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Guide to the Papers of Abraham Cahan (1860-1951) RG 1139

Processed by Itzek Gottesman, Lola Shafran, Dovid Myer, Eleanor Golobic, and Norma Fain Pratt. Additional processing by Rachel S. Harrison as part of the Leon Levy Archival Processing Initiative, made possible by the Leon Levy Foundation.

YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
15 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011
Email: archives@yivo.cjh.org
URL: http://www.yivo.org

©2009 YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. All rights reserved.

Electronic finding aid was encoded in EAD 2002 by Rachel S. Harrison in February 2009. Description is in English.

Collection Overview

Title: Guide to the Papers of Abraham Cahan (1860-1951) RG 1139

Predominant Dates:bulk 1920-1951

ID: RG 1139 FA

Extent: 7.6 Linear Feet


Itzek Gottesman processed Part I of the papers in 1983. Cecile E. Kuznitz prepared the microfilm edition of Part I in 1990. Lola Shafran, Dovid Myer and Eleanor Golobic processed Part II of the papers when they were under the auspices of the Bund. Norma Fain Pratt processed Part II of the papers at YIVO in 2000. Additional processing was completed in 2008.

The collection is divided into two parts reflecting their different provenances. The series numbers, box numbers and folder numbers run through the two parts, so that the first folder in Part II is from Series VI, box 8 and folder 220, rather than beginning over again at Series I, box 1, folder 1. Because the two parts were originally processed separately, and under separate organizations, there is some overlap between series. Part II begins with Series VI: Correspondence, Yiddish, which is the same type of material as Series III: Correspondence, Yiddish, often from the same correspondents, although there does not appear to be an overlap in actual materials. It was decided not to combine overlapping series in order to maintain provenance. Thus, researchers looking for specific correspondents will need to look in multiple series. Yiddish materials are arranged according to the Hebrew alphabet, mainly by correspondent or author’s last name. Titles of written works have been transliterated with a translation following in parentheses. Some Hebrew letters do not have an exact correspondent in the English alphabet, such as the Ch, Tz or Sh letters, while others have multiple correspondents, such as the A/O and I/J/Y letters. Yiddish names have been transliterated according to YIVO standards except when the individual is known in English by another spelling. Additionally, if the name appeared in Latin letters anywhere within the folder, that spelling was used rather than a standard transliteration. The languages of correspondence that is not in Yiddish are generally in parentheses following the listing of the material. Part I of the collection has been microfilmed and so any misfiling, such as the filing of Urke Nachalnik’s correspondence within the A/O folder rather than within the N folder, has been maintained to correspond with the microfilm. The microfilm information for the first part of the collection consists of the reel number and the frame number of the first frame for each folder. Materials in Part II, although not microfilmed, were also left as they were found. Thus, there is an article in Series XI: Writings about Abe Cahan, Yiddish that is in English and one that is in Russian. When there are multiple correspondents or several types of material in a single folder, the information is divided by semi-colons, both in the folder title and in the folder scope notes. Thus, the title of a folder of correspondence from several people will be the correspondents' names separated by semi-colons and the folder scope note will have information about the folder contents divided by author and separated by semi-colons. In a folder of manuscripts, when there are several authors, for each of whom there are multiple works, the folder title will be the authors' names divided by semi-colons and the scope note will contain the manuscript titles divided by author and separated by commas for each individual author's works and semi-colons between the authors. The collection has been divided into 16 series, some of which have been further divided into subseries.

Languages: English, Yiddish, German, Russian, Polish, French, Italian


This collection contains correspondence between Abraham Cahan and many important literary and political figures, as well as Yiddish manuscripts sent to Cahan for consideration in the Forward and notes and drafts of Cahan’s own writings. There are also several articles written about Cahan, before and after his death. These materials serve to illustrate both Cahan’s importance in the literary and publishing fields as well as his involvement in the American socialist and labor movements.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Papers of Abraham Cahan are divided into two sections because YIVO acquired the two parts at different times and from different sources. Part I was formed from Cahan’s professional correspondence, mainly from the 1930s and 1940s, found in the papers of Mendel Osherowitch, an editor of the Forward, and from 1920s and 1930s professional correspondence, manuscripts sent to the Forward, notes, and other documents of Cahan’s found in the papers of Ephim H. Jeshurin, the Forward’s treasurer and Cahan’s biographer. Part I consists of correspondence, telegrams, manuscripts, notes, clippings, photographs, and carbon copies. The material was divided into five series according to the type of document except for Series I: Personal Materials, which contains a variety of documents. Part I reflects Cahan’s position as the editor-in-chief of the world’s largest Yiddish newspaper. The correspondence deals mainly with writers’ wages and assignments and reveals the great extent to which Cahan was involved in the running of the newspaper and also in shaping the actual content of the articles and stories. To a lesser degree, the correspondence reflects Cahan as a leading socialist and as an author. Some important correspondents include David Bergelson, Sholem Asch, I.J. Singer, Zalman Shneur, Karl Kautsky, Eduard Bernstein, Theodore Dreiser, Upton Sinclair, and H.L. Mencken. There is also correspondence between Sholem Asch and Jacob Dinesohn. How these letters found their way into the papers is unknown.

Part II of the Abraham Cahan Papers was taken from materials in the Jewish Labor Bund Archives, which YIVO acquired in 1990. It is believed that these papers were retrieved by Bund archivist Hillel Kempinski after the Forward disbanded its downtown office on East Broadway in 1974, although this cannot be substantiated. Part II of the collection consists of correspondence, telegrams, manuscripts, speeches, condolences, publications, articles, newspaper clippings, plaques, scrapbooks, obituaries, and photos.

YIVO staff divided Part II into eleven series, which have been added onto the five series in Part I so as to form Series VI through Series XVI. In comparison to Part I of the collection, Part II holds a considerably larger portion of the Forward office letters, particularly from the 1930s and 1940s and offers a complex picture of the daily life and involvements of the editorial staff including Cahan himself. From this correspondence, one can obtain information on the relationships between Cahan and the newspaper’s readers, between Cahan and socialist and trade union leaders in the United States and Europe and between Cahan and aspiring writers. Part II contains information about the influences under which Yiddish journalists developed their political and literary strategies, the ways female journalists were treated and about the interaction between Yiddish journalists in the United States and those in Europe.

The strength of both parts of the collection resides in the coverage of Cahan’s ideas and activities in the 1930s and 1940s, during the last decades of his life, particularly as he related to world events such as the weakening of Yiddish culture in the United States, the fracturing of the Jewish socialist movement, the Second World War, and the establishment of the State of Israel.

Some important correspondents include Raphael Abramovitch, Jacob Adler, Marc Chagall, Clarence Darrow, Celia Dropkin, Ossip Dymow, Hutchins Hapgood, Max Nordau, Abba Hillel Silver, Baruch Vladeck, Chaim Weizmann, and Stephen Wise, some of whom are represented in the correspondence series in Part I and in Part II.

The Abraham Cahan Papers are limited in various ways. They mainly deal with the last two decades of his life, although the preceding seven decades were his most creative ones. They primarily document portions of his public life and fail to provide materials, like diaries or personal correspondence, which are private. Furthermore, even taken together, Part I and Part II are not the complete collection since, no doubt, a substantial portion of the materials disappeared when the Forward closed its office on East Broadway in 1974. The papers constitute only a fraction of Cahan’s total archive, whose fate is unknown. Yet they offer an invaluable insight into the history of Yiddish literature, the Yiddish press and the American socialist and labor movements.

Historical Note

Abraham Cahan was born in Podberezha, near Vilna, on July 6, 1860. The grandson of a rabbi, and the only son of a Hebrew teacher, in his earliest years he was sent to kheyder and yeshiva. Attracted to secular subjects, especially the Russian language, in 1878 he enrolled in the Jewish Teacher’s Institute of Vilna, a government Jewish school designed to Russify Jewish youth, where he became involved with an underground revolutionary group. In 1882, after the assassination Tzar Alexander II and the subsequent pogroms, Cahan, fearful of arrest, fled Russia for the United States.

In America, Cahan settled in New York City, where he found work in a small factory. In his first year in America, 1882, Cahan became involved with American Jewish socialism and trade unionism and also first joined with other Russian and German Jewish worker-intellectuals to organize immigrant Jewish laborers. It was Cahan’s idea to hold meetings and conduct speeches in Yiddish. Throughout the 1880s and 1890s, Cahan played a leading role in various anarchist and social democratic groups. In the early 1890s, he went abroad three times, twice as the sole representative of the Jewish labor movement at the second and third congresses of the Second Socialist International. In 1901, he was one of the supporters of Eugene V. Debs, who founded the Socialist Party of America and after whom the Forward Association’s radio station, WEVD, was named.

In addition to his political activism, Cahan was a professional writer. He began this career, in Russian, in the journal Russkii Yevrey in 1882. After only a few year of studying English he published stories in the New York Sun and the New York Press, his novel Yekl was published in the Sunday New York World and several of his articles and stories were published in the Commercial Advertiser. The publication of his novels The Imported Bridegroom and Other Stories, The White Terror and the Red and The Rise of David Levinsky brought him a great deal of acclaim from the English-language literati. While Cahan thought of Yiddish more as a tool for organizing and educating the immigrant workers than as a literary language, he began writing in Yiddish in the 1890s and became the editor of several of the earliest Yiddish newspapers in New York, among them Di Arbeter Tzaytung (editor 1891-1896) and Tzukunft (1893-1897). He was one of the founders of the Jewish Daily Forward (Forverts) in 1897, and was its first editor, and then its editor-in-chief from 1903 until his death in 1951.

At its peak, from the early 1900s through the 1930s, the Forward was the largest and most influential Yiddish newspaper in the world and the largest non-English newspaper in the United States. To attract and hold this large and consistent readership, the Forward editors used such innovative strategies as personally signed articles by a staff of experienced journalists, human-interest stories, sensational exposes, coverage of popular music, art, theater, and fashion, and the popular advice column, Forward maintained such a large circulation and paid its writers well, it attracted some of the best Yiddish authors of the period, including Zalman Shneur, I.J. Singer, Sholem Asch, David Bergelson, Avrom Reisen, and Morris Rosenfeld, among others. Cahan, however, often alienated Yiddish writers with his harsh criticism and personal feuds. Particularly famous are Cahan’s clashes with the playwright Jacob Gordin and with Sholem Asch over Asch’s Forward supported the ideologies and activities of the Jewish, American and international socialist and trade union movements. Writers, Cahan among them, debated the ideological issues, among them the differences and relative merits of Socialism versus Communism and Diaspora Nationalism versus Zionism. As editor-in-chief of such a large and successful newspaper, as well as a successful and well-respected novelist and short story writer, Cahan corresponded with many important and influential people in several languages, some of whom are represented in these papers. Abraham Cahan died in New York City in 1951 at the age of 91.

Subject/Index Terms

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: The collection is open to researchers.

Use Restrictions: There may be some restrictions on the use of the collection. For more information, contact:YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011 email: archives@yivo.cjh.org

Acquisition Method: Part I was formed in 1983 from the Cahan materials in the papers of Mendel Osherowitch and the papers of Ephim H. Jeshurin. Part II was separated from the Bund Archives in 1990, when those archives became a part of the YIVO collection.

Separated Materials: Oversized materials have been moved to flat storage files.

Related Materials: YIVO and the American Jewish Historical Society have many books by and about Abraham Cahan, including Yekl and the Imported Bridegroom, The Rise of David Levinsky, Cahan’s 5-volume autobiography Bleter fun mayn lebn, the English translation The Education of Abraham Cahan, and many others, as well as many books about Socialism and trade unionism. In addition, the YIVO Archives contains collections of several of Cahan’s most prominent correspondents, and the archives of the Bund, of Mendel Osherowitch and of Ephim H. Jeshurin, the three original sources from which the Cahan Papers were gathered.

