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Guide to the Papers of Shmuel Mordkhe (Artur) Zygielbojm (1895-1943) 1918-2011 (bulk 1940-1943) RG 1454

Processed by Shloyme Krystal. Additional processing by Rachel S. Harrison as part of the Leon Levy Archival Processing Initiative, made possible by the Leon Levy Foundation.

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Electronic finding aid was encoded in EAD 2002 by Rachel S. Harrison in September 2012. Description is in English.

Collection Overview

Title: Guide to the Papers of Shmuel Mordkhe (Artur) Zygielbojm (1895-1943) 1918-2011 (bulk 1940-1943) RG 1454

Predominant Dates:(bulk 1940-1943)

ID: RG 1454 FA

Extent: 5.0 Linear Feet


Originally processed by Shloyme Krystal. The full finding aid was translated by Esther Newman. Additional processing was completed in 2012.

The materials in this collection are arranged either by format, subject or organization. Items for which no language is given are mainly in Yiddish. Personal names have been transliterated, journal titles and organization names have been transliterated and translated, and the titles of speeches and writings have been transliterated and translated. Yiddish names have been transliterated according to YIVO standards except when the individual is known in English by another spelling. Additionally, if the name appeared in Latin letters anywhere within the folder, that spelling was used rather than a standard transliteration. The languages of materials that are not in Yiddish are in parentheses following the listing of the material. The collection is organized in ten series.

Languages: Yiddish, Polish, Russian, German, English, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Arabic, Swedish


This collection contains the personal and professional papers of Shmuel Mordkhe Zygielbojm, a Jewish-Polish Socialist politician, Bund leader, member of the National Council of the Polish Government-in-Exile in London, and a labor and political leader. These materials include Zygielbojm’s writings, personal correspondence, clippings, and some photographs. These materials relate mainly to Zygielbojm’s work in London as well as the worldwide reactions after his suicide.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Papers of Shmuel Mordkhe (Artur) Zygielbojm are part of the larger Bund Archives Collection. The Zygielbojm Papers collection consists of a number of original documents which are connected to the activities of Zygielbojm, mostly from his time in London. A large portion consists of newspaper clippings about him and his activities written both before and after his suicide. Especially interesting are his descriptions of his trip across Germany after he fled from Warsaw to Belgium in January 1940. The collection mainly includes his activities at the time he was a representative of the Bund in the Polish National Council and the Polish Government-in-Exile, from February 1942 until May 1943. His suicide, understandably, resulted in a strong reaction, which was reflected in the large number of newspaper clippings from all over the world as well as numerous memorial events, monuments and plaques.

The materials date from 1918-2011 with the bulk dating from 1940-1943. The collection is 5 linear feet in eleven manuscript boxes and one oversize box.

Historical Note

Shmuel Mordkhe (Artur) Zygielbojm was born on February 21, 1895 into a poor family of 10 (some sources say 11) children in the village of Borowica, Lublin province, Poland, then under control of the Russian Empire. His family moved nearby to Krasnystaw in 1899 where his father, Yoska, was a teacher and his mother, Henia, was a dressmaker. Due to his family’s poverty, he left cheder and began working in a box manufacturing factory at the age of 10. Zygielbojm left home for Warsaw when he was 12 in order to become an apprentice to a glovemaker, but he returned to Krasnystaw at the beginning of World War I and then moved with his family to Chełm. From 1914-1917 he worked as an orderly in a military hospital in Chełm where he first began to take an interest in the Jewish labor movement. In December 1917 he represented Chełm at the first Bundist convention in Poland, which took place in Lublin. Zygielbojm so impressed the Bund leadership at the convention that he was invited to Warsaw in 1920 to serve as general secretary of the Trade Union of Jewish Metal Workers and a member of the Warsaw Committee of the Bund.

In 1924 he was elected to the Bund's Central Committee, a position he held until his death, where he focused on unionizing Jewish workers in Warsaw and Łódź. He achieved several prominent positions in other Jewish and Polish unions and was elected as an alderman in the Warsaw city government. He was also appointed secretary of the Central Council of Jewish Trade Unions and, from 1930, Zygielbojm edited the Jewish labor unions' journal, Arbeiter Fragen (Worker’s Issues) and wrote under the name of “Artur.” In 1936, the Central Committee sent him to Łódź to lead the Jewish workers' movement, coordinate Bund activities and establish a Jewish labor union. In 1938 in Łódź he was again elected as an alderman.

After Germany invaded Poland in September 1939, Zygielbojm returned to Warsaw to participate in the defense committee during the siege and defense of the city. He organized Jewish workers’ battalions that united with Polish workers to defend the city, was the chief intermediary between the Polish and Jewish workers and wrote fiery articles in the Bund’s daily newspaper calling for continued resistance, as well as editing the Folkszeitung (People's Newspaper). When the Nazis occupied Warsaw after a 21-day siege, they demanded 12 hostages from the population to prevent further resistance. These hostages would be held responsible for the maintenance of order in the city. Stefan Starzyński, the city's president, proposed that the Jewish labor movement provide a hostage, Esther Iwinska, to be one of the 12. Zygielbojm volunteered in her place and was one of two Jewish hostages, along with Abraham Gepner.

On his release Zygielbojm was among the group of Bund members who organized the underground center of the party and he represented the Bund in the new Warsaw Judenrat. On November 4, 1939, the Nazis ordered the Judenrat to create a ghetto within Warsaw in three days, an order Zygielbojm strenuously opposed and openly spoke out against. Because of Zygielbojm's public opposition to the order, his fellow Bundists feared for his safety and arranged for his escape from Poland, hoping also that Zygielbojm could tell the world about the atrocities that the Nazis were perpetrating on the Jewish population. At the end of December 1939, Zygielbojm left Poland, traveling through Germany and Holland before reaching Belgium on February 8, 1940. Early in 1940, he spoke before a meeting of the Labor and Socialist International in Brussels and described the early stages of the Nazi persecution of Polish Jewry, the first eyewitness to do so. He was in Belgium until April 10, when he went to France, just ahead of the Nazi invasion of Belgium in May 1940. Zygielbojm was in France from April 10-July 20, when he left for the United States, arriving in New York on September 12, 1940. He remained in the United States until March 29, 1942, where he worked with the American branch of the Bund, spending a year and a half traveling around the country trying to convince Americans of the dire situation facing the Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland.

In April 1942, he arrived in London to join the Polish National Council, an advisory body to the Polish Government-in-Exile, as the representative of the Bund, where he was one of two Jewish members, with Zionist Ignacy Schwartzbart. Though he at first refused to cooperate with Zionist groups in London, which was in conformity with the Bundist party line, he changed his position once news of the mass killing of Polish Jewry reached the West in the second half of 1942. Shocked and pained by the apathy and evasiveness of the British political elite and the Polish government, neither of which placed assistance to Polish Jewry at the top of their list of priorities, he put aside the Bund’s differences with other Jewish political organizations and focused on informing the world of what was happening in Poland, reacting angrily to pressure from the New York Bund office to continue spreading party propaganda.

In May 1942, a report reached Zygielbojm from the Bund in Warsaw concerning the annihilation of Polish Jews, providing details of the nature and scale of the destruction, containing a list of places where Aktionen had occurred, identifying the sites of extermination camps, and providing an estimate of the number of Jews who had by then been murdered – some 700,000. Zygielbojm released this information to the Daily Telegraph and several other British newspapers rather than to the Jewish press, in the belief that in doing so the story would gain a wider audience, who would also be more likely to accept the authenticity of the report. Zygielbojm continued to speak publicly about the fate of Polish Jews, including at a meeting of the British Labor Party and a speech broadcast on BBC Radio on June 2, 1942. He gave speeches to the Polish Parliament, wrote petitions to the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, and implored the Polish President and Prime Minster to instruct Poles to do all they could to help their Jewish fellow citizens. He spoke at conferences of the Socialist Labor Party and kept up contacts with his fellow Bundists in Poland and with friends and acquaintances, many of whom were refugees in various countries. Two weeks later, Zygielbojm spoke again on BBC Radio concerning the fate of the Jews of Poland. "It will actually be a shame to go on living," he said, "if steps are not taken to halt the greatest crime in human history."

In late 1942, Zygielbojm drafted a resolution of the National Council containing three proposals: That the National Council of the Polish government demand all of the Allied nations, particularly America and Britain, to immediately devise a plan of special acts against Germany that would force an end to the slaughter of the Jews; that airplanes over Germany drop large numbers of leaflets containing precise descriptions in the German language concerning the slaughter of the Jews; and that the Polish government take steps for a special conference of all of the Allied governments to be called quickly to publish an uncompromising protest and a powerful warning in the name of all the fighting nations to the German people and their government. He had already drafted proposals concerning the undertaking of sanctions against Germany on two earlier occasions, which he had submitted to Churchill and Roosevelt. The responses were diplomatically evasive. Now he sent the President and the Prime Minister a final appeal, begging them to save the Jews of Europe.

