: 3 pp.
Folders: 4 pp.
Folders: 7 pp.
Language of Material: In Yiddish.
Folder 169: Zinberg, Israel and a poem by Jacob Shatzky
Folders: 22 pp.
Folders: 1 page
Language of Material: In Yiddish.
: C) Reviews
Folder 170: Reviews - Manuscripts

A tog in regensburg un eliyohu bokher [A Day in Regensburg and Eliohu Bokher], by J. Opatoshu, New York, 1933, 10 pp.

Yidn in frankraykh… shtudijes un materialn [Jews in France, studies and source materials] 2 volumes, New York 1942, 16 pp.

Di antshtayung un antviklung fun der yiddisher shprakh [The Rise and Development of the Yiddish language] by B. Rubstein, Warsaw, 1922, 11 pp.

A yubileum bukh fun bund. [A 'Bund' jubilee book], 4 pp.

The Jewish community in Russia, 1772-1844, by Isaac Levitats., New York, 1943, 8 pp.

Die preussische Polenpolitik von 1772-1914 [Prussian foreign policy on Poland from 1772-1914], by M. Lambert, Crakow, 1944, 9 pp.

Language of Material: In Yiddish.
: D) Jacob Shatzky, Editor
Folder 171: Lexicon of Modern Yiddish Literature - Entries and materials
Biographical sketches, probably all by Moshe Starkman
Language of Material: In English and Yiddish.
: E) Manuscripts by other writers
Folder 172: Miscellaneous manuscripts by various authors
Essays, play, reviews speech
: F) Miscellaneous Notes
Folder 173: Historical Commission of the YIVO - Notes
Folder 174: Various Topics - Notes
1815, 1848
Language of Material: In Polish, Yiddish, English, and Spanish.
Folder 175: Various Topics - Notes
1815, 1848
Language of Material: In Polish, Yiddish, English, and Spanish.
: G) Commemoration Books
Folder 176: Shatzky-Book
Folder 177: Shatzky-Book - Correspondence and clippings
Folder 178: Shatzky-Book
Folder 179: Shatzky-Book - Correspondence, reviews and reactions
Folder 180: Shatzky-Book - Book reviews
Folder 181: Yakov Shatzki in ondenk [In Memory of Jacob Shatzky] Klub fun poilishe yidn [Club of Polish Jews]
Language of Material: In Polish and Yiddish.
Series III: Bibliographies and Catalogs
Folder 182: American Jewish Press - Bibliography
Card filein 2 series, 1 in English and 1 in Yiddish. Ilso inluded is card file on Topics in Psychiatry and Jews. Mostly handwritten, unnumbered.
Folder 183: Yiddish plays - Bibliography letters ת-ב
Bibliographical notes, to Yiddish books in Print, dates and places of publication; miscellaneous notes on Yiddish books, 18th and 19th centuries.
Folders: 16 cards
Language of Material: In Yiddish.
Folder 184: Subject Index to Yidishes Tageblatt , New York, 1880s-1890s
Folders: 182 cards
Folder 185: Book Catalog
Jacob Shatzky's private collection of books on Spinoza
Folder 186: Early Yiddish Literature in Print - Bibliography on cards
Arrangement not determined. Several alphabetical series.
Folder 187: Early Yiddish Literature in Print - Bibliography on cards
Arrangement not determined. Several alphabetical series.
Folder 188: Early Yiddish Literature in Print - Bibliography on cards
Arrangement not determined. Several alphabetical series.
Folder 189: Early Yiddish Literature in Print - Bibliography on cards
Arrangement not determined. Several alphabetical series.
Folder 190: Early Yiddish Literature in Print - Bibliography on cards
Arrangement not determined. Several alphabetical series.
Folder 191: Early Yiddish Literature in Print - Bibliography on cards
Arrangement not determined. Several alphabetical series.
Folder 192: Theatralia and Judaica - Bibliographies
Miscellaneous topics in alphabetical order, followed by random cards not in any order
Folder 193: Jews and Medicine - Bibliography
The following subjects included: .
Series IV: Personal Documents
Folder 194: Letters of recommendation, resumes.
Folder 195: Certificates and diplomas
Folder 196: Legal documents and contracts
Folder 197: Jacob Shatzky's will
Folder 198: Miscellaneous personal documents

Medical charts

Personalized bookplate

Identification documents

Photo of members of Psychiatric Institute

Financial documents relating to Jacob Shatzky's death

Series V: Printed Materials and Clippings
undated, 1910s-1956
Subseries 1: Printed Material
Folder 200: Lectures, book announcements, invitations
Subseries 2: Clippings
: A) Jacob Shatzky's Writings
Folder 201: Jacob Shatzky's writings
Folder 202: Jacob Shatzky's writings
Folder 203: Jacob Shatzky's writings
Folder 204: Jacob Shatzky's writings
Folder 205: Jacob Shatzky's writings
Folder 206: Jacob Shatzky's writings
Folder 207: Jacob Shatzky's writings
Folder 208: Jacob Shatzky's writings
Folder 209: Jacob Shatzky's writings
Folder 210: Jacob Shatzky's writings
Folder 211: Jacob Shatzky's writings
: B) Jacob Shatzky's Activities
Folder 212: Jacob Shatzky's activities
Language of Material: In Yiddish.
Folder 213: Jacob Shatzky's activities
Language of Material: In English and Yiddish.
Folder 214: Jacob Shatzky's activities
Language of Material: In Yiddish, German, English, and Spanish.
Folder 215: Jacob Shatzky's activities
Language of Material: In Yiddish, German, English, and Spanish.
Folder 216: Jacob Shatzky's activities
Language of Material: In Yiddish and Spanish.
Folder 217: Jacob Shatzky's activities - Reviews
Language of Material: In Hebrew and Yiddish.
Folder 218: Spinoza and his Environment - Clippings of reviews
Language of Material: In Yiddish and English.
Folder 219: Activities
Language of Material: In English and Yiddish
: C) Obituires and Biographies
Folder 220: Obituaries, biographical information.
Language of Material: In English, Yiddish, Hebrew, German.
Folder 220 A: Various manuscripts
From Shlomo Nobles Papers
Series VI: Miscellaneous Materials
Folder 221: Two recordings of speeches by Jacob Shatzky for Jewish Book Month.
Language of Material: In Yiddish and Spanish.
Note: Accession No. 16176 in YIVO Archives Book. Cassette relating to same subject.
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