Preferred Citation: Published citations should take the following form:Identification of item, date (if known); Papers of Abraham Cahan ; RG 1139; box number; folder number; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

Series 1: Series I: Personal Materials, 1897-1950,
Series 2: Series II: Forward Manuscripts, 1932-1940,
Series 3: Series III: Correspondence, Yiddish, 1908-1947,
Series 4: Series IV: Correspondence, Non-Yiddish, 1902-1947,
Series 5: Series V: Miscellaneous, 1925-1951,
Series 6: Series VI: Correspondence, Yiddish, 1916-1951,
Series 7: Series VII: Correspondence, Non-Yiddish, 1914-1950,
Series 8: Series VIII: Correspondence between Abe Cahan and Hillel Rogoff, 1929-1944,
Series 9: Series IX: Forward Manuscripts, Yiddish, 1938,
Series 10: Series X: Abe Cahan’s Writings, 1890-1950,
Series 11: Series XI: Writings about Abe Cahan, Yiddish, 1910-1950,
Series 12: Series XII: Celebrating Cahan’s Career, 1917-1950,
Series 13: Series XIII: Personal Materials, 1932-1947,
Series 14: Series XIV: Photographs, undated,
Series 15: Series XV: Obituaries, 1951,
Series 16: Series XVI: Posthumous Works about Abe Cahan, 1950-1987

Series I: Personal Materials
This series contains materials written by Cahan, including handwritten drafts of letters, research notes, drafts of stories, articles and essays, a collection of his dreams, notes for his work, speeches, letters to the editor, and various personal documents.
Box 1
Folder 1: Drafts of letters by Abe Cahan
undated, 1920-1946

Frank Crosswaith; Forward Association (Yiddish); Ginsburg (Russian); Hutchins Hapgood; George Medalie; Jacob Panken; Passovoy; Charles Solomon; Gregory Weinstein; Yuryevnky (Russian); V. Zenzinov (Russian); Alex

microfilm roll 1, frame 1

Folder 2: Research and drafts
undated, 1897-1928

articles and essays; English and Yiddish

microfilm roll 1, frame 40

Folder 3: Research and drafts

articles and essays; English and Yiddish

microfilm roll 1, frame 113

Folder 4: Peter un Pol (Peter and Paul); Abe Cahan’s dreams

Yiddish; approximately 50 dreams, in English, written on scrap paper

microfilm roll 1, frame 211

Folder 5: Notes on Roshel

Yiddish, English

microfilm roll 1, frame 261

Folder 6: Speeches and letters to the editor
undated, 1934-1950
microfilm roll 1, frame 417
Folder 7: Various documents; clippings

permission to travel in Russia; contract with Harper Brothers for The Rise of David Levinsky; clippings of Cahan in Palestine

microfilm roll 1, frame 450

Folder 7A: Clippings-stories and articles

The Apostate of Chego-Chegg (Century); Rabbi Eliezer's Christmas (Scribner's); The Daughter of Reb Avrom Leib (Cosmopolitan); Dimitriu and Sigrid (Cosmopolitan); Tzinchadzi of the Catskills; A Marriage by Proxy; pamphlet: Olam hazeh un olam habah fun der arbeter bavegung (This World and the Next World for the Worker's Movement)

microfilm roll 1, frame 467

Series II: Forward Manuscripts
This series contains manuscripts in Yiddish, English, Russian, and German submitted for publication to the Forward, mainly in the 1930s. Most seem to have been rejected for publication. Some of the manuscripts have been corrected and annotated, although it is not clear by whom. The manuscripts include fiction, travelogues and political essays from prominent writers such as Zalman Shazar, Alter Kacyzne, Ephraim Kaganowski, Jacob Lestchinsky, Herbert Morrison, Mark Wischnitzer, and Karl Kautsky. The Yiddish manuscripts are arranged in Yiddish alphabetical order by author’s last name. Titles of written works have been transliterated with a translation following in parentheses.
Subseries 1: Yiddish
Box 1
Folder 8: Raphael Abramovitch

Tzu der Yidisher-Ukrainisher Frage (On the Jewish Ukrainian Question)

microfilm roll 1, frame 551

Folder 9: Yitskhok Averbukh

Shkhite (Ritual Slaughter); Otwock

microfilm roll 1, frame 563

Folder 10: Maurycy Orzech

Der Pogrom in Vilne (The Pogrom in Vilna); Di Litviner Gayen Arayn in Vilne (The Lithuanian Enters Vilna)

microfilm roll 1, frame 567

Folder 11: Mendel Osherowitch

Rede Gehaltn Gevorn in Brevur-Hotel tzu Cahans 80stn Geboyrn-Tog (Speech at the Brevoort Hotel on Cahan's 80th Birthday)

microfilm roll 1, frame 608

Folder 12: L. Blumenfeld

Sara Bernard is Geshtorbn (Sarah Bernhardt is Dead)

microfilm roll 1, frame 618

Folder 13: Jakier Warszawski

Erev Peysekhdike Matses (Evening Before Passover Matzot)

microfilm roll 1, frame 627

Folder 14: V. Vevyorke
undated, 1939-1940

An Umzister Broyges (A Pointless Dispute); Azoy iz es Geven (Thus it Was); In a Shverer Tzayt (In a Difficult Time); Onkel Pat (Uncle Pat); By Sdorim fun Yidisher Flikhtlingen in Pariz (At the Passover Seders of the Jewish Refugees in Paris); Draysik Yor Shpeter (Thirty Years Later); Zol Ruzevelt Altz Visn (Rossevelt Should Know Everything); Der Khometzdiker Seder (The Leavened Seder); Di Letzte Mitzve (The Last Commandment); Di Blondzshende Shtern in Pariz (The Lost Stars in Paris)

microfilm roll 1, frame 631

Folder 15: V. Vevyorke
undated, 1939

Der Rasputin fun Daytshland (The Rasputin of Germany); Fartribene (Expelled); Mashe Fort Keyn Birobidzhan (Masha Travels to Birobidzhan); Mit Etlekhe un Tzvantzik Yor Tzurik hot a Daytsh Geshpilt Yidishn Teater un dos iz Geven der Onheyb fun Zayn Lebns-Tragedye (Twenty-Something Years Ago a German Acted Yiddish Theater and That Was the Beginning of His Life's Tragedy); Men Fort Keyn Shpanie (One Travels to Spain); Er Hot Gezukht a Ruike Dira (He Looked for a Quiet Apartment); Farshpilt (Forfeited); Di Froy fun der Nakht (The Woman of the Night); Tzures fun a Tatn (A Father's Distress); Korbn fun der Literatur (A Victim of Literature)

microfilm roll 2, frame 1

Folder 16: Leyb Yakhnovitch

Grigory Ivanovich Katovsk (with a picture of Katovsk); Der Mishpat iber Balture (The Sentence on Balture); Meshugas Tsvishn der Yidisher Bafelkerung (Craziness Within the Jewish Population); Odessa: Krenk Tzvishn der Odeser Yidisher Froy (Illness Among the Jewish Women of Odessa); Nikolayev, Ukraine: Rayze Ayndrukn (Travel Impression); Profesor E.N. Shepkin (Professor E.N. Shepkin), with a picture

microfilm roll 2, frame 142

Folder 17: S. Yanovsky

Umetiks un Freylekhs (Sad People and Happy People)

microfilm roll 2, frame 187

Folder 18: Zebulon Levin

Madison Strit (Madison Street)

microfilm roll 2, frame 193

Folder 19: Jacob Lestchinsky

Yidishe Familyes un Familye Krayzn (Jewish Families and Family Circles), a review

microfilm roll 2, frame 228

Folder 20: Aaron Mark
undated, 1934

Dertziung, Religye un Kantshik (Upbringing, Religion and the Whip), a review

microfilm roll 2, frame 235

Folder 21: Max Stuppel

Di Shreklikhe Farfleytzung in Dvinsk (The Horrible Flood in Dvinsk)

microfilm roll 2, frame 243

Folder 22: J.L. Fine

London, Fraytik, 19stn Yanuar (London, Friday, 19th January)

microfilm roll 2, frame 252

Box 2
Folder 23: Ephraim Kaganowski

A Zikher Gesheft (A Certain Business); Ale Shabbes-Tzunakhts (Every Shabbes Night)

microfilm roll 2, frame 272

Folder 24: Alter Kacyzne

Tzi iz Palestine by Hayntikn Tog a Gevins Oder a Farlust farn Yidishn Folk? (Is Palestine Today a Gain or a Loss for the Jewish People?)

microfilm roll 2, frame 281

Folder 25: Joseph Rumshinsky

Baal Didzshos Oystaytshung in Tantz (Baal Didzsho's Explanation in Dance)

microfilm roll 2, frame 285

Folder 26: Zalman Shazar (Rubashov)

Der Aynshtimiker Neyn! Vos der Tziyonistisher Kongres hot Geentfert afn Englishn Plan vegn Legislatishn Rat in Eretz-Yisroel (The Consenter No! The Zionist Congress' Answer to the English Plan about the Legislative Board in Israel); Der Sakhakl fun Londoner Kongres (A) Fun Zig Tzu Eynikung (B) Di Spekulatzie fun Vin (The Whole London Congress (A) From Victory to Unity (B) The Speculation of Vienna); Kolonizatzye Plener un Kolonizatzye Bashlusn fun der Tzionistisher Velt-Organizatzye Nokh dem Londoner Kongres (Colonization Plans and Colonization Decisions of the Zionist World Organization After the London Congress)

microfilm roll 2, frame 289

Folder 27: Unidentified Yiddish Manuscripts

article about the Socialist International, London; article about the English General Strike, London

microfilm roll 2, frame 348

Subseries 2: English
Box 2
Folder 28: Zebulon Levin

For Their Children's Sake; The Poisoner; The Widow in a Dilemma; Bastard; Their Triumph; That Purim Night

microfilm roll 2, frame 377

Folder 29: Herbert Morrison
undated, 1937-1938

Liberals Back Eden on Spain; The Economic Weapon Against the War; Germany, The Jews, Catholics, and Peace

microfilm roll 2, frame 426

Subseries 3: Russian
Box 2
Folder 30: Victor Chernov

Witness to History (about S. Rusanov)

microfilm roll 2, frame 447

Folder 31: N. Volsky

Where is the Revolution Leading Russia

microfilm roll 2, frame 452

Folder 32: Mark Wischnitzer

Memory and Science - review of the history of Jewish literature, Strasbourg

microfilm roll 2, frame 466

Subseries 4: German
Box 2
Folder 33: Karl Kautsky

Um was geht Wahl in Oesterreich (What are these Austrian elections all about)

microfilm roll 2, frame 471

Series III: Correspondence, Yiddish
This series includes correspondence between Cahan and various individuals and organizations. The materials have been arranged in Yiddish alphabetical order according to the correspondent’s last name or the name of the organization. The names of non-English organizations and periodicals have been transliterated and a translation follows in parentheses. Original names, when known, appear in parentheses following pseudonyms or pen-names. Often, a general folder for each letter or group of letters precedes folders for individual correspondents for that letter of the alphabet. Some of the Hebrew letters correspond to several letters in English, such as A/O, while others correspond to sounds, such as Ch, Tz and Sh. Cahan’s carbon-copy replies are often attached to the letters. Sometimes the reply exists without the original correspondent’s letter. The dates on the letters from Rabbi Chaim Oyzer Grodzienski are written in Hebrew characters, rather than in numbers. In general, if the correspondence contains Yiddish and other languages, it is found in this series, rather than the non-Yiddish correspondence series. The correspondence with J. Globus and with M. Kroll is written in Russian. Included among the correspondents are Raphael Abramovitch, Sholem Asch, Mendel Beilis, Saul Ginsburg, Simon Dubnow, Max Weinreich, Nachman Meisel, and Zalman Reisen. The last folder in the series contains unidentified Yiddish letters.
Box 2
Folder 34: A/O – Moshe Abramovitch; Jacob Adler; Jacob Adler Memorial Committee; Sara Adler; Moshe-Yakov Adershleger; Ephraim Auerbach (to N. Meisel); Urke Nachalnik (Itzchak Baruch Farbarowicz); Maurycy Orzech; Eidel Eisenshtadt; Independent Slutzker Benevolent Association; Arbeter Ring (Workman’s Circle); ORT (The Society for Trades and Agricultural Labor); Mendel Osherowitch
undated, 1926-1940
microfilm roll 2, frame 478
Folder 35: Raphael Abramovitch

some English and Russian

microfilm roll 2, frame 523

Folder 36: Raphael Abramovitch
microfilm roll 2, frame 555
Folder 37: Raphael Abramovitch
microfilm roll 3, frame 1
Folder 38: Raphael Abramovitch
undated, 1934-1942
microfilm roll 3, frame 59
Folder 39: Jacob Adler (B. Kovner)
microfilm roll 3, frame 107
Folder 40: David Einhorn
undated, 1920-1934
microfilm roll 3, frame 123
Folder 41: Leon Arkin

some English

microfilm roll 3, frame 154

Folder 42: Leon Arkin
microfilm roll 3, frame 186
Folder 43: Leon Arkin
microfilm roll 3, frame 212
Folder 44: Leon Arkin
microfilm roll 3, frame 242
Folder 45: Sholem Asch
undated, 1910-1940

includes 1910 contract with the 'Forward' and bibliographic materials

microfilm roll 3, frame 274

Folder 46: Sholem Asch

Asch-Cahan disagreement; letters to the editor about his work

microfilm roll 3, frame 359

Folder 47: Sholem Asch

Asch-Cahan disagreement; letters to the editor about his work

microfilm roll 3, frame 403

Folder 48: B – Jacob Botoshansky; Berl Botwinik; V. Bakst; B. Barensteyn; Michal Bursztyn; H.Y. Bzhusovsky; B.Y. Bialastotzky; Mendel Beilis; Josef Beirack; Isaac Bloom; G. Brownstein; S. Brownstein; L. Bratzker; A. Brzezinski
undated, 1924-1946
microfilm roll 3, frame 445
Folder 49: Gershom Bader
undated, 1930-1941
microfilm roll 3, frame 475
Folder 50: Joseph Barondess
undated, 1926
microfilm roll 3, frame 487
Folder 51: Rabbi Raphael Mordechai Barishansky
microfilm roll 3, frame 494
Folder 52: Haim Barkan
microfilm roll 3, frame 503
Folder 53: Dovid Blondes
undated, 1925
microfilm roll 3, frame 533
Folder 54: David Bergelson
microfilm roll 3, frame 542
Folder 55: I.D. Berkowitz
microfilm roll 3, frame 564
Folder 56: David Braun
undated, 1936-1941
microfilm roll 3, frame 621
Folder 57: G – L. Gottlieb; Hirsch L. Gordon; A. Gold; H. Goldberg; H. Gilishensky; A. Ginsburg; J. Globus (Russian); Alte Gluch; Peter Graf
undated, 1917-1933
microfilm roll 3, frame 662
Box 3
Folder 58: Saul Ginsburg
microfilm roll 4, frame 1
Folder 59: Saul Ginsburg
microfilm roll 4, frame 48
Folder 60: Baruch Glassman
1930-1933, 1942
microfilm roll 4, frame 67
Folder 61: A. Grodzenski