In the middle of 1942, Jan Karski, who had been serving as a courier between the Polish underground and the Polish Government-in-Exile, was smuggled into the Warsaw Ghetto. One of his guides in the ghetto was Leon Feiner who, like Zygielbojm, belonged to the Bund and who had sent a message pleading for help. In the months following his return from Warsaw, Karski reported to the Polish, British and American governments on the situation in Poland, especially the Warsaw Ghetto and the Bełżec death camp, which he had visited secretly. (It is now believed that Karski actually had seen the Izbica Lubelska "sorting camp" where Jews were held until they could be sent to Bełżec, and not Bełżec itself.) Newspaper accounts based on Karski's reports were published by The New York Times on November 25 and November 26 and The Times of London on December 7, 1942. In December, Karski described the conditions in the ghetto to Zygielbojm. Zygielbojm asked whether Karski had any messages from the Jews in the ghetto. As Karski later wrote, he passed along Feiner's message:

"Let them go to all the important English and American offices and agencies. Tell them not to leave until they obtain guarantees that a way has been decided upon to save the Jews. Let them accept no food or drink, let them die a slow death while the world is looking on. Let them die. This may shake the conscience of the world."

Zygielbojm was distraught on hearing Karski's evidence and Feiner's message. Despite his anguished appeals for action to save at least a fragment of Polish Jewry, Zygielbojm became haunted by his inability to communicate the true nature of the disaster in influential circles. On April 19, 1943, the Allied governments of the United Kingdom and the United States met in Bermuda, ostensibly to discuss the situation of the Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe. By coincidence, that same day the Nazis attempted to liquidate the remaining Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto and were met with unexpected resistance. By the beginning of May, the futility of the Bermuda Conference had become apparent. Days later, Zygielbojm received word of the suppression of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the final liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto. He learned his wife Manya and 16-year-old son Tuvia had been killed there. On May 12, 1943, Zygielbojm killed himself as a protest against the indifference and inaction of the Allied governments in the face of the Holocaust. In his suicide letter, addressed to Polish president Władysław Raczkiewicz and prime minister Władysław Sikorski. Zygielbojm stated that while the Nazis were responsible for the murder of the Polish Jews, the Allies also were culpable:

“The responsibility for the crime of the murder of the whole Jewish nationality in Poland rests first of all on those who are carrying it out, but indirectly it falls also upon the whole of humanity, on the peoples of the Allied nations and on their governments, who up to this day have not taken any real steps to halt this crime. By looking on passively upon this murder of defenseless millions tortured children, women and men they have become partners to the responsibility.

"I am obliged to state that although the Polish Government contributed largely to the arousing of public opinion in the world, it still did not do enough. It did not do anything that was not routine, that might have been appropriate to the dimensions of the tragedy taking place in Poland....

"I cannot continue to live and to be silent while the remnants of Polish Jewry, whose representative I am, are being murdered. My comrades in the Warsaw Ghetto fell with arms in their hands in the last heroic battle. I was not permitted to fall like them, together with them, but I belong with them, to their mass grave.

"By my death, I wish to give expression to my most profound protest against the inaction in which the world watches and permits the destruction of the Jewish people.”

Zygielbojm wished his letter to be known not only by the Polish President and prime minister in exile. He wrote: "I am certain that the President and the Prime Minister will send out these words of mine to all those to whom they are addressed, and that the Polish Government will embark immediately on diplomatic action and explanation of the situation, in order to save the living remnant of the Polish Jews from destruction." After his death, Zygielbojm's seat in the Polish Government-in-Exile parliament was taken over by Emanuel Scherer.

Zygielbojm's body was cremated in symbolic protest and unity with the murdered millions of the Holocaust. In 1959, his surviving son located the remains in a shed in the Jewish cemetery of Golder's Green in London. With the assistance of the American Jewish labor movement, Zygielbojm's remains were brought to the U.S. and in 1961, his remains were interred at the New Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Ridgewood, New York, beneath a dignified funerary monument.

Based upon: Blatman, Daniel. "Zygielbojm, Shmuel Mordkhe." YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe . New York: YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, 2010, pp. 2139-2140.

Karski, Jan. Story of a Secret State . Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1944, pp. 42-50.

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Administrative Information

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Acquisition Method: The Bund Archives Collection was accumulated by Franz Kurski, founder and director of the Bund Archives. The Bund Archives Collection, of which the Zygielbojm Papers formed a part, was donated to YIVO in 1992-1993.

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Related Materials: The YIVO Library and Archives have a wealth of material relating to the Bund, the Polish Government-in-Exile and Shmuel Zygielbojm. These include the Bund Archives, RG 1400, as well as the personal papers of several of Zygielbojm’s correspondents, including Lucjan Blit, RG 1458. Several books by and about Zygielbojm include Faithful Unto Death: The Story of Arthur Zygielbaum , by Aviva Ravel; Zygielbojma śmierć i życie , by Aleksander Rowiński; Der Koyeh tsu Shtarbn: Mishpohe-bukh , by Fayvl Zigelboym; Zigelboym-bukh , edited by Jacob Sholem Hertz; and Haver Artur , by Avraham Shemuel Shtain.

Preferred Citation: Published citations should take the following form:Identification of item, date (if known); Papers of Shmuel Mordkhe (Artur) Zygielbojm; RG 1454; folder number; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

Series 1: Series I: Biographical Notes, 1938-1943,
Series 2: Series II: Manuscripts, 1940-1953, undated,
Series 3: Series III: Correspondence, 1933-1998,
Series 4: Series IV: London Period, 1941-1944, 1984,
Series 5: Series V: Jan Karski, 1940-1944, 1983-2001,
Series 6: Series VI: Suicide, 1942-1961,
Series 7: Series VII: Film, 1981-1986,
Series 8: Series VIII: Memorial Seminars, Grave Stone, Monuments, 1943-1997,
Series 9: Series IX: Newspaper Clippings, 1940-2001,
Series 10: Series X: Photographs, 1918-2011

Series I: Biographical Notes
This series contains correspondence and other documents pertaining to Zygielbojm’s 1940 journey from Poland to America, through Germany, Belgium and France. There is also correspondence, invitations to lectures and identity and immigration cards and certificates. There are no earlier documents representing his childhood, youth or pre-war life and work.
Folders: 5
Folder 1: Invitation to a lecture
1938-1942, undated

- copy of an invitation from the Bundist group and Textile Workers Union, Lodz, to a lecture by Zygielbojm about Bundists, Communists and the Trade Union Movement, 5/15 (no year)

- calendar notebook, 1942

- copy of a letter signed by Zygielbojm to his friend, Rozner, in London, 1938

- biography (English)

Folder 2: France and England materials

- radiogram to Zygielbojm from N.B. Minkoff, Jacob Pat and others

- France: identity card with photograph, 4/30/40

- safe conduct document from the Defense Minister of France, 5/30/40

- residence certificate, 5/17/40

- Minister of Social Welfare-Polish Republic, Toulouse, 6/19/40

- certification from the Polish Consulate in Marseille, 8/7/40

- England: copy of an invitation card to a lecture by Zygielbojm on the Defense of Warsaw, 9/27/42

Folder 3: United States materials

- certification from the Polish Consul in New York, 5/1/41

- certification from the Police Department, 5/19/41

- correspondence with the Immigration Department, 3/12/41, 7/26/41, 10/31/41

- airplane ticket, New York-Lisbon-New York, 3/23/43

- Social Security card with number

- correspondence with American Consul in Montreal, with a recommendation letter by Hillel Rogoff, editor of the Yiddish Forward, 3/29/41

- correspondence with Visa section

- union member book from Amalgamated, with packages sent to relatives in Poland, 6/14/41

Folder 4: Jewish Labor Committee trip around the United States

- reports

- itinerary of trip, cities and times

- poster with photograph of a call to a meeting in Los Angeles, 12/8/40

- lecture on A Year with the Nazis in Poland and France

- (see also correspondence)

Folder 5: Letters and invitations

- letters to Zygielbojm on his arrival in the United States from: Raphael Abramowitch (Russian), 11/28/40; International Socialists Club, 10/20/41; Workmens Circle 94, 11/28/40; Workmens Circle, Texas, 11/29/40; Otto Leichter (German), 12/2/40; World Jewish Congress, 12/2/40; Dr. A. Tartakower

- invitations from: Bund Club, New York; Workmens Circle; Jewish Section, Socialist Party in America, on the occasion of a convention, 9/17/40; ORT Convention, 9/20/40; Workmens Circle, N. Chanin to Bundists, 9/26/40; Workmens Circle, Miami, to a welcoming lecture; Yiddish PEN Club, New York banquet, 10/16/40; gathering in honor of Jan Stanczyk, minister of the Polish Government-in-Exile in London; Workmens Circle, Atlanta, Chicago

Series II: Manuscripts
1940-1953, undated
This series consists of manuscripts written by Zygielbojm, including descriptions of the situation in Poland on the eve of and at the beginning of World War II, the first acts of the Gestapo and the German Army, characteristics of the Warsaw President, Stefan Starzyński, and Polish Socialist M. Niedzialkowski, as well as some additional materials concerning Zygielbojm’s trip through Germany.
Folders: 11
Folder 6: Poland and the War

- Poland Before the War

- The War Breaks Out

- The Defense of Warsaw

Folder 7: Polish leaders

- Mieczyslaw Niedzialkowski (leader of the Polish Socialist Party)

- Stefan Starzynski (President of Warsaw at the time of the outbreak of the war)

Folder 8: Mayne Reyze Durkhn Natsishn Gehenem (My Trip Through the Nazi Hell)
Folder 9: Mayne Reyze Durkhn Natsishn Gehenem (My Trip Through the Nazi Hell)
Folder 10: Lebn Unter di Natsis (Life Under the Nazis)
Folder 11: Lebn Unter di Natsis (Life Under the Nazis)
Folder 12: Notes on a manuscript
- (manuscript is unidentified)
Folder 13: Shmuel Zygielbojm book
- parts (printed)
Folder 14: Zygielbojm's speeches

- speech to the Executive of the Socialist International, 2/23/40

- Di Simkha bay Fridn (The Celebration at Fried's), 1940

Folder 15: In Kamf far Veltlekhe Kehiles (In the War for Secular Communities)

- also, Rezolutsies vegn di Yidishe Gemines (Resolutions Dealing with Jewish Communities), 1947

- letter from L. Gliksman about Zygielbojm correspondence, 1953

Folder 16: English writings

- German Atrocities in Poland and Czechoslovakia, Labor's Protest, speech

- It is True - Stop Them Now

- Prospects of International Socialism in Europe

Series III: Correspondence
The correspondence in this series is divided into sections. There is correspondence with his family, friends and acquaintances, organizations, with various Bundists, and with the Bund Coordinating Committee in New York. There is also correspondence between his friends and family after his death.
Folders: 21
Folder 17: Manya Zygielbojm (wife)
- 1/9/40, 9/5/40, 9/18/40, 10/12/40, 11/20/40, 12/12/40, 12/28/40, 1/25/41, 2/6/41, 2/12/41, 2/25/41, 3/8/41, 3/10/41, 3/17/41, 4/2/41, 4/9/41, 4/18/41, 5/1/41, 5/15/41, 5/18/41, 6/24/41, 6/27/41, 7/8/41, 8/11/41, 9/8/41, 10/4/41 (incomplete list)
Folder 18: Rivka (daughter), Yosl (son)
1940-1941, 1995-1998

- Rivka: 9/18/40, 2/10/41, 5/15/41, 7/12/41, 7/24/41, 8/20/41, 9/18/41, 9/28/41, 10/11/41, 11/11/41

- Yosl (from Russia): 12/8/40, 12/29/40, 1/14/41, 1/24/41, The Odyssey of a Martyr, by Yosl Zygielbojm

- invitation to a reception honoring Jan Karski, 1995

- obituary notice from Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), 1995

- yahrtzeit announcement for Yosl Zygielbojm, 1998

Folder 19: Feivel (brother), Leah (niece), Peninah (sister), Feige (sister), Reizel Danziger (niece), Epel Taube (cousin), S. Nitke (mother-in-law), niece and nephew

- brother and sister (South Africa, Argentina, Japan, Russia), Feivel (Johannesburg): 2/22/40, 11/3/41, undated

- Leah: 7/14/41, 11/27/41, 12/22/41

- Peninah: 5/14/41, 9/31/41

- Feige (Argentina): 3/27/41, 5/18/41, 10/27/41

- Reizel Danziger (Argentina): 5/18/40, undated

- Epel Taube (Chelm, Poland): 8/27/41, 8/27/40

- S. Nitke (Poland): 7/11/41

- niece and nephew: 1941

Folder 20: Close friends

- Tsluvah Krystal (Binah): 9/9/41

- Goldstein (Russia): 2/9/41, undated

- S. Abramsohn (3): 1940-1941

- N. Baumgarten (2): 1941

- L. Greenberg: 1941

- M. Merlin: 1940

- F. Palakova: 1941

- M. Rozencweig (2): 1942

- J. Schwartz (3): 1940, 1941

- S. Syrop (Joelson): 1941

- E. Zalmanowitz: 1940

- M. Bloshtein: 1940

- S. Elenberg: 1941

- J. Ratner (2): 1940

- I. Manger: undated

- O. Leichter (4)

- A. Spiro: 1940

- Lola Szafran: 3/22/43

- M.L. Polin

- I. Schwartzbart: 1940

- name not legible

Folder 21: Correspondence about Zygielbojm
1940-1947, 1961, 1978-1979, 1990

- L. Blit to the Bund in Poland, 1947

- R. Tsinberg to J. Pat, 1940

- F. Zygielbojm to B. Rosner, 1943

- M. Waterhouse to I. Manger, 1943

- I. Manger to Blit, 1943

- I. Falk to Kempinski, 1978

- Library of Congress to Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), 1947

- Walter Laqueur to Kempinski

- E. Nowogrodsky to G. Zibert, 1943

- Sholem Hertz to I. Falk, 1979

- B. Nadel to Yosl Zygielbojm, 1990

- Emanuel Patt to E. Scherer, 1961

- to important friends from an unknown signature, 1943

- A. Lermer to E. Nowogrodsky, 1943

- E. Nowogrodsky to I. Glicksman, 1942

- Roman Blit to E. Nowogrodsky, 1942

Folder 22: Tsukunft (Future)
Folder 23: CYCO (Tsentrale yidishe kultur-organizatsye [Central Yiddish Cultural Organization])
Folder 24: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward)
Folder 25: Workmen's Circle, Jewish Worker's Committee - tour in America
Folder 26: Jewish Worker's Committee
- from Zygielbojm
Folder 27: Letter about the Ehrlich-Alter situation
Folder 28: Zygielbojm to Bundists and friends

- Esther Iwinska

- Alexander Ehrlich

- N. Baumgarten

- L. Fanigvil

- N. Szafran

- G.M. Zalcman

- M. Ravitch

- N. Frenkel

- Franz Kurski

- B. Rozner

- L. Blit, L. Oler-farewell letter, 5/11/43, David Mayer, Chaim Wasser

Folder 29: Zygielbojm to the Bund (Emanuel Nowogrodsky)
- 12/20, 12/13, 12/3, 11/28, 11/21, 11/15, 11/3, 10/25, 10/23, 8/31, 8/27, 8/7, 8/3, 7/29, 7/21, 7/16, 7/9, 6/15, 6/7, 6/1, 5/25, 5/24, 5/22 (Polish), 5/7, 4/29, 4/24, 4/19, 4/9, 4/5, 4/4, 3/19, 3/6, 2/18, 2/10
Folder 30: Bund (Emanuel Nowogrodsky) to Zygielbojm
- 12/16, 12/6, 12/4, 11/25, 11/18, 11/13, 11/6, 11/5, 10/28, 10/25, 10/21, 10/9, 8/27, 7/31, 7/22, 7/5, 6/26, 6/8, 5/29, 5/24, 5/16, 5/11, 4/5, 3/8
Folder 31: Zygielbojm to the Bund (from London)
- 4/17/41, 1/1/42, 1/9/42, 1/13/42, 3/27/42, 3/28/42, 4/22/42, 5/8/42, 5/15/42, 5/28/42, 7/16/42, 7/23/42, 7/25/42, 7/29/42, 7/31/42, 8/14/42, 8/16/42, 8/19/42, 8/22/42, 8/30/42, 8/31/42, 9/3/42, 9/9/42, 9/10/42, 9/17/42, 9/19/42, 9/23/42, 9/28/42, 10/2/42, 10/3/42, 10/27/42, 11/4/42, 11/6/42, 11/9/42, 11/13/42, 11/17/42, 11/18/42, 11/19/42, 11/20/42, 11/24/42, 11/27/42, 11/28/42, 12/17/42
Folder 32: Zygielbojm to the Bund (Polish, from London)
- 5/14/42, 5/29/42, 6/3/42, 6/26/42, 7/3/42, 7/13/42, 7/30/42, 10/7/42, 10/8/42, 10/12/42, 10/24/42 (2), 11/3/42, 11/5/42, 11/9/42, 11/18/42, 11/23/42, 12/7/42 (copy of a telegram), undated (with short biographies of deceased Bundist activists), 4/5/43
Folder 33: Bund to Zygielbojm (in London)
- 3/26/41, 4/10/42, 4/14/42, 4/17/42, 4/22/42, 4/29/42, 5/6/42, 5/15/42, 5/19/42, 5/25/42, 6/2/42, 6/15/42, 6/23/42, 6/25/42, 7/7/42, 7/17/42, 7/28/42, 7/29/42, 8/3/42, 8/4/42, 8/5/42, 8/6/42 (2), 8/11/42, 8/21/42, 9/1/42 (2?), 9/2/42 (English), 9/8/42, 9/14/42, 9/15/42, 9/17/42, 9/18/42 (2), 9/24/42 (2), 10/5/42 (3), 10/9/42, 10/10/42, 10/13/42, 10/15/42, 10/20/42, 10/21/42, 10/30/42 (2), 11/14/42, 11/16/42 (2), 11/17/42, 11/19/42 (2), 11/21/42, 12/11/42, 12/14/42, 12/21/42
Folder 34: Bund to Zygielbojm (in London)
- 1/11, 1/14, 1/22, 1/29, 2/6 (2), 2/8, 2/10 (2), 2/17 (3), 3/4 (3), 3/5, 3/9, 3/10, 3/26, 3/31, 4/1, 4/3 (2), 4/15, 4/27, 5/12, 5/14, 5/15
Folder 35: Zygielbojm to the Bund (from London)
- 1/6, 1/17, 1/28, 2/8, 2/14, 3/8, 3/16, 4/4/, 4/7, 4/30, excerpts from 3 letters, 1941-1943
Folder 36: Zygielbojm to the Bund (from London) - telegrams
- 1/14, 1/15, 2/20, 3/11, 3/12, 3/14, 3/16, 3/20, 3/21, 3/23, 4/7, 4/20, 5/1, 5/8, 5/13, undated (3)
Folder 37: Bund to Zygielbojm (in London) - telegrams