microfilm roll 4, frame 86

Folder 62: Rabbi Chaim Oyzer Grodzienski
1923-1925 (in Hebrew characters)
microfilm roll 4, frame 90
Folder 63: D – Joseph M. Diamondstein; Solomon Dingol; Motl Dua; Ossip Dymow
undated, 1923-1946
microfilm roll 4, frame 95
Folder 64: Simon Dubnow
undated, 1928-1929

also Dubnow to Sophie Erlich

microfilm roll 4, frame 102

Folder 65: Jacob Dinesohn
undated, 1912-1919

to Sholem Asch

microfilm roll 4, frame 107

Folder 66: P. Dembitzer
undated, 1931-1941
microfilm roll 4, frame 131
Folder 67: Szimon Horonczyk
microfilm roll 4, frame 144
Folder 68: Chaim A. Hurwitz, Tzvi Hirshkahn
1929, 1931
microfilm roll 4, frame 156
Folder 69: V/W – Wolyner Sztyme (Volhynia Voice); Rabbi Chaim Wortsman; Jakier Warszawski; Morris Winchevsky; V. Vevyorke
undated, 1921-1931
microfilm roll 4, frame 164
Folder 70: Max Weinreich
undated, 1920-1937

with an identification paper and photographs

microfilm roll 4, frame 179

Folder 71: Israel Weinstein
undated, 1921-1928

Kishinev correspondent

microfilm roll 4, frame 280

Folder 72: M. Winograf
undated, 1927-1944
microfilm roll 4, frame 301
Folder 73: Baruch Charney Vladeck
microfilm roll 4, frame 312
Folder 74: Z. Vendroff
microfilm roll 4, frame 355
Folder 75: Z – Moshe Zolotarewsky; Abraham Zak; Gerson Zybert; Morris Zigman; Z. Zevin; Marion Zhid; Chaim Zhitlowsky; Samuel Zitlowski; H.L. Zytnicki
undated, 1926-1946
microfilm roll 4, frame 435
Folder 76: Ludwig Satz


microfilm roll 4, frame 453

Folder 77: Zalmen Zylbercweig
microfilm roll 4, frame 463
Folder 78: I. J. Singer
undated, 1922-1941
microfilm roll 4, frame 525
Folder 79: T – Der Tog (The Day) (Boston); TOZ (Society for the Protection of the Health of the Jews) (Vilna); Boris Thomashefsky; I. Tigel; J.L. Teller; Daniel Charney; E. Tscherikower; Jozef Czernichow; Saul Tshernichowsky
undated, 1917-1941
microfilm roll 4, frame 600
Folder 80: Joseph Tunkel
undated, 1922-1939
microfilm roll 4, frame 618
Folder 81: Herman Czerwinski
microfilm roll 4, frame 637
Folder 82: I/J/Y – Leib Yachnovitch; S. Yanovsky; Clara Young; Pinchos Jassinowsky; Judah Joffe; S. Yatzkan; M. Jarblum; Yehoash (Solomon Blumgarten); Solomon Isaac
undated, 1923-1939

Judah Joffe's correspondence is a picture

microfilm roll 4, frame 646

Folder 83: I/J/Y – Jewish National Worker’s Alliance of America; Hebrew Actors’ Union; YIVO (Vilna, New York); Jewish Teachers’ Seminary (Tz.B.K.) (Tzentraler Bildungs Komitet) (Central Educational Committee) (Vilna); Jewish Art Theater (Berlin)
microfilm roll 4, frame 671
Folder 84: C – Mendel Cohen; Moshe Katz
microfilm roll 4, frame 681
Folder 85: Ch – Israel Cholewa; N. Chanin; Mark Chinoi
undated, 1925-1947
microfilm roll 4, frame 685
Folder 86: Melech Chmielnicki
microfilm roll 5, frame 1
Folder 87: L – Max Lulav; Z. Libin; David Libersohn; A. Litwin; Nachum Lipovsky; Samaria Levin
undated, 1920-1942
microfilm roll 5, frame 17
Folder 88: Hertz (Harry) Lang
undated, 1925-1939
microfilm roll 5, frame 38
Folder 89: Haim Lieberman
microfilm roll 5, frame 152
Folder 90: I.A. Leiserovitz
microfilm roll 5, frame 226
Box 4
Folder 91: Jacob Lestchinsky
undated, 1922-1938
microfilm roll 5, frame 269
Folder 92: M – Mani Leib; Aaron Mark; N. Mipelew; Noah Mishkowitz; Z. Melamed; Vladimir Medem; Nachum Melnik; Michal Merlin; Kalman Marmor
undated, 1921-1934
microfilm roll 5, frame 370
Folder 93: Nachman Meisel
microfilm roll 5, frame 390
Folder 94: Nachman Meisel
microfilm roll 5, frame 430
Folder 95: Nachman Meisel
undated, 1933
microfilm roll 5, frame 461
Folder 96: N – Moshe Nadir (Isaac Reis); H.D. Naumberg; Eliezer Naumberg; D. Neumark; Dos Naje Lebn (The New Life) (Bialystok)
undated, 1922-1939
microfilm roll 5, frame 482
Folder 97: S – M. Stolyar; Jacob Steerman; B. Slutsky; Sara B. Smith; Yente Serdatsky; Jonah Spivak
undated, 1908-1940
microfilm roll 5, frame 498
Folder 98: Max Stuppel

some in Russian

microfilm roll 5, frame 513

Folder 99: Chaim D. Spivak
microfilm roll 5, frame 534
Folder 100: E – Solomon Edelheit; Moshe Elbaum; Eliezer Elfenbein; Alter Epstein; Heinrich Ehrlich; Mordechai Erlich
undated, 1923-1946
microfilm roll 5, frame 549
Folder 101: P – M.L. Polin; Noah Portnoy; Poale Zion-Zeire Zion (a union of Marxist and non-Marxist Socialist Zionist organizations); Gershon Pludermacher; Y. Peskine; N. Perlman; Joshua Perle; Noah Prylucki; Peretz Library and Reading Room (Kutno)
microfilm roll 5, frame 578
Folder 102: Jacob Pat
microfilm roll 5, frame 599
Folder 103: Jacob Poleskin
microfilm roll 5, frame 612
Folder 104: S. Portugeis (A. Ivanovitch)
undated, 1926-1940

some in Russian

microfilm roll 5, frame 664

Folder 105: I. Piroshnikoff

some in Russian

microfilm roll 6, frame 1

Folder 106: I.S. Prenovitz
undated, 1926-1930
microfilm roll 6, frame 47
Folder 107: F – M. Fallek; B. Feigelbaum; L. Feinberg; Noah Finkelstein; D. Feder; A. Frumkin
undated, 1926-1940
microfilm roll 6, frame 61
Folder 108: A. M. Fuchs
undated, 1922-1931
microfilm roll 6, frame 71
Folder 109: J.L. Fine
microfilm roll 6, frame 96
Folder 110: Tz – Tzvion (Ben-Zion Hoffman); Tz.B.K. (Tzentraler Bildungs Komitet) (Central Educational Committee)
undated, 1934
microfilm roll 6, frame 111
Folder 111: K – Kovarsky; Bertha Kalich; Esther-Rachel Kaminska; C.S. Kazdon; David Kaplan; Ezriel Carlebach; A. Koralnik; Miriam Karpilov; H.M. Caiserman; Dr. Kisman; Michel Kipnis; M. Kroll (Russian); Arcady Kramer; Sam Kramer
undated, 1920-1940
microfilm roll 6, frame 115
Folder 112: Ephraim Kaganowski
microfilm roll 6, frame 146
Folder 113: Lazar Cahan


microfilm roll 6, frame 188

Folder 114: M.J. Kaufman
microfilm roll 6, frame 195
Folder 115: Zalman Cutler
microfilm roll 6, frame 225
Folder 116: Pesach Kaplan
microfilm roll 6, frame 237
Folder 117: Pinhas Katz
undated, 1929
microfilm roll 6, frame 242
Folder 118: Alter Kacyzne
microfilm roll 6, frame 253
Folder 119: Menahem Kipnis
microfilm roll 6, frame 295
Folder 120: Jacob Kirschenbaum
microfilm roll 6, frame 318
Folder 121: B. Kletzkin
undated, 1928
microfilm roll 6, frame 323
Folder 122: Leo Koenig
microfilm roll 6, frame 326
Folder 123: L. Kassner
microfilm roll 6, frame 384
Folder 124: Leon Crystal
undated, 1932-1942

also a letter to Jean Longuet

microfilm roll 6, frame 401

Folder 125: R – V. Rosenberg; Miriam Raskin; Zvi-Hirsch Rubinstein; Joseph Rumshinsky; Eliezer Rifkind
undated, 1923-1940
microfilm roll 6, frame 418
Folder 126: Hillel Rogoff
microfilm roll 6, frame 432
Folder 127: Melech Ravitch
undated, 1928-1934
microfilm roll 6, frame 461
Folder 128: M. Razumny
microfilm roll 6, frame 484
Folder 129: Jonah Rosenfeld
undated, 1931-1942
microfilm roll 6, frame 496
Folder 130: Avrom Reisen
undated, 1933-1938
microfilm roll 6, frame 515
Box 5
Folder 131: Zalman Reisen
undated, 1922-1931
microfilm roll 6, frame 530
Folder 132: Sh – David Shub; Rabbi Meir Schwartzman; Baruch Shefner; Joel Spiegel
undated, 1930-1940
microfilm roll 6, frame 541
Folder 133: Zemach Shabad
undated, 1924-1933
microfilm roll 6, frame 550
Folder 134: Maurice Schwartz
undated, 1940
microfilm roll 6, frame 561
Folder 135: Zalman Shneur
microfilm roll 6, frame 577
Folder 136: Zalman Shneur
microfilm roll 6, frame 619
Folder 137: Zalman Shneur
microfilm roll 6, frame 675
Folder 138: Zalman Shneur
microfilm roll 7, frame 1
Folder 139: Zalman Shneur
microfilm roll 7, frame 54
Folder 140: Various Letters in Yiddish
undated, 1924-1934
microfilm roll 7, frame 117
Series IV: Correspondence, Non-Yiddish
This series includes non-Yiddish correspondence between Cahan and various individuals and organizations. The series has been arranged alphabetically by correspondent’s last name or the name of the organization. The languages of the correspondence follow the name in parentheses. The names of non-English organizations and periodicals have been transliterated and a translation follows in parentheses. The correspondence with A.R. Cohen is in Yiddish. Some of the correspondents include the American Federation of Labor, Eduard Bernstein, Victor Chernov, August Claessens, Theodore Dreiser, Leo Frank, Hutchins Hapgood, Vladimir Jabotinsky, Karl Kautsky, Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, Algernon Lee, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Upton Sinclair, and various unions. Unidentified letters are found at the end of the series.
Box 5
Folder 141: A – Moisey Abramowitch (Russian); Emma Adler (German); American Federation of Labor (William Green) (English); M. Aldanov (Landau) (English, Russian); Josephine and Alex Aleinistoff (English); Dean Alfange (English); Amalgamated Ladies’ Garment Cutters’ Union (English); The American Mercury (English); Anna Aronovich (English); M. Aronson (English); Rose Asch (English); Albert Ashforth (English); Associated Press (English); Arkadi Averchenko (Russian)
undated, 1918-1946
microfilm roll 7, frame 131
Folder 142: Friedrich Adler (English, German)
microfilm roll 7, frame 154
Folder 143: Henry Alexander (English)
microfilm roll 7, frame 161
Folder 144: Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America (Hillman) (English)
microfilm roll 7, frame 170
Folder 145: B – A.S. Barnes Company (English); Julius Barnes (English); H. Berger (English); E.M. Bernstein (English); J.J. Bernstein (English); Gregory Billikopf (English); Jacob Billikopf (English); Leon Blum (French); B’nai Brith (Maurice Bisgyer) (English); Vladimir Bogoraz (Russian); M. Boltin (Russian); S. Boulgach (English); H. Bourgin (English); Leon Bramson (English); Rudolf Breitscheid (German); Benjamin Brenner (English); Nathaniel Buchwald (English); Ceka Bund (English); Ivan Bunin (Russian)
undated, 1910-1945
microfilm roll 7, frame 179
Folder 146: Saul and Julie Badanes (English)
microfilm roll 7, frame 217
Folder 147: Eduard Bernstein (English)
microfilm roll 7, frame 224
Folder 148: C – Jack Cameron (English); Eddie Cantor (English); Century Company (Douglas Doty) (English); Chancellor of the Exchequer (English); Maggie Clay (English); Cohan and Harris (Sara Forrest) (English); A. Cohen (English); A.R. Cohen (Yiddish); Community Church of New York (John Haynes Holmes) (English); Abe Conan (English); Norman Corwin (English); Council of Organizations for Palestine (Samuel Goldstein) (English)
microfilm roll 7, frame 258
Folder 149: James Branch Cabell (English)
microfilm roll 7, frame 275
Folder 150: O.M. Carter (English, Russian)
microfilm roll 7, frame 277
Folder 151: Victor Chernov (Russian)
microfilm roll 7, frame 339
Folder 152: Sir Walter Citrine (English)
microfilm roll 7, frame 345
Folder 153: August Claessens (English)
microfilm roll 7, frame 355
Folder 154: D – Theodore Dan (Russian); Dodd, Mead and Company (English); William Dressier (English); Dress and Waistmakers’ Union (Hochman) (English)
microfilm roll 7, frame 360
Folder 155: Theodore Dreiser (English)
microfilm roll 7, frame 368
Folder 156: E – Max Eastman (English); Laurie Edelstein (English); Educational Alliance (English); Herman Ehrenreich (English); Nicolas Evreinoff (Russian)
undated, 1917-1942
microfilm roll 7, frame 380
Folder 157: F – V. Fabricant (Russian); Morris C. Feinstone (English); Vera Figner (Russian)
microfilm roll 7, frame 389
Folder 158: Leo M. Frank (English)
undated, 1914