- 2/23/43, 3/2/43, 3/9/43, 3/11/43, 3/12/43, 3/15/43, 3/16/43, 3/17/43, 3/27/43, 4/1/43, 4/17/43, 4/20/43, 4/23/43, undated

- coded telegram

- Zygielbojm to L. Oler (see folder 28)

- 10/2/44 (about the situation in Warsaw)

Series IV: London Period
1941-1944, 1984
This series covers Zygielbojm’s activities as the Bund representative of the Polish National Council in London from April 1942 through his suicide on May 12, 1943. There is also some correspondence from after his death and a statement from the Polish government from 1984.
Folders: 11
Folder 38: Di Arbet fun S. Zygielbojm in Poylishn Natsional-Rat in London (The Work of S. Zygielbojm at the Polish National Council in London)

- 6/30/42

- Predicament of the Jews in Poland, typewritten report, 10/4/43 (Polish)

Folder 39: Polish National Council

- statement of the Polish Government-in-Exile in a letter to the Bund, when Zygielbojm was confirmed as a representative of the Bund in the Polish National Council, 3/10/42

- letter stating that the London delegation of the Bund is Zygielbojm and L. Blit, 4/28/43

- speech of S. Zygielbojm in the Polish National Council about the decision to create a Jewish state, 4/5/42 (Polish, Yiddish, English) [missing]

- The Situation of the Polish Jewish Refugees in Soviet Russia, 6/30/42

- radio speech about mass murder in Poland, 11/27/42 (Polish)

- declaration by I. Schwartzbart, representative of the Zionists in the Polish National Council, 5/14/41

- E. Scherer to E. Nowogrodsky about Zygielbojm's membership in the International Socialist Committee and International Advisory Committee to the Labor Party, 11/12/43

Folder 40: Zygielbojm's telegram to Winston Churchill

- 12/19/42

- also an acknowledgement of the letter and other related correspondence

Folder 41: Zygielbojm's letter to the President of the Polish Government-in-Exile, Władysław Raczkiewicz, and Prime Minister of the Polish Government-in-Exile, Władysław Sikorski, 5/11/43
- also other letters sent to the Polish government
Folder 42: Polish National Council
1942, undated

- Deklaratsie fun Bund in Poylishn Goles-Parlament (Declaration by the Bund in Polish Government-in-Exile)

- publication of the London Delegation of the Central Committee of the Jewish Workers Union "Bund" in Poland, about various Jewish problems (English)

- list of newly nominated members to the Polish National Council, 2/6/42 (Polish)

Folder 43: correspondence with Deputy Prime Minister, Stanisław Mikołajczyk
- about the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto, 9/7/42, 1/21/43-2/22/43, 2/7/43, 2/8/43
Folder 44: Polish speeches and reports

- The Third Anniversary of the War, speech, 9/1/42

- radio address, 6/26/42

- urgent proposal in the Polish National Council

- justification for the proposal

- proposal to the Budget Committee, 4/16/42

- stenographic report - Arthur's speech

- about executions in the Kolsk region, sent by Jan Stanczyk, Polish minister of Labor and Social Welfare, to Zygielbojm, 1/11/43

Folder 45: Correspondence and official statements
1941-1942, 1984

- correspondence about visas between the Bund and the Polish and English consulates, 1941-1942

- statement by the Polish government that Zygielbojm was not a member of the government but only a member of the Polish National Council, 9/12/84

- statement that Zygielbojm is representing H. Ehrlich, 2/16-2/19/42

Folder 46: Correspondence and writings

- speech by Zygielbojm at the meeting of the Labor Party, 9/2/42 (English), photo

- letter to Bela Low, Secretary of the International Socialist Club, 11/6/41 (English)

- speech at the 41st Annual Conference of the Labor Party, W.H. Green, chairman (English)

- announcement about the international protest meeting against Nazi violence, with Zygielbojm's participation, 9/2/42

- An Inside Look at Arthur, by Adam Ciolkosz

- letter, 8/5/42 (Polish)

- Interview with S. Zygielbojm, 1/18/43 (English)

- letter from M. Lokiec to Motl Zalmanovitch, 5/4/44, and a friend, 4/15/44 (Yiddish)

Folder 47: Correspondence

- open letter to the press from the Jewish Council in Warsaw, Engineer A. Czerniakow (Polish)

- last dispatch from Zygielbojm about the armed revolt of the Jews against the Nazis, 5/14/43 (Yiddish)

- last dispatch from Zygielbojm to Emanuel Nowogrodsky (English)

- dispatch from Nowogrodsky to Lucjan Blit and Leon Oler, 5/12/43, and their response, 5/13/43

- article about Zygielbojm (French)

Folder 48: Letters to the Polish President, Prime Minister and others

- carbon pages and copies of letters (Polish)

- many pages are mirror-printed negatives

Series V: Jan Karski
1940-1944, 1983-2001
This series contains Jan Karski’s reports on the Warsaw Ghetto, meetings between Karski and various government members, interviews with Karski, clippings about his wartime experiences, lecture and event programs and announcements, excerpts from his diary, and obituary notices.
Folders: 5
Folder 49: Jan Karski

- Zagadnienie Zydowskie w Kraju (Jewish Issues in the Country), 1940 report (Polish)

- surveillance report on a speech by Karski, 2/12/45 (English)

- Extermination of Jews in Europe, reports, 11/26/42 (English), with remarks by Karski

Folder 50: Jan Karski
1942-1943, 1987

- Sprawy Zydowskie (Jewish Problems), report from Karski's trip to the U.S. (Polish)

- excerpt from the diary of I. Schwartzbart, 1942-1943 (English)

- organizations and individuals who met with Karski, 8/9/43 (English)

- report from the death camp Belzec, 1987 (Polish)

Folder 51: Jan Karski

- An Early Account of Polish Jewry under Nazi and Soviet Occupation Presented to the Polish Government-in-Exile, February 1940, article by David Engel, 1983 (English)

- article on Polish-Jewish dialogue, by Karski, in Stadium Papers, 4/89 (English)

- Reactions to the Nazi Catastrophe, conference program, Spring 1988 (English)

- interview with Karski, 3/4/93 (Polish), 3/19/93 (Russian)

Folder 52: Jan Karski
1944, 1988-2000

- My Visit to the Warsaw Ghetto, in The American Mercury, 11/44 (English)

- invitation to lectures by Karski, 3/7/88, 11/29/88 (English)

- Witness to History Reveals Truth (English)

- Anti-Defamation League announcements, 2/18/88, 4/4/88, 11/28/90 (English)

- letter from Karski to Walter Reich, the director of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., 2/22/96 (English)

- Holocaust Memorial Program, 4/17/88 (English)

- clipping about a lecture by Karski at the Polish embassy, 6/9/00 (Yiddish)

Folder 53: Death of Jan Karski (7/13/2000)

- New York Times obituary, 7/15/00 (English)

- New York Times clipping, 1/7/01 (English)

- photo of Karski, Joseph Zygielbojm and friend, 3/95

- The Economist, 7/29/00 (English)

- memorial meeting, cassette tape

- Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), 7/21/00 (Yiddish)

- Jan Karski and Arthur Zygielbojm, in Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Sep.-Oct. 2000 (Yiddish)

- Dr. Jan Karski is Dead, Der Onheyb (The Beginning), 4/29/00 (Yiddish)

Series VI: Suicide
This series is made up of documents connected to Zygielbojm’s suicide on May 12, 1943, including excerpts from his final letter, information about his funeral and cremation, legal documents relating to his death and his estate, and correspondence and expressions of grief at his death.
Folders: 8
Folder 54: Zygielbojm's suicide - English materials

- copy of certificate of death, 3/26/47

- summons to L. Blit, 5/14/43

- Protocol at the apartment of the deceased, 5/18/43 (Polish)

- lists of things left in the apartment, 6/9/43

- statement of the Principal Probate Registry, stating that Joseph Zygielbojm is the only surviving beneficiary, 8/29/47

- receipt of fee paid to the Polish Consulate in London

Folder 55: Crematorium cost
- statement of the Golders Green Crematorium, certificates, bills, correspondence, airline cargo bill (English)
Folder 56: Excerpt from Zygielbojm's farewell letter
- (Yiddish, English)
Folder 57: Zygielbojm's suicide