also a clipping

microfilm roll 7, frame 393

Folder 159: Felix Frankfurter (English)
microfilm roll 7, frame 405
Folder 160: G – Charles Gallup (English); Morris Gest (English); Henry Adams Gibbons (English); Isaac Ginsberg (English); B. Ginzburg (Russian); Morris Gisnet (English); Harold Gluck (English with Yiddish synopsis); B.Z. Goldberg (English); Isaac Goldberg (English); Alexis Goldenweiser (English); S. Gorfayn (Russian); Maxim Gorky (Yiddish newspaper clipping, not microfilmed); M. Leonard Gottlieb (English); Mme. Greenberg (Russian); Henry Greenfield (English); Grosset and Dunlop (English); Eugene Gurvich (Russian)
undated, 1906-1940
microfilm roll 7, frame 408
Folder 161: Julius Gerber (Socialist Party) (English)
microfilm roll 7, frame 439
Folder 162: Nicolai Ginzburg (Russian)
microfilm roll 7, frame 447
Folder 163: H – Morton Hack (English); Julius Halpern (English); E. Heifetz (Russian); Adolph Held (English, Yiddish); Louis Hendlin (English); Abraham Herrick (English); I. Hessen (Russian); Histadruth (General Federation of Labor in Israel) (Golda Meir) (English); Daniel W. Hoan (English); Bertha Hoffman (English); Isaac Hourwich (English); Quincy Howe (Simon and Schuster, Inc.) (English); Bronislaw Huberman (English); Maximilian Hurwitz (English)
undated, 1917-1946
microfilm roll 7, frame 464
Folder 164: Hutchins Hapgood (English)

including a clipping of Hapgood’s death

microfilm roll 7, frame 491

Folder 165: Harper and Brothers (English)
microfilm roll 7, frame 525
Folder 166: Morris and Vera Hillquit (English)
undated, 1925-1932
microfilm roll 7, frame 568
Folder 167: William Dean Howells (English)
microfilm roll 7, frame 579
Folder 168: I – Sergius Ingerman (Russian); International Ladies Garment Workers’ Union (Morris Sigman, David Dubinsky) (English); Stanley M. Isaacs (English)
microfilm roll 7, frame 584
Folder 169: J – Nadezhda Jaffe (Russian); George Jessel (English); Jewish Telegraphic Agency (English); The Judeans (English)
undated, 1925-1937
microfilm roll 7, frame 592
Folder 170: Vladimir Jabotinsky and Jeanne Vladimir-Jabotinsky (English)
1926- 1942
microfilm roll 7, frame 602
Folder 171: K – Alice Kaslow (English); Rudolph Katz (copies of Cahan’s letters) (English); Felix Kautsky (curriculum vitae) (English, German); Gertrude B. Kelly (English); Kent House (English); A. Ker (Russian); Alexander Kerensky (copy of Cahan’s letter) (English); Marguerite Kerr (English); Alexander Kipnis (English, Russian); Leon Kramer (English); Sam Kramer (English); Dr. Kreinin (English); A. Kuprin (Russian)
undated, 1918-1942
microfilm roll 7, frame 607
Folder 172: Alex Kahn (English)
microfilm roll 7, frame 635
Box 6
Folder 173: Karl, Louise and Karl Jr. Kautsky (English, German)
microfilm roll 7, frame 645
Folder 174: Alfred A. Knopf (English)
microfilm roll 7, frame 732
Folder 175: L – Charles A. Lachaussee (English); Louis Langer (English); League of Nations (English); E. Lefevre (English); Herbert H. Lehman (English); Leopold Lenk (curriculum vitae) (English); Dr. Isaac (English); Isaac Don Levine (English); V. Levinson (English); Llano Publications (Guy Bogart) (English); John J. Lowman (English); Eugene Lyons (English)
undated, 1913-1945
microfilm roll 7, frame 737
Folder 176: Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia (English)

includes correspondence with the Office of the Mayor

microfilm roll 8, frame 1

Folder 177: Algernon Lee (English)
undated, 1917-1949
microfilm roll 8, frame 7
Folder 178: Jean Longuet (English, French)
undated, 1920-1933
microfilm roll 8, frame 21
Folder 179: M – Benjamin Macmahon (English); L. Maizel (Russian); James Marshall (English); Louis Marshall (English); McClure’s Magazine (English); I. Meskauskas (English); Metropolitan (English); L. Miller (to Adolph Held) (English); The Milwaukee Leader (Victor Berger) (English); Nathaniel Minkoff (English); Albert Mordell (English); A. Morewski (Russian); Paul Muni (English)
microfilm roll 8, frame 50
Folder 180: Judah L. Magnes (English)
microfilm roll 8, frame 75
Folder 181: H.L. Mencken (English)
microfilm roll 8, frame 82
Box 7
Folder 182: Herbert Morrison (English)

includes biographical notes on H.M. and two pamphlets on the London Labor Party

microfilm roll 8, frame 100

Folder 183: N – The Nation (English); Negro Labor Committee (English); Pietro Nenni (French); Clara Neuman (English); The Newark Star Ledger (English); The New Judea (English); The New Leader (English); The New York Evening Journal (English); The New York Evening Post (English); New York Public Library (English)
microfilm roll 8, frame 146
Folder 184: The New York Times (English)
microfilm roll 8, frame 174
Folder 185: C.M. Oberoutcheff (Russian)
microfilm roll 8, frame 181
Folder 186: James O’Neal (English)
undated, 1933
microfilm roll 8, frame 187
Folder 187: P – Jacob Panken (English); J.K. Paulding (English); Ernest Poole (English); Jacob Potofsky (English)
undated, 1917-1934
microfilm roll 8, frame 191
Folder 188: R – Charles Raddock (English); Rand School of Social Science (English); Charles Rappaport (Russian); M.E. Ravage (English); A.A. Roback (English); Edward G. Robinson (English); Charles Rohlfs (English); Kurt Rosenfeld (German); Morris Rothenberg (English)
undated, 1917-1942
microfilm roll 8, frame 203
Folder 189: Charles Rayevsky (English, Russian)
undated, 1924-1930
microfilm roll 8, frame 215
Folder 190: Franklin D. Roosevelt (English)

includes correspondence with the White House

microfilm roll 8, frame 224

Folder 191: S – A.J. Sack (English); Salada Tea Company (William Walsh) (English); Maurice Samuel (English); Benjamin Schlesinger (English); Abraham Schomer (English); S. Seidmann (Russian); S. Semyonov (Russian); J. Siegel (English); Peter Sissman (English); Charles Solomon (English); Der Sozialistische Rote (The Red Socialist) (Berlin) (Russian); Special Committee of the City Central Committee; Socialist Party, Local New York (English); E. Stalinsky (Russian); State Convention Socialist Party (English); Lincoln Steffens (English); Elizabeth Stern (English); D.O. Stewart (English); V. Sukhomlin (Russian); S. Suloveitchik (Russian); William Sulzer (English)
undated, 1917-1942
microfilm roll 8, frame 230
Folder 192: Gustavo Sacerdote (English, German, Italian)
microfilm roll 8, frame 269
Folder 193: Lucien and Maire Saniel (English)
1917, 1926-1927
microfilm roll 8, frame 294
Folder 194: Herr and Liese Schneidermann (German, English)
microfilm roll 8, frame 307
Folder 195: Gerhart H. Seger (English)
microfilm roll 8, frame 315
Folder 196: Upton Sinclair (English)
microfilm roll 8, frame 328
Folder 197: Philip Snowden (English)
undated, 1923-1924
microfilm roll 8, frame 333
Folder 198: Wilhelm Sollmann (English, German)
microfilm roll 8, frame 342
Folder 199: T – Nina Tarasoma (Russian); Moisey Trotsky (Russian); George K. Turner (English)
undated, 1917-1922
microfilm roll 8, frame 352
Folder 200: Norman Thomas (English)
microfilm roll 8, frame 361
Folder 201: Alexandra Tolstoy (Russian, English)
microfilm roll 8, frame 379
Folder 202: U – Union of Russian Jews (Russian); United Hatters, Cap and Millinery Workers, International Union (English); Samuel Untermyer (English)
microfilm roll 8, frame 395
Folder 203: V – George Sylvester Viereck (English); Volja Rossii (The Will of Russia) (Prague) (Russian)
microfilm roll 8, frame 402
Folder 204: N. Volsky (Russian, Yiddish)
undated, 1932-1940
microfilm roll 8, frame 410
Folder 205: W – Lillian D. Wald (English); Gregory Weinstein (English); Herr Wels (German); John Seymour Winslow (English); Max Winter (English); Benjamin Winter (English); M.K. Wisehart (English); Simon Wolf (English); Workman’s Circle, Odessa Branch 225 (English); The World (English); Henry J. Wright (English)
undated, 1917-1942
microfilm roll 8, frame 432
Folder 206: Chaim Weizmann (English)
1939, 1945
microfilm roll 8, frame 451
Folder 207: Mark Wischnitzer (English, Russian)
1925, 1937
microfilm roll 8, frame 454
Folder 208: Y - Yiddish Art Theater (English); A. Yuchkevitch (Russian)
undated, 1922-1933
microfilm roll 8, frame 458
Folder 209: Z – Rebecca Zametkin (English); W. Zenzinoff (Russian); William Zukerman (English); Charles Zunser (English); Jacques Zwibak (Russian)
microfilm roll 8, frame 474
Folder 210: Unidentified Russian Correspondence
undated, 1902, 1918-1922, 1931-1940
microfilm roll 8, frame 500
Folder 211: Unidentified German Correspondence
1921, 1935, 1939
microfilm roll 8, frame 519
Folder 212: Unidentified English Correspondence
1908, 1923, 1929
microfilm roll 8, frame 524
Series V: Miscellaneous
This series is made up of greetings sent to Cahan on various birthdays, as well as condolences sent after his death in 1951. The materials are either letters or telegrams and are in several different languages. The materials are in chronological order, except for a few greetings sent for Cahan’s 65th birthday in 1925, which are found in a later folder than those sent for his 70th birthday in 1930.
Box 7
Folder 213: Greetings to A.C. on his 70th Birthday
microfilm roll 8, frame 531
Folder 214: Greetings to A.C. on his 70th Birthday
microfilm roll 8, frame 575
Folder 215: Greetings to A.C. on his 80th Birthday
1925-1942 (bulk 1940)

also some 65th, 70th and 82nd birthday greetings

microfilm roll 8, frame 618

Folder 216: Greetings to A.C. on his 85th Birthday
microfilm roll 9, frame 1
Folder 217: Greetings to A.C. on his 86th and 89th Birthdays
1946, 1949
microfilm roll 9, frame 86
Folder 218: Condolences on A.C.’s Death
microfilm roll 9, frame 103
Folder 219: Condolences on A.C.’s Death
microfilm roll 9, frame 200
Series VI: Correspondence, Yiddish
This series contains Yiddish correspondence, mainly from the 1930s and 1940s. These include letters addressed to the Editor of the Jewish Daily Forward, as well as those addressed directly to Editor-in Chief Abraham Cahan. Copies of replies, some written by Cahan and some written by other members of the Forward staff, are attached to some of the letters. Sometimes only the replies exist and not the original correspondent’s letter, and vice versa. This series is arranged in Yiddish alphabetical order by correspondent’s last name or the name of the organization. The names of non-English organizations and periodicals have been transliterated and a translation follows in parentheses. Some of the correspondents in this series include Jacob Adler, Mendel Osherowitch, Alter Kacyzne, Miriam Karpilov, Avrom Reisen, and Maurice Schwartz. There is also correspondence from individuals inquiring about manuscripts they submitted for publication.
Box 8
Folder 220: Jacob Adler (B. Kovner)
Folder 221: Moshe-Yakov Adershleger
Folder 222: Ben August
Folder 223: A/O - S. Ausubel; E. Auslander; Achdut-HaAvodah (Unity of Labor Party) (Tel Aviv); David Ignatow; S. Izban
Folder 224: A/O – Abraham Brothers; Mr. Abrahams; C.H. Ethingon; Abraham Asen; J. Iskalsky; Cantor Israel Alter; Harry Olishevsky; A. Almi Sheps
undated, 1930-1944
Folder 225: A/O – Samuel Alperts; A. Alperin; J. Alkon; Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, with statements of the New York Joint Board, Executive Board Local 10, letter from Sholem Weisman, some in English; Hyman Amrowitz; Sarah Anshin
undated, 1929-1945
Folder 226: A/O – A. and Robert Anscher; Polly Oestreich; A. Apteker; J. Akon; H. Ackerman; Noah E. Aronstam; Zvi Ornstein; Leyzer Ornstein; Mr. Arkin; Friedel Ashendorf; M. Osherowitch
undated, 1932-1945
Folder 227: B – Solomon Bogin; Bernard Baum; Berl Botwinik; J.S. Bonime; Joseph Baskin; J. Baratz; I. Bardas; Rabbi R.M. Barishansky; N. Barsuk; Mr. Barsky
Folder 228: B – C.H. Brzustowski; Samuel Bugatch; Nathan Birn; Michael Bursztyn; Ethel Bialystoker; Bialystoker Center (NY); I. Biderman; S. Baylenson; Julius Bane; Mila Bejrak; I.M. Bilmes
Folder 229: B – F. Bimko; Bintel Brief; I.S. Bien; Isaac Blum; Solomon Blum; A. Blumen; E. Blumen; H. Riedermann Bleich
undated, 1931-1945
Folder 230: B – Judah Bleich; M. Ben-Eliezer; R. Ben Ari; Shlomo Ben Israel; Slava Estrin Ben-Ami; Mr. Ben Tzankef; Bella Bellarina; N. Belikov; Jacob Beller; S. Beltzer; Henry Bespaloff; Yetta Beckhoff; A. Becker; Joseph Becker; Benny Berg; I.G. Bergman
undated, 1931-1946
Folder 231: B – Mr. Berger; Herc Bergner; Isidore Berger; Henry Berger ('Forward' Staff), some in English; Mr. Berezovsky
Folder 232: B – Bernard Berlin; S. Berlinsky; L. Berman; P. Berniker; Leyzer Bernson; A. Bernstein; Joseph Bernstein, some in English; H.S. Bernstein, some in English; I. Bernstein, some in Polish and English
undated, 1930-1945
Folder 233: B – Lazar Bernstein; Martin Bernstein; S. Bernstein; M. Barenbaum; B. Berkowitz; J. Berkowitz; David Berkingoff; Simon Braginsky; S. Brody; David Braun; J. Braverman
undated, 1931-1947
Folder 234: B – A. Bryan; S. Brainsky; P. Brand; Jean Baruch; Abraham Brumberg; J. Brutzkus; N. Brind; S. Broches; Aron Brzezinski; Joseph Breslau
undated, 1931-1946
Folder 235: G – L. Gottlieb, some in English; Leonard Gottlieb; H. Gold; H. Goldberg; Hyman Goldberg; I. Goldberg; N. Goldberg; Noah Goldberg; Rachel Goldberg
undated, 1929-1947
Folder 236: G – J.D. Goldman; Mordechai Goldenberg; A. Goldstein; A.L. Goldstein; M. Goldstein; F. Goldstein; Samuel Goldstein; Galitsianer Gezelshaftn (Convention of Galician Organizations); F. Goralnik; H.L. Gordon
undated, 1930-1945
Folder 237: G – Max Gordon; E. Gorin; Jacob Gorycki; J. Gutterman; Mendel S. Gutterman; M.J. Gutterman; Reuben Guskin; H. Gitelman; Leon Gilbson; S. Gilbert
undated, 1931-1945
Folder 238: G – Rabbi Avigdor Gildingorin; M. Gilis; B. Gilman; P. Gingold; B. Ginsberg; Elias Ginsburg; Benjamin A. Gebiner; H. Gelbaum; Wolf Gelbart; Michl Gelbart; H. Gelboim; Sam Gelber
undated, 1929-1949
Folder 239: G – Baruch Gelman; David B. Gertler; Louis Gerson; G. Gershuni; Nathan Gershuni; A.J. Grodzienski; Sarah Granaf; Morris Gross; Golde Grossberg; Vladimir Grossman; Jacob Green; Rachmiel Grun; M. Grinfeder; B. Greenfield; J. Greenfield; Isidore Greenspan
undated, 1929-1949
Box 9
Folder 240: D – Morris Dobenko; Mordechai Danzis; D. Dorn; Aaron Dorfman; D.I. Dorfman; Kopel Dua; A. Jose Dubelman; Joel Dubroff; Ignatz Duldig; Muni Dunski; Morris Jacobs; L. Diament; Joshua Davidson
undated, 1930-1946
Folder 241: D – J. Davidson; I. Davis; J.M. Diamondstone; I. Dinerstein; Henry Derman; Celia Dropkin; S. Driarsh; S. Drillich; A. Drevniakow
undated, 1932-1946
Folder 242: H – Menahem Halpern; Falk Halperin; David Halpern; Rachmiel Honig
undated, 1931-1945
Folder 243: Isac Horowitz
Folder 244: H – Bertha Hirsh; Haim A. Hurwitz; Israel Moses Heimann; 'Hajnt' (Today) (Warsaw); Heiferling Memorial Meeting; J. Hillels; Rabbi P. Hirschprung; Adolph Held; Isaac Hamlin; Lipman Henschel; Aron Herman; H. Hershman; I. Hershman; H. Hershkowitz; Itche Hershkes
undated, 1931-1945
Folder 245: V/W – Samuel Wohl; Jack Wachbein; S. Wallace; A. Waldman; Max Wolfowitz, Lithuania; I.L. Wohlman; Leyzer Wolf; Z.H. Wachsman; A. Warsha; B. Warshafsky; Jacob Warshafsky, New York; Jakier Warszawski, Warsaw, some in English; J.L. Wigdorowicz, Palestine; A. Wigderson; David Wiesenfeld
undated, 1930-1943
Folder 246: V/W – I. Weinberg; S. Weinberg; Y. Weingarten; Meir Weintraub, Cleveland, some in English; M. Weintraum; B. Weinstein; M. Weissman; Genia Weisenberg, Warsaw; A. Wajc, France; Vilna School
Folder 247: V/W – Vilna branch 367, Workman’s Circle (Arbeter Ring); E. Weiman; M. Winograd; Mrs. Winogradoff, some in Russian; Mrs. Vinistky; Chaim Wysocki, some in Russian; H.S. Victorson; M. Vishniak, some in Russian; Nissan Vselubsky; Z. Wendroff, some in Russian; Rachel Weprinsky; B. Weckstein
undated, 1928-1951
Folder 248: Z – Abe Zawelson; Benjamin Salmanowitz; F. Zolf; Ben-Tzion Zanger; Abraham Zak, Palestine; Moses Zak; David Zarucki, Poland; Max Zaritzky; A. Zbar; R. Ziger; Zalmen Zylbercweig; B. Zilberstein, Wittenberg; Morris Ziskind; B. Ziff; Lazaro Zelwer; G. Zellman, article in English; Morris Zeplowitz; David Zakkai; H.L. Zytnicki; S. Zytnicki
undated, 1930-1946
Folder 249: Ch, T – Aaron Chait; Rabbi B.L. Chayet; M. Tolchin; Boris Thomashefsky; S. Tortshinsky; H. Turk; Z. Tillinger, some in German; J. Tunkel (Der Tunkeler); H. Title; Fred Teitelbaum; S.M. Teitelbaum; I. Taisheff; Rabbi Samuel Ephraim Tiktin
undated, 1929-1947
Folder 250: T, I/J/Y – I. Triwaks; L. Treister, handwritten by Treister, Tzurikgedind (Earned Back); Ida E. Chofnas; A. Charlifs; Daniel Charney; J. Trzebucki; Saul Tshernichowsky; Chaim Chernowitz; L. Yoslewitz; S. Yanovsky; Pinchos Jassinowsky; Mr. Yosselowitch; Mordechai Jaffe, R. Jaffe
undated, 1928-1945
Folder 251: I/J/Y – Marcos Jacobovitch; A. Jacobson; M. Jarblum; S. Yigdal; I.D. Israel; Arnold K. Israeli; Nachum Yood; Yidish-Natzionaler Arbeter Farband (Jewish National Worker’s Alliance); Yidisher Arbeter Komitet (Jewish Labor Committee); Sidney Yellen; Solomon Itzhaki
undated, 1930-1947
Box 10
Folder 252: C, Ch, L – Rev. Meyer Cohen; Zvi Cohen; Melech Chmelnitzky, some in English; David Lazer; Sam Langer; I. London; J. Landman; Philip Landsman; Landsmanshaften and Folks Organizations; Z. Larber; David Lewis; M.V. Leoff; Z. Libin; A. Litwin; Samuel Leibowitz; I. Leiserowitz; Z. Licht; Elijah Lipiner; J. Lipman, some in English
undated, 1929-1945
Folder 253: L – Fanny Lipschitz; Henry Lederman, also a clipping; Abraham Lew; J. Levitt, also a clipping and some letters in English; B. Levitin; S. Levitas; Gershon Lewin
undated, 1930-1946
Folder 254: L – H. Levine; Z. Levine; J. Levine; Joseph Levine; I.G. Levine; L. Levine; M. Levine; S. Levine; B. Levenson, Chicago, some in English; W. Levinson; M. Levinson; S. Levkowitz; A.M. Leftin; H. Lefkovitch; B. Lefrak; Haim Lekuch; M. Lerner; P. Lerer; J. Leshin; H. Leshin
undated, 1930-1949
Folder 255: M – M.N. Majdenbaum; M. Mandelman; L. Manfried; I. Margulies; S. Margoshes; Jacob Marinow; Joseph Morison; A. Mark, Vilna; Henry Marshak; H. Meisels
undated, 1935-1946
Folder 256: Benjamin Meiman, some in English
undated, 1925, 1930-1939
Folder 257: M – Bertha Miller; M.J. Mintz; R.D. Muth; Haim Muravchik; N. Mishkowsky; M. Melamed; N. Melnik; I. Metzker, some in English; M. Merlin
undated, 1930-1945
Folder 258: N – Genia Nadir; S. Nadler; M. Nudelman; H. Nowak, also a clipping; Noah Nachbush; W. Newman; M. Newman; M. Neiditch; L. Neider; M. Neiss; J. Neiderbach; N. Nickelberg
undated, 1933-1946
Folder 259: S – D. Sohn, some in English; B. Satt; W. Solomon; J. Saslavsky; D. Saretzky; Morris Surafsky, some in Russian; R. Starr; N. Siegalowsky
Folder 260: Jacob Siegel, some in English
undated, 1929-1946
Folder 261: S – M. Silverman; J.L. Siselman; B. Smolar; A. Smith; H. Smith; Isidore Seltzer; M. Samuels; B.G. Sack; Yente Serdatsky; Jonah Spivak; P. Sprinberg; J.I. Scala; Jacob Skibinsky
undated, 1929-1945
Folder 262: E – M. Edelbaum; A. Edelheim; S. Edelson; B. Edelstein; M. Eliakovitch; A.M. Ellish; M. Ellman; J. Entin; S. Estrin; I. Epstein; Z. Epstein; L. Epstein; Z. Efron; S. Erdberg; I. Erlich; S. Ernst (Ben Yakir)
undated, 1931-1945
Box 11
Folder 263: P – J. Podrushnik; J. Pat; L. Pochulsky; I.D. Palarsh; M.L. Polin, some in English; S. Palinow; Jacob Poleskin-Jaari; Jak Perahya, Turkey; Marcos Paryshewski; J. Parnes; E. Poretzky; I.M. Puchkoff; L. Puchkoff; Chaim Puznicki; I. Pilovsky; O.U. Pinis, some in English
undated, 1929-1946
Folder 264: P – Gershon Pludermacher; Chaim Pett; S. Petrushka; A. Pelowytz, first chapter of The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck, translated by A. Pelowytz; S. Peskin; Barnet Peckoff; N. Perlman; Joshua (Sz.) Perle; Daniel Persky, a Hebrew clipping; S. Prylucki; Jonas Peretz
undated, 1929-1946
Folder 265: F – L. Fogelman, also a letter in Russian; Mr. Faks; Lusia Farba; I. Farbarowicz (Urke Nachalnik), clipping, some in English
undated, 1930-1945
Folder 266: F – Forverts Asosiayshon (Forward Association), a letter in English; Forverts Vakayshon (Forward Vacation Fund), a letter in English; 'Forverts' lezer (Forward reader); 'Forverts' Menedzshers (Forward Managers); 'Forverts' Komitet (Forward Committee); 'Forverts' Staf (Forward Staff); Farayn fun Yidisher Literatur (Yiddish Literature Union); L. Forem; I. Funk
undated, 1929-1945
Folder 267: F – Mr. Fuchs, letter in English; A.M. Fuchs; A. Furman; Abe Furmansky; Z. Figelman; B. Feigenbaum; Rachel Feigenberg
undated, 1929-1945
Folder 268: F – J. Fine; J.L. Fine, some in English; I. Feinberg; Abraham Finkler; J. Finkel; Federatzye fun Poylishe Yidn (American Federation for Polish Jews); I. Feld; J. Feldman; E. Fershleiser (E. Hartnek); Moses Z.R. Frank, letter in English and manuscript Ari Nefihr in Roman (Ari Nefihr in a Novel); A. Frumkin; A.N. Freid; M. Freed; I. Friedman; M. Freedman; I. Freilech; Max Friendlech; Lily Frishman; Joseph Frank; Jennie Frankel
undated, 1929-1945
Folder 269: Tz – Tzvion (Ben-Zion Hoffman); Tzvey Brasletn (Two Bracelets Contest, October 1935); Charles Zunser, letter in English; Charles Saltz; Tzukunft (Future); N. Zucker; William Zukerman, also Press Opinions of 'The Jew in Revolt' (English); M. Zuckerstein; Aaron Zeitlin
undated, 1930-1945