- telegrams confirming Zygielbojm's suicide, Lucjan Blit and Leon Oler (English)

- Bulletin 43 from General Jewish Worker's Bund, 5/15/43

- text of radio address

- telegram to Bund in Israel from E. Nowogrodsky (English)

- telegram about funeral (English)

- Teheran, Bulletin 3, Group of Jewish Socialist Refugees, 6/43

Folder 58: Sympathy dispatches, expressions of mourning

- Polish Prime Minister, Gen. W. Sikorski

- Polish General Council in New York

- Oscar Lange

- World Jewish Congress - A. Tartakower

- American Federation for Polish Jews

- Sotsialisticheskii Vestnik (Socialist Newsletter) - R. Abramowitch

- Bundist group, Mexico

- Jewish Socialist Union

- Workmen's Circle, Philadelphia

- I. Schwartzbart, Circle of Polish Jews in England

- Workmen's Circle, Vladeck Branch, Montreal

- The New Road (Russian)

- Bundist group, Johannesburg

- Jewish Public School, Johannesburg

- Association of Polish Jews in Sao Paolo, Brazil

- H. Meizner, Garfinkel, Seletzky

- Oscar, Feinzelber, Newmark, Nutkewitch, Lermer

- Israel group - Tsalevich

- D. Baum, Shafran, Herzman

- Vitkowski

- N. Venick, Mendelsburg, Matlin

- B. Gebiner, B. Tabachinsky

- Mendelman, Zalman Shneour

- Philip Bloch

- World Union ORT

- Polish Socialist Party - Kwapinski

Folder 59: Zygielbojm's suicide - Yiddish materials

- excerpts from telegrams collected by Bund, New York

- obituaries by American representatives of Bund

Folder 60: Poems dedicated to Zygielbojm, others
1942, undated
- by Itzik Manger and others (Yiddish, English)
Folder 61: Di Tragedye fun Yudentum in Shaykhes mitn Toyt fun Shmuel Zygielbojm (The Tragedy of the Jewish People is Connected with the Death of Arthur Zygielbojm)
- by L. Belkin
Series VII: Film
This series contains a scene from the film Endlosung (Final Solution) by Aleksander Rowinski, a Polish writer and journalist, as well as Rowinski’s correspondence about the film.
Folders: 2
Folder 62: Endlosung (Final Solution)

- Formy pomocy w realizacji filmu Endlosung - Ostateczne Rozwiazanie (Report of Support Received in Realization of the Film – Endlosung [Final Solution]) (Polish, English)

- Odnalezc slad czlowieka (Find a Trace of Man), 4/17/83 (Polish)

- Stwierdzenie (Statement from the Government Film Agency), 5/18/84 (Polish)

Folder 63: Rowiński’s correspondence

- to Bund Organization, 1/23/81 (English)

- from Rowinski, 5/18/84 (Polish)

- to Lucien Oler, 2/25/81 (English)

- to F. Zygielbojm (brother), 3/29/84 (Polish)

- to Roza Alexander, 6/2/84 (Polish)

- from Roza Alexander, 4/27/84 (Polish)

- from Aleksander Erlich, 8/29/84 (Polish)

- to Roza Alexander (post card), 12/30/86

- F. Zygielbojm to Roza Alexander, 4/14/84 (Yiddish)

Series VIII: Memorial Seminars, Grave Stone, Monuments
The series consists of information about a memorial meeting at Carnegie Hall on September 24, 1961, the unveiling and building of various monuments to Zygielbojm, the naming of a street after him in Tel Aviv, correspondence regarding the transfer of his ashes to Poland, and various other related topics.
Folders: 25
Folder 64: Carnegie Hall Memorial Meeting
- 9/24/61, Bund invitation and correspondence, about organization of Zygielbojm Memorial Committee
Folder 65: Zygielbojm Memorial Committee
- handwritten meeting minutes, notes
Folder 66: Zygielbojm Memorial Committee
- project to develop statement (Yiddish, English)
Folder 67: Program of the Memorial Meeting
- 9/24/61, with speeches (Yiddish, English)
Folder 68: Zygielbojm Memorial Committee
- invitations to meetings and events
Folder 69: Zygielbojm Memorial Committee
- invitations to meetings and events
Folder 70: Zygielbojm Memorial Committee
- telegrams and announcement of the memorial meeting
Folder 71: Carnegie Hall Memorial Meeting
- program, stage plan, tickets, clippings, correspondence
Folder 72: Carnegie Hall Memorial Meeting
- florist bills and orders, tickets, finances
Folder 73: Mt. Carmel Cemetery
- correspondence, bills
Folder 74: Carnegie Hall Memorial Meeting-thank you notes
- sent to participants
Folder 75: Carnegie Hall Memorial Meeting-correspondence
- sent to New York City government officials
Folder 76: Carnegie Hall Memorial Meeting-correspondence

- Socialist International

- Eleanor Roosevelt

- N. Thomas

Folder 77: Carnegie Hall Memorial Meeting-correspondence
- Professional Union
Folder 78: Carnegie Hall Memorial Meeting-correspondence
- Workmen's Circle
Folder 79: Carnegie Hall Memorial Meeting-correspondence
- general
Folder 80: Carnegie Hall Memorial Meeting-correspondence
- forms
Folder 81: Gravestone monument

- unveiling, 4/30/72

- Memorial Committee meetings, 3/11/72, 3/16/72

- preparations, announcements

- letter from Abraham Zygielbojm (brother)

- cemetery financial statements

Folder 82: Proposed Riverside Park memorial sculpture

- Riverside Park petition

- correspondence with architects, sculptors, park representatives

Folder 83: Monument at Mt. Carmel Cemetery

- plan, photograph

- memorandum to David Dubinsky

- correspondence with architect, N. Rapaport, Joseph Zygielbojm (son), Abraham Zygielbojm (brother)

Folder 84: Monument in Montreal

- correspondence: A. Lermer with E. Scherer

- speech from Israel Zygielbojm at dedication

- street named for Zygielbojm

Folder 85: 50th anniversary memorial

- program and speeches, New York, 5/27/93

- How I Remember Him (Yiddish, English), by M. Nowogrodsky

- correspondence

Folder 86: Memorial in London

- program, speech, correspondence, plaque unveiling, 5/12/96

- correspondence with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Folder 87: Transfer of Zygielbojm's ashes

- transfer from New York to Warsaw

- correspondence with Marek Edelman, Joseph Fiszman, Bund

Folder 88: Memorial events

- Australia, 9/24/61

- Belgium, 9/24/61

- Israel, 5/11/83 (letter)

- Argentina, 5/13/58, undated

- Mexico, 9/29/61

- Brazil, 9/24/61

- Montevideo, 5/13/61

- Poland, 5/19/46

- Canada, Montreal, 5/12/63

- Canada, Toronto, 9/13/61

- England, 7/11/43, 5/15/44, 5/12/46, 5/8/60, 9/24/61

- France, 5/11/45, 9/24/61

- New York, 5/17/53, 5/10/58, 5/21/74, 5/19/68, 5/21/78, 5/16/82, 5/27/93

- Los Angeles, 5/25/63, 5/12/73, 5/14/61

- Chicago, 10/22/61

Series IX: Newspaper Clippings
This series contains newspaper clippings, articles, invitations, and reports regarding Zygielbojm from the United States, Great Britain, South Africa, Australia, France, Belgium, Poland, and several other countries. The clippings are arranged chronologically. Folders 140-157 are listed as missing, although it may be that these folder numbers were never used.
Folders: 115
Folder 89: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Morgn-Freiheit (Morning Freedom), Dos Yidishe Folk (The Jewish People)

- Forverts, 10/26/40

- Morgn-Freiheit, Dos Yidishe Folk, 1942

Folder 90: Oystralishe Yidishe Nayes (The Australian Jewish News), Der Yidisher Zhurnal (Jewish Journal), Di Yidishe Velt (Jewish World)

- Der Yidisher Zhurnal (Toronto)

- Di Yidishe Velt (Cleveland)

Folder 91: Di Shtime (The Voice), Der Shpigl (The Mirror)

- Di Shtime (Mexico)

- Der Shpigl (Argentina)

Folder 92: Di Yidishe Tsaytung (The Jewish Newspaper)
- (London)
Folder 93: Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Der Veker (The Awaker)
- Der Veker (New York)
Folder 94: Morgn-Zhurnal (Morning Journal), Der Tog (The Day)
- (New York)
Folder 95: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward)
- (New York)
Folder 96: Davar (Word)
- (Hebrew) (Tel Aviv)
Folder 97: Afrikaner Yidish Tsaytung (African Yiddish Newspaper)
- (South Africa)
Folder 98: Der Poylisher Arbeter (The Polish Worker)
- also other Polish newspapers
Folder 99: The London Observer, The Labor Party
- (English, Polish) (London)
Folder 100: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward)
- May
Folder 101: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward)
- June-December
Folder 102: Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Der Veker (The Awaker)
- Der Veker (New York)
Folder 103: Di Tsukunft (The Future), Proletarisher Gedank (Proletarian Thought [Left Poalei Zion])
- Proletarisher Gedank (Left Poalei Zion)
Folder 104: Morgn-Zhurnal (Morning Journal)
Folder 105: Gerekhtikeit (Righteousness), Dos Yidishe Vort (Jewish Word)
- Dos Yidishe Vort (Cleveland)
Folder 106: Di Shtime (The Voice), Der Veg (The Way), Foroys (Onward)
- (Mexico)
Folder 107: Di Prese (The Press), Yidishe Tsaytung (Jewish Newspaper)

- Di Prese (Paris)

- Yidishe Tsaytung (Argentina)

Folder 108: Der Yidisher Zhurnal (The Jewish Journal)
- (Toronto)
Folder 109: The Ghetto Speaks, Prospects of International Socialism in Europe in The Future of International Socialism
- (English)
Folder 110: Newspaper clippings
- (English, French)
Folder 111: Newspaper clippings
- (German)
Folder 112: Newspaper clippings
- (Spanish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Russian)
Folder 113: Newspaper clippings
- (Polish)
Folder 114: Newspaper clippings
- (Arabic)
Folder 115: Memorial gatherings, meetings

- Mexico, 6/10

- Israel, 6/19

- France, 5/11

- New York, 5/27

- information from various countries and cities, from the Jewish Daily Forward

- London, 7/4

Folder 116: Di Yidishe Tsaytung (The Jewish Newspaper), Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Der Tog (The Day), Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), a printed speech

- Di Yidishe Tsaytung (Argentina)

- Unzer Tsayt (New York)

- Der Tog (New York)

- Forverts (New York)

Folder 117: Robotnik Polski (Polish Worker), Wiadomosci Codzienne (Daily News), Reprezentacja Bundu w Ameryce (Representations of the Bund in America)

- (Polish)

- Wiadomosci Codzienne (Cleveland)

Folder 118: The City and East London Observer
- by Ryszard Wasita
Folder 119: Radio speech, article

- radio speech by E. Scherer (Polish), 5/12

- Tsvey Yor Nokh Zayn Tragishe Toyt (Two Years After His Tragic Death), by L. Hodes

Folder 120: Articles

- Folkstsaytung (People's Paper) (Warsaw)

- Unzer Shtime (Our Voice) (Paris)

- Robotnik (Worker), 5/18, 5/24

- Artur Zygielbojm, Yiddish article

- Joseph Opatoshu

- Artur Zygielbojm - A Briv fun Varshe (Arthur Zygielbojm - A Letter from Warsaw), by I. Shmulevitch

Folder 121: Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Der Veker (The Awaker), Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle), Unzer Shtime (Our Voice), Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Geist und Tat (Spirit and Deed)
- Geist und Tat (German) (Cologne)
Folder 122: Unzer Tsayt (Our Time)
- (New York) April-May
Folder 123: Foroys (Onwards), The Day

- Foroys (Mexico), 5/1

- The Day (English), 4/10

Folder 124: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Di Prese (The Press), Hadoar (The Mail), Di Yidishe Post (The Jewish Post)

- Di Prese (Argentina)

- Hadoar (Hebrew) (Israel)

- Di Yidishe Post (Melbourne)

Folder 125: Di Tsukunft (The Future)
Folder 126: Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Foroys (Onwards), Unzer Shtime (Our Voice)

- Foroys (Mexico)

- Unzer Shtime (Paris)

Folder 127: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Letste Nayes (Latest News), Gleichheit (Equality), Dvar (Word)

- Letste Nayes (Tel Aviv)

- Gleichheit (German), picture of Rivka Zygielbojm on the cover

- Dvar (Hebrew) (Israel)

Folder 128: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward)
- includes the memorial commemoration at the 10th anniversary of Zygielbojm's death, 5/17, New School, New York
Folder 129: Yidishe Shriftn (Yiddish Writings), Der Fraynd (The Friend), Letste Nayes (Latest News), Al Hamishmar (On Guard), Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle)

- Yidishe Shriftn (Warsaw)

- Der Fraynd (New York)

- Letste Nayes (Tel Aviv)

- Al Hamishmar (Hebrew) (Tel Aviv)

- Kanader Odler (Montreal)

Folder 130: Di Prese (The Press), Arbeter Vort (Workers Word), Unzer Shtime (Our Voice), Far Unzere Kinder (For Our Children)

- Di Prese (Mexico)

- Arbeter Vort (Paris)

- Unzer Shtime (Paris)

- Far Unzere Kinder (Paris)

Folder 131: Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Lebns Fragn (Life's Questions)
- Lebns Fragn (Yiddish) (Tel Aviv)
Folder 132: Di Shtime (The Voice), Foroys (Onwards), Der Nayer Moment (The New Moment), Unzer Gedank (Our Thought), Di Yidishe Tsaytung (The Jewish Newspaper)

- Di Shtime (Mexico)

- Foroys (Mexico)

- Der Nayer Moment (Brazil)

- Unzer Gedank (Argentina)

- Di Yidishe Tsaytung (Argentina)

Folder 133: S. Zygielbojm-Tsu zayn 10tn Yortsayt (S. Zygielbojm-On the 10th Anniversary of his Death)
- excerpt from Zygielbojm's 1942 radio speech from London
Folder 134: Afrikaner Yidish Tsaytung (African Yiddish Newspaper), Dorem Afrike (South Africa)
- (Johannesburg)
Folder 135: Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Unzer Shtime (Our Voice), Unzer Gedank (Our Thought), Di Yidishe Tsaytung (The Jewish Newspaper), Der Veker (The Awaker), clippings about Martyrs and Fighters

- Unzer Shtime (Paris)

- Unzer Gedank (Argentina)

- Di Yidishe Tsaytung (Argentina)

- Martyrs and Fighters, by Philip Friedman (English)

Folder 136: Unzer Shtime (Our Voice), Der Veker (The Awaker), Illustrirte Literarishe Bleter (Illustrated Literary Pages), Montevideo Yidishe Tsaytung (Montevideo Jewish Newspaper), Dinah Bland radio speech

- Unzer Shtime (Paris)

- Der Veker (New York)

- Illustrirte Literarishe Bleter (South Africa)

- Montevideo Yidishe Tsaytung (Uruguay)

- Dinah Bland radio speech at 12th anniversary of Zygielbojm's death

Folder 137: Yugnt-Veker (Youth Awaker), Unzer Shtime (Our Voice), Unzer Gedank (Our Thought), Lebns Fragn (Life's Questions), Kanader Shtime (Canadian Voice)

- Unzer Shtime (Paris)

- Unzer Gedank (Argentina), Lebns Fragn (Yiddish) (Israel)

- Kanader Shtime (Toronto)

Folder 138: Tog Morgn-Zhurnal (Day Morning Journal), Lebns Fragn (Life's Questions), Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle)

- Lebns Fragn (Yiddish) (Israel)

- Kanader Odler (Montreal)

Folder 139: Volksrecht (The People's Right), Vorwaerts (Forward), Morgon Tidningen (Morning Newspaper), Judish Tidskrift (Jewish Magazine)

- Volksrecht (German) (Switzerland)

- Vorwaerts (German) (Cologne)

- Morgon Tidningen (Swedish) (Stokholm)

- Judish Tidskrift (Swedish) (Stokholm)

Folder 158: Bulletin #3 of the Bundist Organization in Los Angeles, Unzer Shtime (Our Voice)
- Unzer Shtime (Paris)
Folder 159: Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle), Der Yidisher Zhurnal (The Jewsh Journal)
- Der Yidisher Zhurnal (Canada)
Folder 160: Yidisher Tsaytung (Jewish Newspaper), Foroys (Onwards), Dorem Afrike (South Africa), New Chronicle, Letste Nayes (Latest News)

- Yidisher Tsaytung (Argentina)

- Foroys (Mexico), New Chronicle (English) (Great Britain)

Folder 161: Yidisher Tsaytung (Jewish Newspaper), Haynt (Today)

- Yidisher Tsaytung (Argentina)

- Haynt (Montevideo)

Folder 162: Diario Israelita (Israel Diary), personal letter of Rabbi H. Friedman

- Diario Israelita (Portuguese) (Rio de Janeiro)

- Rabbi H. Friedman, executive vice-chairman, United Jewish Appeal

Folder 163: Unzer Shtime (Our Voice), Kultur un Dertsiyung (Culture and Education), Der Veker (The Awaker), Di Yidishe Shtime (The Jewish Voice), Di Prese (The Press), Illustrirte Yidishe Bleter (Illustrated Jewish Pages), Oystralishe Nayes (Australian News), Unzer Gedank (Our Thought), Pasadena Independent, Visitor from Buchenwald

- Unzer Shtime (Paris)

- Di Prese (Montevideo)

- Illustrirte Yidishe Bleter (Argentina)

- Oystralishe Nayes (Melbourne)

- Pasadena Independent, about Joseph Zygielbojm (English)

- Visitor from Buchenwald (article from The Humanist) (English)