Folder 270: K – Boris Kader, some in Russian; A. Cohn; David Cohen; Harry E. Cohen; Harry J. Kahn; Yossel Cohen; Joseph Cohen; Sam Cohn; Aaron Cohn; Louis Cohen; Max Cohen; Mrs. Kovenoko; L. Kosloff; Ben Zion Katz; A. Kolodny; L. Kolinkovicius; Harris Kamrass
undated, 1931-1946
Folder 271: K – I. Kaplan; Mitchell Kaplan; P. Kaplan; Mrs. Koplewitz; M. Katz; E. Katz; Pinchas Katz; Shirley Katz; Alter Kacyzne; N. Katzenelenbogen; J. Koralski; Rabbi S. Karofin; Mr. Karlinius
undated, 1929-1946
Folder 272: K – Ezriel Carlebach; Frieda Corman; M. Karpilov; Boris Korff; B. Kadmuni-Meisler; J. Khason; Jacob Kaufman, Palestine; B. Kulikoff
undated, 1916-1945
Box 12
Folder 273: K – B. Cooper; A. Kuritzky; M. Kibelevitch, some in Russian; A.M. Kaizer; P. Kittay; L. Kling; Chaim Klenbort; W. Canon; L. Kernkrant; H. Kraushaar; M. Kroll, some in Russian; Esther Kreitman; H. Kruchkow
undated, 1931-1942
Folder 274: R – L. Rabinowitz; L. Rabinowitz; E. Rabinowitz; I. Roberts; Harry Rosoff; M. Razumny, some in Russian; I. Rosenberg; S. Rosenberg; S. Rosenberg; Anna Shomer Rothenburg; M. Rotenberg; F. Rosenfeld; M. Rolnik; Paul Romanoff; I. Rombach; M. Raskin
undated, 1930-1954
Folder 275: R – Berthe Rokowitz, some in English; R. Rashgilin; Z. Rubashov; J. Rubin; H. Rubin; Morris Rubinstein; H. Rubinstein; Lena Rubinstein; Z. Rudy; M. Ribalow; B. Reisman; Avrom Reisen; Sarah Reisen, some in English
undated, 1929-1946
Folder 276: R, Sh – Max Rein; B. Reisman; H. Reif; C. Riecher; B. Rifkin; Jacob Rearson; J. Rebelson; S. Regensberg, some in English; A. Resnik; W. Rechtman; Zemach Shabad; Marc Chagall; S. Chaitinas; M.W. Shalit; A. Shapiro, with a clipping; B. Shapiro; Celia Shapiro, some in Russian; M. Shore; A. Scharf; David Shub; Maurice Schwartz
undated, 1929-1947
Folder 277: Sh – F. Schwartz; L.A. Schwarzburg, also a clipping; Chaim Shaus; Mark Schweid, some in English; M.J. Shulweis; Harry Shul;, M. Shorr
undated, 1931-1947
Folder 278: Sh – D. Shurwager; Ben D. Schochar; Fradl Stock; A. Shtibel; Z. Stein; N. Szterenberg, Poland; J. Scheinbach; A. Shearer; H. Sheanin
undated, 1930-1946
Folder 279: Sh, T – H. Shafer; Z. Shik; A. Schlossberg; Mrs. Rabinowitz (Sholem Aleichem); A. Shlumowitz; B. Schlesinger, some in English; M. Smith; Rosa Schneider; Rose Shehnfeld; Lilia Spitzer; Z. Spiegelman, telegram in English; Z. Spier; M.S. Sklarsky; D. Shedletzky; Alexander Tolush; unsigned letters
undated, 1929-1945
Series VII: Correspondence, Non-Yiddish
This series covers correspondence written to Abraham Cahan or to the Forward Editorial Office that was not written in Yiddish, although the reply from the Forward may be in Yiddish. This is different from the organizational scheme of Part I, in which all correspondence which contained Yiddish, whether it was the original letter or the reply, was placed in the Yiddish correspondence series. The bulk of the correspondence is from the 1930s and 1940s. The majority of the correspondents wrote in English, although there are some in Russian, German, Italian, and French. The languages of the correspondence follow the name in parentheses. The names of non-English organizations and periodicals have been transliterated and a translation follows in parentheses. Some correspondents include Isaiah Berlin, Clarence Darrow, Julius Gerber of the Socialist Party of America, Judge Jacob Panken, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Unsigned letters appear at the end of the series.
Box 13
Folder 280: A – Raphael R. Abramovitch (English); A. Abramowitz (English); Israel Adler (English); Wolf Adler (English); Harry S. Albert (English); Philip Alexander (English); Dean Alfange (English); Mr. Alsberg (English); Israel Alter (German, Yiddish); Vincenzo Alvano (English); American Committee of Jewish Writers to Aid Great Britain (English)
undated, 1930-1947
Folder 281: A – American Jewish Congress (English); The American Mercury (English); Paul Amerling (English); Alsing Anderson (English); Dwight Anderson (English); Anti-Nazi League (English); Luigi Antonini (English); Moses Aronson (English); Camillo Artom (English); Rose Ash (English); Association of Polish War Refugees (English); B.M. Aventieff (English)
Folder 282: B – S. Badamus (English); Paul Baerwald (English); Philip W. Barber (Federal Theater) (English); Sam Baron (English); Dick Barry (English); Joseph Bashein (English);, P.E. Basson (English); Amalia Bates (English); Fred Beal (English), with clippings; J. Bearak (English); Juozas Beirakas (Russian); Benefit Performance (English, Yiddish); David Ben-Gurion (English); M. Berchin-Benedictoff (Russian); Isaiah Berlin (English)
Folder 283: B – Simon Berlin (English); Morris Berman (English); Herman Bernstein (English); Beth Israel Hospital (English); S. Bethleheim (English); Jacob Billikopf (English); Francois Blancho (English); R. Blank (Russian), Paris
Folder 284: B – Joshua Bloch (English); Asher Block (English); E.M. Bluestone (English); Jacob Blum (English); C. Borgia (English); Anatole Brailowsky (English); Leo Bramson (Russian); M.A. Brass (English); Rudolf Breitsheid (German); Mrs. Philip Brenner (English); Harry J. Brevis (English); Arthur Brisbane (English); British Press Service (English); Alter Brody (English); Catharine Brody (English); Ephroim Broidy (English); A.L. Bronstein (English); Anthony Brook (English); Curtis Brown, Ltd. Publishers (English); Raphael Brown (English); A. Buobela (English)
Folder 285: C – Abraham Cahan form letter (English); Cass Canfield (English); Eddie Cantor (English); Edward C. Carter (English); Minna Chasen (English); Chicago Public Library (English); Eva Sanderson Child (English); Karl M. Chworowsky (English); Anton Ciliga (Russian); Walter Citrine (English); Claessens House (English); August Claessens (English)
undated, 1930-1946
Folder 286: C – S.M. Clurman (English); Abraham Cohen (English); A. Cohn (Yiddish); Arthur Cohen (English); Rev. David Cohen (English); Fania Cohen (English); Victor Cohen (English); Collector of the Port (English); Abe Conan (English); Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe (English); Stuart L. Craig (English); F. Cross (English); S. Cutner (English)
Folder 287: D – Clarence Darrow (English); J.E. Davison (English); Max Delfiner (English); Herman Diamand (German); Herman Domblatt (English); Henri Dorange (English); David Dorn (English); Belle Drooze (English); Anatole Dubois (English); Lula Dudley (English); E.P. Dutton and Co., Inc. (English); Dorothy Dworkin (English); Ossip Dymow (Russian)
undated, 1930-1945
Folder 288: E – Eastern Life Insurance Company of New York (English); Michael Edelstein (English); Joel Eisenberg (English); O. Eisenberg (English); Rose Eisenberg (English); Jacob S. Eisinger (English); Joseph Elichman (English); Daniel Epner (English); Equitable Life Assurance Society (English); David P. Erlich (English)
undated, 1931-1947
Folder 289: F – Israel Feinberg (English); Leonard A. Feinstein (English); S. Felder (English); Mauryzy Feldman (English); Edward Filene (English); Filene’s Sons Company (English); J.L. Fine (English, Yiddish)
undated, 1927-1945
Folder 290: F – B. Fingerhood (English); Reuben Fink (English); I. Finn (English); Max Finn (English); Peter Fireman (English); Jacob Fishman Memorial Committee (English); Yisco Frankel (English); Friends of the Soviet Union (English); D. Frischberg (English); J. Fuchs (English)
Folder 291: G – M.S. Gadol (English); B. Gavriel (English); David George (English); Julius Gerber (English); James Gillis (English); William Gillis (English); Abraham Ginsberg (English); Isaac Ginsberg (English); Michael Ginsburg (English, Russian); Nicolai Ginzburg (English, Russian)
undated, 1929-1947
Folder 292: G – Leo Glaeser (Russian); George H. Goebel (English); Mr. Goldberg (English); Louis P. Goldberg (English); Alexis Goldenweiser (English, Russian); Louis Goldman (English); Mrs. Goldman (English); Solomon Goldman (English); Bella Goldstein (English)
undated, 1932-1947
Folder 293: G – Jonah J. Goldstein (English); M. Goldstein (English); J.J. Golub (English); Elizabeth Gorin (English); Leon Gottlieb (English), telegrams; M.L. Gottlieb (English); A.B. Gottlober (English); Graphia Publishing House (German); William Green (English); Harry Greenberg (English); Ida Greenberg (English); Selig Greenberg (English); Henry Greenfield (English), telegrams; Charles W. Groll (English); Albert Grzesinsky (German); A. Guerman (Russian); Baron Alfred de Gunzbourg (English)
undated, 1930-1946
Folder 294: H – Howard Haig (English); Grover C. Hall (English); Eric Hansen (English, French), includes clippings; Hutchins Hapgood (English), includes clipping; Powers Hapgood (English); Harvard College (English); Hannah, Charles, Harry and Benjamin Haskell (English); Hauptman Case (Lindbergh Baby) (English), telegram; 'Hear the Other Side' (English); Hebrew Committee of National Liberation (English); J. Hellenberg (German, Yiddish); Jacob J. Heller (English); Alice Malees Henderson (English); Arthur Henderson (English); Victor Henkin (Russian); John Herling (English); Emanuel Hertz (English); Julius Hertz (English)
Folder 295: H – Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (English); Nathan Himowich (English); Histadruth (General Federation of Labor in Israel) (English); Daniel Hoan (English), includes manuscript; A.T. Hoban (English); Home of the Sons and Daughters of Israel (English); Rebecca Hourwich Reyher (English); A.W. Howland (English); Hurock Musical Bureau, Inc. (English); Maximilian Hurwitz (English); Emanuel Hutschnecker (German); J.C. Hyman (English)
undated, 1931-1948
Folder 296: I, J, K – A.Z. Idelson (English, Yiddish); Sidney Isaacson (English); Fred Iscol (English); Mary Isnook (English); S.A. Jaffe (English); Major L.M. Jeune (English); 'Jewish Daily Forward' (English); Jewish National Fund (including Cahan’s speech about Leon Blum) (English); Jewish Writers’ Club (English); M. Jonas (English); Alexander Kahn (English); Wladimir W. Kaplun-Kogan (English, German)
undated, 1929-1947
Folder 297: K – William Karlin (English); Herman Katz (English); Jacob Katz (English); Alexander Kaun (English); H. Kauti (English); Karl Kluge (English); Drina Korman (English); B. Krakowsky (English); Isa Kremer (Russian); H. Kritzer (English); M.G. Krueger (English); A. Leon Kubowitzki (English)
Folder 298: L – C.A. Lachaussee (English), clippings; Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia (English); Henry Land (English, Yiddish); Jacob Landau (English); Miss Landers (English); Harry Lang (English); Louis Lazarus (English); League for Industrial Democracy (Harry Laidler) (English); Hendrik de Leeuw (English); Edwin Lefevre (English); Governor Herbert H. Lehman (English)
undated, 1930-1945
Folder 299: L – Julius A. Leibert (English); M.V. Leoff (English); Celia Leritsky (English); Benjamin Levine (English, Yiddish); Edward Levinson (English, Yiddish); Frances Levinson (English); Victor Levinson (English); S.M. Levitas (English); Lena Morrow Lewis (English); Mark Lewis (English); Marx Lewis (English); Samuel Lieberman (English); A. Lieberson (English); Herman Liebman (English); Alfred Lief (English); Heinz Lippman (English); A. Lipsius (English); B. Locker (English); Meyer London Committee (English); Lester Luntz (English); D. Lvovich (English); Dora Lyons (English); Eugene Lyons (English)
undated, 1930-1947
Box 14
Folder 300: M – Ben Mandell (English); Cardinal Henry Edward Manning (English), typescript speech; Lorenc Markun (English); Myrtle Mathews (English); James Maurer (English); B. Meiman (English), telegram; Lowell Mellett (English); Max Mendelowitz (English); L. Meltzer (English); I. Menger (English); Julius Metzger (English); I. Metzker (English); H. Meyer (English); J. Meyer (English); The Milwaukee Leader (English); H. Mitzkun (English); Helen Most (English); Willi Mueller (German); H. Murray (English)
undated, 1930-1945