Folder 164: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward)
Folder 165: Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Der Veker (The Awaker), Tsukunft (Future), Al Hamishmar (On Guard)
- Al Hamishmar (Hebrew) (Tel Aviv)
Folder 166: Morgn-Freiheit (Morning Freedom), Tog Morgn-Zhurnal (Morning Journal)
- Tog Morgn-Zhurnal (Yiddish, English)
Folder 167: Unzer Shtime (Our Voice)
- (Paris)
Folder 168: Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle), Yidisher Zhurnal (Jewsh Journal), Yom-Tov Bleter (Holiday Pages)
Folder 169: Kultur un Dertsiyung (Culture and Education), Kinder Tsaytung (Children's Newspaper), Lebns Fragn (Life's Questions), Unzer Gedank (Our Thought)
Folder 170: Oystralishe Yidishe Nayes (Australian Jewish News), Foroys (Onwards), Der Veg (The Way), Di Shtime (The Voice)

- Oystralishe Yidishe Nayes (Melbourne)

- Di Shtime (Mexico)

Folder 171: Folksblat (People's Pages), Haynt (Today), Yidishe Tsaytung (Jewish Newspaper), Di Prese (The Press)

- Folksblat (Montevideo)

- Haynt (Montevideo)

- Yidishe Tsaytung (Argentina)

- Di Prese (Argentina)

Folder 172: Yidishe Shtime (Jewish Voice), Loshn un Lebn (Language and Life)
- (London)
Folder 173: New York Times, Jewish Chronicle, Jewish Newsletter
- (English)
Folder 174: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward)
- 9/24/61 Zygielbojm Memorial Meeting in Carnegie Hall, New York
Folder 175: Faktn un Meynungen (Facts and Meanings), Der Veker (The Awaker), Fraye Arbeter Shtime (Free Workers Voice), Kinder Tsaytung (Children's Newspaper)
- 9/24/61 Zygielbojm Memorial Meeting in Carnegie Hall, New York
Folder 176: Yisroel-Shtime (Voice of Israel), Di Yidishe Shtime (The Jewish Voice), Yidishe Tsaytung (Jewish Newspaper), Loshn un Lebn (Language and Life), Oystralishe Yidishe Nayes (Australian Jewish News), Morgn-Freiheit (Morning Freedom), Der Fraynd (The Friend), Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Unzer Gedank (Our Thought), Der Nayer Moment (The New Moment)
- 9/24/61 Zygielbojm Memorial Meeting in Carnegie Hall, New York
Folder 177: New York Times, Encyclopedia Britannica, Dziennik Polski (Polish Daily), Jewish Labor Bund
- 9/24/61 Zygielbojm Memorial Meeting in Carnegie Hall, New York
Folder 178: Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Foroys (Onwards), Unzer Shtime (Our Voice), Arbeter Vort (Worker's Word), Di Yidishe Tsaytung (The Jewish Newspaper), Unzer Gedank (Our Thought), Dorem Afrike (South Africa), Der Yidisher Zhurnal (The Jewish Journal), Jutro Polski (Polish Tomorrow)

- Foroys (Mexico)

- Unzer Shtime (Paris)

- Arbeter Vort (Paris)

- Di Yidishe Tsaytung (Argentina)

- Unzer Gedank (Argentina)

- Der Yidisher Zhurnal (Canada)

- Jutro Polski (Polish) (London)

Folder 179: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Di Prese (The Press), Unzer Shtime (Our Voice), Der Fraynd (The Friend), Der Veker (The Awaker), Lebns Fragn (Life's Questions)
- Lebns Fragn (Yiddish) (Israel)
Folder 180: Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle), Di Shtime (The Voice), Oystralishe Yidishe Nayes (Australian Jewish News), Di Yidishe Post (The Jewish Post), Di Yidishe Tsaytung (The Jewish Newspaper), Maariv (Evening), New York Times, Petit Journal (Small Newspaper), Poland #3

- Di Shtime (Mexico)

- Di Yidishe Post (Melbourne)

- Di Yidishe Tsaytung (Argentina)

- Maariv (Hebrew) (Israel)

- Petit Journal (French) (Canada)

Folder 181: Lebns Fragn (Life's Questions), Der Yidisher Zhurnal (The Jewish Journal), Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle), Yedies Yad Vashem (News of Yad Vashem), Warsaw Martyrs, by Wladyslaw Broniewski (in Canadian Jewish News)

- Der Yidisher Zhurnal (Canada)

- Warsaw Martyrs (English)

Folder 182: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Tog Morgn-Zhurnal (Day Morning Journal), Morgn Freiheit (Morning Freedom)
Folder 183: Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Foroys (Onwards), Yidisher Kemfer (Jewish Fighter), Unzer Shtime (Our Voice), Di Yidishe Shtime (The Jewish Voice)
- Di Yidishe Shtime (England)
Folder 184: Di Prese (The Press), New York Times, New York World Telegram
Folder 185: Di Prese (The Press)
- (Argentina)
Folder 186: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Morgn-Freiheit (Morning Freedom), Di Yidishe Tsaytung (The Jewish Newspaper), Foroys (Onwards), 20 Yor Artur Zygielbojm Brentsh 349 (20 Years Arthur Zygielbojm Branch 349)
Folder 187: Poland (magazine)
- (English)
Folder 188: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Morgn-Freiheit (Morning Freedom), Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Unzer Gedank (Our Thought), Unzer Shtime (Our Voice), Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle), Yom-Tov Bleter (Holiday Pages)
Folder 189: Tsukunft (Future), Foroys (Onwards), Kultur un Lebn (Culture and Life), Yidishe Tsaytung (Jewish Newspaper), Dziennik Chicagowski (Chicago Daily)

- Yidishe Tsaytung (Brazil)

- Dziennik Chicagowski (Polish)

Folder 190: Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Letste Nayes (Latest News), Lebns Fragn (Life's Questions), Unzer Kiyum #91 (Our Survival), Unzer Shtime (Our Voice), Kultur un Lebn (Culture and Life)
- Unzer Shtime (England)
Folder 191: Unzer Shtime (Our Voice), Di Prese (The Press), Di Yidishe Tsaytung (The Jewish Newspaper), Maariv (Evening), Artur Zygielbojm (article), Farvos Shvaygt Ir? (Why are You Silent?), Midstream, Yisroel-Shtime (Voice of Israel)

- Unzer Shtime (Paris)

- Di Prese (Argentina)

- Di Yidishe Tsaytung (Argentina)

- Maariv (Hebrew) (Israel)

- Artur Zygielbojm (article by Rokhl Korn)

- Farvos Shvaygt Ir? (article)

- Midstream (article by Alfred Kazin) (English)

Folder 192: Dos Naye Yidishe Vort (The New Jewish Word), Foroys (Onwards), Yom Tov Bleter (Holiday Pages), Letste Nayes (Latest News), Der Tog Morgn-Zhurnal (The Day Morning Journal)

- Dos Naye Yidishe Vort (Canada)

- Foroys (Mexico)

- Letste Nayes (Israel)

Folder 193: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Yisroel-Shtime (Voice of Israel), Di Prese (The Press), Shalom Dialogue, New York Review, Lebns Fragn (Life's Questions), Kultur un Lebn (Culture and Life)

- Yisroel-Shtime (Israel)

- Di Prese (Montevideo)

- Der Selbstmord Samuel Ziegelboims (The Suicide of Samuel Zygielbojm) in Shalom Dialogue #22/23

- New York Review (English)

Folder 194: Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Yidishe Kultur (Jewish Culture), Dos Nayer Yidisher Vort (The New Jewish Word), Yidishe Tsaytung (Jewish Newspaper), Dorem Afrike (South Africa), Yiddish report of a trip to Zygielbojm's grave

- Yidishe Kultur (New York)

- Dos Nayer Yidisher Vort (Canada)

- Yidishe Tsaytung (Israel)

- Yiddish report of a trip to Zygielbojm's grave, 12/5/73

Folder 195: Yisroel-Shtime (Voice of Israel), Lebns Fragn (Life's Questions), Dorem Afrike (South Africa), Village Voice
- Village Voice, 5/2/74 (English)
Folder 196: Kultur un Lebn (Culture and Life), Kultura (Culture), We Shall Not Forget

- Kultura, 11/3/38 (Polish) (Paris)

- We Shall Not Forget (article) (English)

Folder 197: Letste Nayes (Latest News), Yidishe Tsaytung (Jewish Newspaper), Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle), The Suburban, Canadian Jewish Outlook, The Jewish Herald, poem dedicated to the memory of S. Zygielbojm, S. Zygielbojm - a poem, 33 yor zint… (33 years since…(article)), Oyf Kayver-Oves (Visiting the Graves of our Parents, in Yerushalayim Almanak (Jerusalem Almanac))

- Letste Nayes (Israel)

- Yidishe Tsaytung (Israel)

- The Suburban, 4/28/76 (English) (Canada)

- Canadian Jewish Outlook (English)

- The Jewish Herald (English)

- poem dedicated to the memory of S. Zygielbojm (English)

- S. Zygielbojm - a poem (English)

Folder 198: Di Prese (The Press), Stolica (Capital), Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle), Der Veg (The Way)

- Di Prese (Argentina)

- Stolica (Polish), 5/15/77

Folder 199: Dorem Afrike (South Africa), Di Prese (The Press), Jewish Exponent, flyer, brochure - A. Zygielbojm, The New York Jew, Jewish Herald, Letste Nayes (Latest News), Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle), Lebns Fragn (Life's Questions), Unzer Tsayt (Our Time)

- Di Prese (Argentina)

- Jewish Exponent (English)

- flyer, brochure - A. Zygielbojm (English)

- The New York Jew, by Alfred Kazin (excerpts) (English)

Folder 200: Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Der Veg (The Way), Di Prese (The Press), Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle), Folk un Tsion (People and Zion), Jewish Frontier - The Last Stand, Newsday - Passover, What Did They Know? The American Jewish Press and the Holocaust, 9/9-12/42

- Der Veg (Mexico)

- Di Prese (Argentina)

- Folk un Tsion (Israel)

- Jewish Frontier - The Last Stand (English)

- Newsday, 12/79 (English)

- What Did They Know? The American Jewish Press and the Holocaust (English), by Alex Grobman

Folder 201: Unzer Shtime (Our Voice), Yisroel-Shtime (Voice of Israel), Letste Nayes (Latest News), Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle), Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Afn Shvel (On the Doorstep)
- Afn Shvel (New York)
Folder 202: Forward, In These Times, Jewish World, Jerusalem Post, Kultur (Culture), Yiddische Vergangenheit (The Jewish Post), Midstream, Folks-Sztyme (Voice of the People)

- Forward (English)

- In These Times (English)

- Jewish World (English)

- Jerusalem Post (English)

- Kultur (German)

- Yiddische Vergangenheit (German)

- Midstream, 8/9/80 (English)

- Folks-Sztyme (Polish)

Folder 203: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Tsukunft (Future), Di Shtime (The Voice), Lebns Fragn (Life's Questions)

- Tsukunft, 7/8/81

- Di Shtime (Mexico)

- Lebns Fragn (Israel)

Folder 204: Yisroel-Shtime (Voice of Israel), Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle), Forward
- Forward (English)
Folder 205: Folks-Sztyme (Voice of the People), Yidishe Kultur (Jewish Culture), Letste Nayes (Latest News), Davar (Word), Jewish Week, JTA - Daily News Bulletin, The Jewish Week, Jewish World/Long Island Jewish Press, Dimensions, Forward, Kultur un Lebn (Culture and Life)

- Folks-Sztyme (Yiddish, Polish) (Poland)

- Davar (Hebrew) (Israel)

- Jewish Week (English) (New York)

- JTA - Daily News Bulletin (English)

- The Jewish Week (English)

- Jewish World/Long Island Jewish Press (English)

- Dimensions, vol. 7/2 (English)

- Forward (English)

Folder 206: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle), Dorem Afrike (South Africa), Foroys (Onwards), Yidishe Kultur (Jewish Culture)
Folder 207: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Folks-Sztyme (Voice of the People), Mir Zaynen Do (We Are Here), Kultur un Lebn (Culture and Life), Yidisher Kemfer (Jewish Fighter), Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle), Jewish Socialist, Polityka (Politics), Oswiecim bez cenzury i bez legend (Auschwitz Without Censorship and Without Legends), Faithful Unto Death

- Folks-Sztyme (Yiddish, Polish)

- Mir Zaynen Do (New York)

- Jewish Socialist (English) (London)

- Faithful Unto Death, by Aviva Ravel, book announcement (English)

Folder 208: Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Folks-Sztyme (Voice of the People), Morgn-Freiheit (Morning Freedom), Der Veg (The Way), Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward)

- Folks-Sztyme (Yiddish, Polish)

- Der Veg (Israel)

Folder 209: Dissent, Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle)

- Dissent, summer 1987 (English)

- Kanader Odler (Jan Karski)

Folder 210: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Freiheit (Freedom), Folks-Sztyme (Voice of the People), Yisroel-Shtime (Voice of Israel), Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle), Forward, Japanese newspaper (with Yiddish translation), Nowiny Kurier (News Courier)
- Nowiny Kurier, 5/20/88 (Polish)
Folder 211: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Lebns Fragn (Life's Questions)
Folder 212: Unzer Shtime (Our Voice), Yad Vashem Studies

- Unzer Shtime (Paris)

- Yad Vashem Studies, vol. 20 - S. Zygielbojm in London, 1942-1943 (English)

Folder 213: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Horizontn fun Kultur un Lebn (Horizons of Culture and Life), Forward,Yugnt Bund Newsletter

- Unzer Tsayt (about transferring Zygielbojm's ashes to Warsaw)

- Forward (English)

- Yugnt Bund Newsletter (English)

Folder 214: The Last Eyewitness
- by M. Slivinska, excerpt (English)
Folder 215: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Unzer Tsayt (Our Time), Lebns Fragn (Life's Questions), The Observer, Bravo Veterans Outlook

- The Observer, 4/18/93 (English) (London)

- Bravo Veterans Outlook (English)

Folder 216: Kultur un Lebn (Culture and Life), Jewish Affairs, Dziennik Polski (Polish Daily), Jewish Chronicle, Westminster Plaque, News, The Life and Death of S. Zygielbojm

- Jewish Affairs, contents (English)

- Dziennik Polski (Polish)

- Jewish Chronicle, 5/17/95 (English)

- Westminster Plaque (English)

- News (English)

- The Life and Death of S. Zygielbojm (English)

Folder 217: Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Dziennik Lodzki (Lodz Daily), Express Wieczorny (Evening Express), Sztandar (Standard), Zycie w Stolicy (Living in the Capital), Trybuna (Tribune), Puls Miasta (Pulse of the Town), Rzeczpospolita (Republic), Zaglada (Extermination)

- Forverts (Yiddish and English)

- Dziennik Lodzki (Polish)

- Express Wieczorny (Polish)

- Sztandar (Polish)

- Zycie w Stolicy (Polish)

- Trybuna (Polish)

- Puls Miasta (Polish)

- Rzeczpospolita (Polish)

- Zaglada (Polish)

Folder 218: Newsday, US Holocaust Memorial Museum News, Unzer Tsayt (Our Time)

- Newsday, 5/20/98 - A Hero's Tale (English)

- US Holocaust Memorial Museum News (English)

- Unzer Tsayt, 1999

Folder 219: Western States Jewish History, Jews, Labor and the Left, 1918-1948, YIVO Nayes (YIVO News)

- Western States Jewish History, vol. 32/4 (English)

- Jews, Labor and the Left, 1918-1948 (English)

Folder 220: Di Shtime (The Voice), Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward), Kanader Odler (Canadian Eagle), Unzer Shtime (Our Voice), Rapaport, The Forgotten Holocaust, 1939-1944, Support Operation Truth, We Remember Them

- Di Shtime (Mexico)

- Unzer Shtime (Paris)

- Rapaport (article) (Melbourne)

- The Forgotten Holocaust, 1939-1944 (English)

- Support Operation Truth (English)

- We Remember Them (English)

Folder 221: Le Monde Juif (Jewish World), Revue d'histoire de la Shoah (Review of the History of the Holocaust), The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum materals

- Le Monde Juif, January-April 1997 (French)

- Revue d'histoire de la Shoah, January-April 1997 (French)

- The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum: invitation, program, printed materials for Shmuel Zygielbojm, Desperate Hero of the Holocaust lecutre, 5/7/98 (English)

Series X: Photographs
The photographs in this series are arranged thematically and include pictures of Zygielbojm, his family, friends, his funeral in London, the memorial meeting at Carnegie Hall on September 24, 1961, monuments in New York and Montreal, Zygielbojm Street in Tel Aviv, and a projection of a monument. There are also empty envelopes, Bund materials, correspondence, obituaries, invitations and event announcements, clippings, articles, and some other miscellaneous materials. There are materials in the manuscript boxes as well as in an oversize box for folders 226 and 229.
Folders: 13
Folder 222: Zygielbojm
1927, 1942, undated
Folder 223: Zygielbojm's family
1918-1983, undated
Folder 224: Zygielbojm with friends
1939, undated
Folder 225: Funeral in London
- 5/21/1943
Folder 226: Memorial seminar at Carnegie Hall, New York
- ribbons from the gathering, 9/24/61 (oversize)
Folder 227: Unveiling of New York monument
1972, 2001
- also by the gravestone, 2001
Folder 228: Arthur Zygielbojm Park, Montreal; Arthur Zygielbojm Street, Tel Aviv
Folder 229: Plans for monument
- (oversize)
Folder 230: Empty envelopes
Folder 231: Important documents
- copies of Zygielbojm's final letters to friends and family, also a letter to L. Blit about Zygielbojm's estate
Folder 232: Important documents
- Bund materials
Folder 233: Important documents
- Bund materials, excerpts, correspondence
Folder 234: Miscellaneous and family materials
- correspondence, obituaries, invitations and event announcements, clippings, articles, photos

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Series 5: Series V: Jan Karski, 1940-1944, 1983-2001,
Series 6: Series VI: Suicide, 1942-1961,
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