Folder 301: N – I. Nagler (English); Edgar J. Nathan, Jr. (English); J.F. Nathan (English); The Nation (English); National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (English); National Committee for Roosevelt (English); National Council of Jewish Women, New York Section (English); The New Leader (English, Yiddish); New York Clothing Cutters Union (English); New York Post (English); The New York Times (English); New York University Jewish Culture Foundation (English); E. Neuman (English); B. Nikonlin (English); Max Nordau (English)
undated, 1930-1946
Folder 302: O – Oda Oldberg (English); The Reunion of Old Timers (English); Howard Oleck (English); James Oneal (English); Abbo Ostrowsky (English); Outstanding Libraries of the World (English)
undated, 1930-1947
Folder 303: P – Palcor News Agency (English); Judge Joseph Panken (English); I. Parsky (English); Leonid Pasternak (Russian); Erna Patak (English); Arthur Perles (English); H. Peskin (English); Bella Peusner (English); Solomon Pimsleur (English); Pioneer Youth of America (English); Edward Podolsky (English); Simon Pollock (English, Russian, Yiddish); Joseph B. Polansky (English)
undated, 1929-1947
Folder 304: R – Louis Rabinowitz (English); Rand School (English); William H. Rankin (English); B. Raskin (English); N. Ratnoff (English); Charles Rayevsky (English); RCA Communications, Inc. (English); Red Cross (English); D. Reichenstein (English, German); B. Reiseroff (English); Jacob C. Rich (English, Yiddish); Louis Rich (English); Bernard G. Richards (English); A. Richardson (English); Jacob Richman (English); Ritz Carlton Hotel (English); Lillian Rodney (English); A.J. Rongy (English); H. Ronneberg (English); Franklin Delano Roosevelt (English); Alex Rose (English); Isidor Rosenstock (English)
undated, 1930-1945
Folder 305: R, S – Lia Rosen-Schwarz (English); Henry L. Rosenthal (English), with poem; Trudy Weiss Rosmarin (English), including list; Cecilia Rosofsky (English); O. Rosuet (French); Morris Rothenberg (English); Philip Rubin (English); Otto Ruhle (English, German); Charles Edward Russell (English); Gustavo Sacerdote (English); Pauline and Rose Sadick (English); Louis Sadoff (English); Irving Sadovnik (English); L.E. Sadwin (English); Gerhard Saeger (English); Esther Samet (English); Joseph Saslavsky (English); Rose Satz (English); Leon Savage (English); L. Schaefer (English); Benjamin Schlesinger (English); Benjamin Schultz (English); Arnold Schwartz (German)
undated, 1930-1948
Folder 306: S – Gerhart Seger (English); Alfredo Segre (English); D.H. Seideman (English); Oscar Seidenberg (English); P. Seman (English); Tony Sender (English); Clarence Senior (English); Henry Ormal Severance (English); Chaim Shapiro (English); Joseph Shaplen (English); Harry Sherr (English, Yiddish); D. Shier (English, Yiddish); Joseph Shore (English); Samuel Shore (English); E. Sidlinsky (Russian); Abba Hillel Silver (English); Ruth Simon (English); Simon and Schuster, Inc. Publishers (English); Peter Sissman (English); Herman Slavin (English)
undated, 1930-1945
Folder 307: S, T – H.T. Smith (English), clipping; Wilhelm Sollman (English, German); Sam Solomon (English); Sopade (the exile organization of the Social Democratic Party of Germany) (German); John Sorsky (English); Walter Spiewack (English); J. Spivak (English); Friedrich Stampfer (English); Thorvald Stauning (English); Alexander Stein (Russian); Joseph Stein (English); Irving Stone (English); Nathan Straus (English); Manya Gordon Strunsky (English); K. Sugarman (English); Z. Swelt (English), J.L. Teller (English); Joseph Tennenbaum (English); Louis Eugene Tepp (English); Theological Seminary Yeshivath Chachmey Lublin (English); Harry Thomashefsky (English)
Folder 308: T, U – Elias Tobenkin (English); John Toohey (English); 'To Whom It May Concern' file (English); Ahbe Jay Treu (English); United Hebrew Trades (Morris Feinstone, secretary) (English), also includes letters and telegrams on Cahan's 90th birthday and a letter from Cahan to Manya Gordon Strunsky; United Jewish Appeal (English, Yiddish); S. Untermeyer (English, Yiddish); Mr. Urefsky (Russian); U.S. Department of Labor: Immigration Service (F.C. Hoew, Commissioner) (English)
undated, 1914-1950
Folder 309: V, W – Vincenzo Vacirca (English); Girolamo Valenti (English); Louis J. Valentine (English); Boris Vladeck (English); Louis Waldman (English); F.M. Warburg (English); Morris Wein (English); Mark Weinbaum (Russian); Mr. Weinstein (English); G. Weinstein (English); M. Weinstein (English); J. Weisberg (English); E. Wertheimer (English); Maurice William (English); David Winchester (English); H.L. Winer Special Agency (English); Benjamin Winter (English)
undated, 1930-1946
Folder 310: W, Y – Max Winter (English); Mark Wischnitzer (English); Stephen Wise (English); M.K. Wisehart (English); Adam Wiszpolsky (English, Yiddish), clippings; Leo Wolfsohn (English); Workman’s Circle (English, Yiddish); William A. Wovschin (English, Russian); Victor Yarros (English); Sidney Yellen (English, Yiddish); Young Women’s Hebrew Association (English)
undated, 1929-1947
Folder 311: Z – S. Zagat (English); Lillian Zahn (English); Frank Zaitz (English); Nathaniel Zalowitz (English), clipping; Israel Zellman (English, Yiddish); V. Zenzinov (English); Samuel Zipris (English); William Zukerman (English), clipping; Boris Zweingorodsky (English); I.K. Zweibak (Novoye Russkoye Slovo) (New Russian Word) (Russian); Miscellaneous undated letters without author’s name
undated, 1930-1947
Series VIII: Correspondence between Abe Cahan and Hillel Rogoff
This series contains correspondence, including letters and telegrams, between Cahan and Managing Editor Hillel Rogoff. The majority of the correspondence dates from the 1930s. These letters were kept in a separate file in the Bund Archive’s Cahan Collection in a folder titled 'Hillel Rogoff'. The letters deal with a broad range of matters from personal financial problems to choosing topics and articles to publish, planning visits abroad for research, and discussions of politics in the United States and in Europe.
Box 15
Folder 312: Correspondence (Yiddish, English)
Cahan to Rogoff; Rogoff to Cahan; telegrams from Cahan to Rogoff, Rogoff to Cahan, a letter from Harry Lang to Rogoff; telegram from Rogoff to S. Weinberg; telegram from Cahan to Rogoff; letter from Rogoff, L. Fogelman and Chaim Liberman to Cahan; letter from I. Morgan to Rogoff; letters from Cahan to Rogoff; telegrams, "Deferred Cables" from Cahan to Rogoff; telegram from Cahan to Rogoff; letter from Cahan to Rogoff; letters from Cahan to Rogoff; telegrams from Cahan to Rogoff; miscellaneous telegrams; letter addressed "Tzu forzitzer fun dem Hillel Rogoff banket" (to the chairman of the Hillel Rogoff Banquet)
Folder 313: Correspondence (Yiddish, English)
seven undated letters from Rogoff to Cahan, one with an article about the election in Poland; undated telegram from Rogoff to Cahan
Series IX: Forward Manuscripts, Yiddish
This series includes typed and handwritten manuscripts submitted to the Forward by Yiddish writers such as Isaac Bashevis, Ossip Dymow and Nachman Meisel. There is an unsigned letter in Yiddish with 'Bashevis' written in pencil at the top. The manuscripts were either edited for publication or rejected. Titles of written works have been transliterated with a translation following in parentheses.
Box 15
Folder 314: Isaac Bashevis Singer
notes; Di Groyse Yerushe (The Big Inheritance); Der Dezertir (The Deserter); Faygl di Agune (Feigl the Deserted Wife)
Folder 315: I.D. Berkowitz; Ossip Dymow; Herschel Weinrauch; Mark Khinoy
Tzum Feter in Amerike (To Uncle in America), Baym Tatns Tish (At Father's Table); Eyntzlheytn arum Nikolays Toyt (Details about Nicholas' Death); Fun Moskve biz Tel-Aviv (From Moscow to Tel Aviv); Mit 25 Yor Tzurik (25 Years Ago)
Folder 316: L. Mann; Nachman Meisel; Jacob Pat
undated, 1938
A Tzigayner-Kleyd (A Gypsy Dress); An Interesanter Roman, vos Shildert dos Naye Lebn in a Komuna-Dorf (An Interesting Novel, which Describes the New Life in a Communal Village), Geshtorbn der Kompoziter fun 'Internatzyonal' (The Composer of the 'Internationale' is Dead), David Bergelsons Nay Verk 'Baym Dnieper' (David Bergelson's New Work 'By the Dnieper'), Di Noytbaderftige Yidn in Poylin Kukn Aroys af Hilf fun Zeyere Farmeglekhe Krovim in Amerike (The Needy Jews in Poland Look Forward to Help From Their Well-To-Do Relatives in America), Der Nister (The Hidden One, pen name of Pinchas Kahanovitch), Der Krige in der Varshaver Artistn-Mishpokhe Doyert Vayter (The Fight in the Family of Warsaw Artists Continues), Himel un Erd (Heaven and Earth), Mendele Moykher Sforim (Mendele the Book Peddler, pseudonym of Sholem Jacob Abramowitz); Der Yidishe Problem in Poylin (The Jewish Problem in Poland)
Series X: Abe Cahan’s Writings
This series contains Cahan’s own writings, including poems he wrote for the Arbeter Tzaytung as early as 1890, newspaper articles, essays, and public speeches. Most are typewritten manuscripts, some with handwritten corrections, although a few are newspaper clippings. Many are not dated, particularly the speeches. Materials written in Yiddish are arranged by title according to the Yiddish alphabet. Titles have been transliterated and a translation follows in parentheses. For many of the speeches, only the first few words are represented.
Subseries 1: Yiddish
Box 15
Folder 317: Writings – A Frage vegn Historishe Romanen un an Entfer af Ir (A Question about Historical Novels and an Answer to It); Undzer Bavegung (Our Movement); Yidn un Kosmopolitn (Jews and Cosmopolitans); Ayndruk fun a Reyzendn (Impressions of a Traveler); Ikh Vend zikh tzu Aykh in Nomen fun Ale Demokratishe Sotzialistn (I Call Upon You in the Name of All Democratic Socialists); Amerike un Yurop (America and Europe); Ahs Zogt (Asch says…); 18 Teg in Gehenem (18 Days in Gehenna); Zey Zukh tzu Bahaltn dem Emes Hinter Berg mit Ligns (They Look to Cover the Truth Behind a Mountain of Lies)
Folder 318: Speeches – Genosn: Als 'moshn' far dizen miting (Comrades: As a 'motion' for this meeting); Genosn: Di hayntike farzamlung (Comrades: Today’s gathering…); Genosn: Mayn hayntike rede (Comrades: My speech today…); Genosn: Shoyn etlekhe vokhn (Comrades: It has already been several weeks…)
undated, 1935
Folder 319: Writings – David Levinsky (David Levinsky, translated from English); David Pinskys 'Yankel der Shmid' in Thalia Teater (David Pinsky’s 'Yankel the Blacksmith' in the Thalia Theater); Haynt, der 2tn April 1942, iz der 45ter Geburtstog fun 'Forverts' (Today, April 22, 1942, is the 45th Anniversary of the Forward); Vi di Sotzialistishe 'Folks-Tzaytung' fun Nyu-York Batzit zikh tzum Hitlerizm (How the Socialist Folks-Tzaytung of New York Responds to Hitlerism); Yakov Iskolsky - An Interesanter Mentsh (Jacob Iskolsky - An Interesting Man); Libe Kolegn: Ikh Hob Aykh Ayngeladn... (Dear Colleagues: I invited you…); Lider in 'Di Arbeter Tzaytung': Di Gute, Frume Velt; Dos Lid fun Opereytor; Der Shutfeser Kugel; Der Guthertziker Shokhn (Songs from 'The Worker’s Newspaper': The Good, Observant World; The Song of the Operator; The Kugel Partnership; The Kind-Hearted Neighbor); Der Proletarishker Elekshon Fablen: Borukh der Golem (The Proletarian Election Fables: Bless the Golem); Der Proletarishker Elekshon Fablen: Yekele (The Proletarian Election Fables: Yekele)
undated, 1890, 1892, 1909, 1941, 1942, 1945, 1950
Folder 320: Writings – Mayn Hertzlikhste Bagrisung... (My most heartfelt greeting…); Mayn Hertzlikhstn Grus... (My heartfelt greeting…); Sotzializm Farflikhtet (Socialism demands); Sotzialisten Hobn Geredt vegn Frayhayt, Ober Zeyer Veynik (Socialists Have Spoken about Freedom, But Very Little); Szenes af Sotzialistishe Farzamlungen in Vin (Scenes of Socialist Gatherings in Vienna); Entviklung fun der Yidisher Arbeter-Bavegung in Amerike (Developments from the Jewish Worker’s Movement in America); Farbayforendik (Missing); Tzu der Farvaltung-Rat fun 'Forverts' (To the Managing Board of the Forward); Tzu der 'Forverts' Komitet in dem Inyen fun di Yidishe Shuln (To the Forward Committee on the Idea of Jewish Schools); Kolegn un Genosn! (Colleagues and Comrades!); Keyn Ander Sotzialistishe Tzaytung... (No Other Socialist Newspaper...); Ken Men Im Onrufn Mentsh? (Can One Call Him a Man?); Reshime: Ab. Cahans Artiklen in 'Forverts' Yuli 4, 1923 biz Yuli 30, 1924 (A List: Abe Cahan’s Articles in the Forward July 4, 1923-July 30, 1924); Sholem Aschs 'Mayn Entfer tzu di Kritiker' fun zayn bukh 'Di Nazarin' (Sholem Asch’s 'My Answer to the Critics' of His Book ‘The Nazarene’)
undated, 1912, 1923, 1924, 1928, 1942, 1943, 1945
Subseries 2: Non-Yiddish
All but one of the writings is in English.
Box 15
Folder 321: Writings – A Timely Volume; Abraham Lincoln was the great humanitarian president; American Federation of Labor; An interesting sketch of present day life in Soviet Russia; Comrades: Today’s meeting is without doubt…; I found myself in a most absurd situation; Immigration! As one utters the word; Jewish Massacres and the Revolutionary Movement in Russia
undated, 1903, 1940
Folder 322: Writings – Karl Kautsky; Ladies and Gentlemen: If you don’t mind…; Leon Blum mass meeting, Carnegie Hall; May 14, 1939 – my criticism on the Son of the Valley; On Fascism; Resolution On War; The German Republic was called into being by German Socialists; The International Ladies Garment Workers Union, WEVD
undated, 1934, 1939, 1940, 1942
Box 16
Folder 323: Writings – The subject of the remarks which I have been asked to submit…a Turning Point in the Socialist Movement
Folder 324: Writings – Things traveled so rapidly here that there was no keeping track; This great meeting began bearing fruit…; United Front; Vorschlag der Kommission (Suggestion of the Commission) (German); Why Does American Socialism Lag? England and America
undated, 1933
Series XI: Writings about Abe Cahan, Yiddish
This series is made up of writings in Yiddish, as well as one in English and one in Russian, written about Cahan during his lifetime. The writings have been divided by genre and organized alphabetically by author or, for the newspaper clippings, by journal title. Journal titles and article titles have been transliterated with a translation following in parentheses. The authors of the books, pamphlets and manuscripts precede the titles.
Subseries 1: Books and Pamphlets
Box 16
Folder 325: Bundishn Klub in Nyu-York (Bundist Club of New York) - Ab. Cahan un der Bund in Poylin (Abe Cahan and the Bund in Poland); M. Olgin - Ab. Cahan, Ver iz Er? Vemen Fartret Er? (Abe Cahan, Who is He? Whom Does He Represent?)
1932, 1935
Folder 326: D. Globus - Dr. Chaim Zhitlowsky un Ab. Cahan (Dr. Chaim Zhitlowsky and Abe Cahan)
Folder 327: Yubileum-Komitet (Jubilee Committee) - Yubileum-Shrift tzu Ab. Cahans 50stn Geburtstog (Jubilee Writings for Abe Cahan’s 50th Birthday)
Folder 328: Ephim H. Jeshurin - Ab. Cahan Bibliograye (Abe Cahan Bibliography)
Folder 329: Tzvion (Ben-Zion Hoffman) - Der 'Forverts' un der Bund (The Forward and the Bund)
Subseries 2: Manuscripts
Box 16
Folder 330: Max Fine - Ab. Cahan: Erinerungen tzu zayn Fuftzik Yerikn Geburtstog (Abe Cahan: Memories on the Occasion of his 50th Birthday); Jacob Kirschenbaum - Ab. Cahan: Redaktor, Genose, Natzyonalist, un Filzaytiker Mentsh (Abe Cahan: Editor, Comrade, Nationalist, and Versatile Man); Hillel Rogoff - Ab. Cahan, Redaktor (Abe Cahan, The Editor); Hirsch Rosenfeld - Ab. Cahan Shraybt di Nayes vegn A. Liessins Toyt (Abe Cahan Writes the News about A. Liessin’s Death)
Subseries 3: Newspaper Clippings
Box 16
Folder 331: Newspaper Clippings about Abe Cahan, sources unknown
Folder 332: 'Yiddisher Zhurnal' (Jewish Journal); 'Yiddisher Kemfer' (Jewish Fighter); 'In the World of Books' (English); 'Gerekhtigkeit' (Justice); 'Der Veker' (The Alarm Clock); 'Der Tog' (The Day); 'Yidish' (Yiddish); 'Literarishe Bleter' (Literary Leaves)
1924, 1930, 1932, 1941, 1942, 1945, 1950
Folder 333: 'New Yorker Wochenblat' (New York Weekly Newspaper); 'Novoe Russkaye Slovo' (New Russian Word) (Russian); L. Fogelamn - 'Fun Der Bicher-Velt' (From the Literary World)
1928, 1935
Folder 334: 'Forverts' (Forward)
Folder 335: 'Forverts' (Forward)
1912, 1925, 1934-1936
Folder 336: 'Forverts' (Forward)
Box 17
Folder 337: 'Forverts' (Forward)
Folder 338: 'Forverts' (Forward)
Folder 339: 'Freiheit' (Freedom), 'Der Fraynd' (The Friend), 'Freie Arbeiter Stimme' (Free Workers Voice), 'Tzukunft' (Future)
1910, 1942-1946
Series XII: Celebrating Cahan’s Career
This series includes materials celebrating Cahan’s birthdays and professional accomplishments as editor of the Forward and as a socialist and union leader. Many of these materials are oversized and have been removed to flat storage boxes. Materials include booklets, newspaper clippings, manuscripts, invitations and announcements, plaques, scrapbooks, and parchments. This series is arranged chronologically.
Box 17
Folder 340: Scrapbook, 'The Rise of David Levinsky' (English, Yiddish)
oversized box 19
Folder 341: Reception and banquet program by Boston Branch of the Jewish Socialist Verband; Invitation to a Bon Voyage Dinner (English)
1923, 1925
Folder 342: Signed parchment by 'Forward' staff commemorating Cahan’s publication of 'Bleter Fun Mayn Lebn' (Yiddish)
oversized box 19
Folder 343: Two parchments commemorating Cahan’s 70th birthday (Yiddish)
oversized box 19
Folder 344: Translation of an editorial from 'Der Tog' (The Day) (English)
Folder 345: 'Der Vilner', dedicated to Cahan’s 80th birthday, edited by Ephim Jeshurin (Yiddish, English); advertisment contract for 'Der Vilner' (Yiddish, English)
oversized box 19
Folder 346: Invitation to a testimonial luncheon on the 60th anniversary of Cahan’s activities in the Socialist Labor Movement (English); Forward Association announcement of the testimonial luncheon (Yiddish); Greetings from American Federation of Labor President Green on Cahan’s 85th birthday (Yiddish); 'An Editorial – A Great Jewish Immigrant' (English)
1942, 1945
Folder 347: Scrapbook, 'A Matone tzu Ab. Cahan' (A Present to Abe Cahan), commemorating the celebration of sixty years in America (English, Yiddish)
oversized box 20
Folder 348: Commemorative plaque, 'Tzu Ab. Cahan' (To Abe Cahan); Scrapbook from the Arbeter Ring on the 50th year of the 'Forward' (Yiddish)
oversized box 21
Folder 349: William Zukerman - 'Der Yiddisher Narodnik’ (The Jewish Revolutionary) (Yiddish) celebrating Cahan’s 50 year jubilee; Invitations to Cahan’s 90th birthday celebration including program and seating plan (English); a letter from Alexander Kahn, 'Forward' General Manager, to P. Schwartz, Congress for Jewish Culture (English); Clippings about Cahan’s 90th birthday (Yiddish, Russian)
1947, 1950
Series XIII: Personal Materials
This series contains materials related to Cahan’s and his wife Anna’s medical conditions and doctor’s bills as well as condolence letters on the death of Anna in 1947. The language of non-English materials follows in parentheses.
Box 17
Folder 350: Letters related to Cahan’s and his wife’s medical treatment and doctors’ bills; Condolence letters for the death of Cahan’s wife with several responses from Cahan (Yiddish, English)
1932, 1945-1947
condolence letters from H. Berger (Yiddish); H.O. Bernstein (Yiddish); Jacob Billikopf; Samuel Edelstein; H.L. Gelbaum (telegram); Julius Gerber; Charles Grossman; David Grossman; Joint Board Dress and Waistmakers Union (telegram); Benjamin Kaplan; Los Angeles 'Forward' staff (telegram); H.L. Mencken; Gerhart Seger; Bertram Shelley; Louis Sobel; Friedrich Stampfer; Leon Szczekacz (Yiddish)
Series XIV: Photographs
This series includes black and white photographs and drawings of Cahan alone, with his wife and in groups with other journalists. There is also a collage of the title pages of Cahan’s books.
Box 17
Folder 351: Photographs and drawings of Abe Cahan
Folder 352: Photographs and clippings of Anna Cahan, Abe Cahan’s wife
Folder 353: Abe Cahan in group photographs
Folder 354: Miscellaneous title pages of Abe Cahan’s books
Series XV: Obituaries
This series contains obituaries for Cahan from a variety of newspapers, written in Yiddish, English, Polish and Russian. The materials are arranged chronologically, from September through November 1951.
Box 18
Folder 355: Obituaries (Yiddish)
Folder 356: Obituaries (English, Polish, Russian)
Series XVI: Posthumous Works about Abe Cahan
This series contains articles written after Cahan’s death. Article and journal titles have been transliterated with a translation following in parentheses. The materials are arranged alphabetically by title, author or newspaper title. For the newspaper clippings, only the name of the publication is given. Some of these materials were collected at the Forward and some in the time the collection resided at the Bund Archives.
Subseries 1: Yiddish
Box 18
Folder 357: Ab. Cahan Fond, Zayne Tziln un Zayne Dergreykhungen (Abe Cahan Fund, Its Purposes and Its Achievements); 'Yidish Tzaytung' (Yiddish Newspaper); 'Unzer Tzayt' (Our Time); 'Unzer Shtime' (Our Voice); Mendel Osherowitch - Ab. Cahan (Abe Cahan); 'Der Veker' (The Alarm Clock); 'Der Tog' (The Day); 'Der Tog-Morgn Zhurnal' (The Day - Morning Journal); 'Yiddisher Velt Kongres' (Jewish World Congress)
undated, 1951, 1960, 1961, 1970, 1980
Folder 358: 'Yidishe Kultur' (Jewish Culture); 'Yisroel-Shtime' (Israel’s Voice); 'Morgn Freiheit' (Morning Freedom); 'Faktn un Maynungen' (Facts and Opinions)
1956-1957, 1960, 1963-1964, 1966-1967, 1969, 1971, 1972, 1976, 1987
Folder 359: 'Forverts' (Forward)
1951-1954, 1957
Folder 360: 'Forverts' (Forward)
1960-1962, 1964, 1967-1969
Folder 361: 'Forverts' (Forward), including 80th Anniversary edition
oversized box 20
Folder 362: 'Der Fraynd' (The Friend); 'Freie Arbeiter Stimme' (Free Workers Voice); 'Kultur un Dertziung' (Culture and Education)
1951, 1960, 1961
Subseries 2: Non-Yiddish
Most writings are in English.
Box 18
Folder 363: Abraham Cahan and the Discovery of America for Jews
Folder 364: Abraham Cahan: A Biographical Sketch; Abe Cahan Foundation Preamble; Abe Cahan Fund for Labor Veterans; Abe Cahan’s New Journalism in Philadelphia; Bernard Baum - A Garment Worker Remembers; William Bohn - Abe Cahan and the New America; Sid Friedlander - Abraham Cahan: The Editor Who Cared
undated, 1950, 1952, 1960, 1961, 1987
Folder 365: Joel Gross - ‘Rise of David Levinsky’ as musical is acclaimed; Hema - Zum dritten Mal: Judisches Enwandererlos als Musical (For the Third Time: Jewish Wandering as a Musical) (German); Ganville Hicks - Immigrant’s Progress; Stephen Holden - Stage: ‘David Levinsky’, An Immigrant Story; Irving Howe - Becoming American; In Memory of Abraham Cahan - notice from the Research archives on Jewish life throughout the world, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Thomas Lask - Books of The Times: World Within a World; Elenore Lester - ‘Rise of David Levinsky’ packed with pathos, fun; Diane Levenberg - David Levinsky and His Women; Kenneth Libo - The History of Jewish Journalism in America; Makhzemar Yehudi Khadash Khofekh Lilhit (New Jewish Musical Becomes a Hit) (Hebrew); Jacob Rich - Abraham Cahan: The Man and His Newspaper; Moses Rischin - Abraham Cahan and the New York 'Commercial Advertiser': A Study in Acculturation; Moses Rischin - Abraham Cahan: Mentor and Guide of the Jewish Labor Movement in America; a letter from Moses Rischin to Hillel Kempinsky
undated, 1952, 1953, 1964, 1970, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1983, 1987
Folder 366: Ronald Sanders - The Jewish Daily Forward; Elias Schulman - The 125th Birthday of Abraham Cahan; A. Schweitzer - Sefer Khadash (New Book) (Hebrew); Richard F. Shepard - Stage: Jewish Theater’s ‘Rise of David Levinsky’; Alisa Solomon - Peddler on the Roof; Marilyn Stasio - Tale of Immigrant Boy-Makes-Nearly-Good; Albert Waldinger - Abraham Cahan and Palestine; Correspondence between William H. Hendelson, editor-in-chief of the World Scope Encyclopedia, and Ephim H. Jeshurin
undated, 1951, 1962, 1980, 1983, 1985, 1987

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