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Guide to the Papers of William Edlin (1878-1947) RG 251

Processed by David Wolfson. Additional processing by Rachel S. Harrison as part of the Leon Levy Archival Processing Initiative, made possible by the Leon Levy Foundation.

YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
15 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011
Email: archives@yivo.cjh.org
URL: http://www.yivo.org

©2012 YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. All rights reserved.<

Electronic finding aid was encoded in EAD 2002 by Rachel S. Harrison in July 2012. Description is in English.

Collection Overview

Title: Guide to the Papers of William Edlin (1878-1947) RG 251

ID: RG 251 FA

Extent: 7.5 Linear Feet


David Wolfson originally processed the collection in 1974. Additional processing was completed in 2012.

David Wolfson arranged the collection and created an index, which he divided into three sections representing more of an intellectual arrangement rather than a physical arrangement. These sections were: correspondence with individuals; correspondence with organizations, institutions, schools, publishers, and correspondence by subject; and personal materials, including manuscripts and articles. Materials in the index are often cross-listed by both organization and by individual. The index lists the language of the materials as Y for Yiddish, E for English and R for Russian.

The physical arrangement of the collection is in five series and an addendum, which is not represented in David Wolfson’s index, and is arranged by subject. The correspondence is arranged in a general alphabetical order, as is the addendum.

Languages: English, Yiddish, Russian, French, German, Hebrew, Czech


This collection contains the personal and professional papers of William Edlin, editor of The Day and a prominent Socialist. It includes correspondence with individuals and with organizations, newspaper clippings, manuscripts of works by Edlin and by others as well as translations done by Edlin, and some of Edlin’s personal documents. These materials relate to Edlin’s involvement with The Day, with the Socialist Party, the Workmen’s Circle, various labor and Zionist organizations, literary clubs and activities, and with music, art and drama.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection relates to Edlin’s position as the editor of The Day as well as his work with various Socialist, labor and Zionist organizations. It contains correspondence and other materials pertaining to individuals including Jacob P. Adler, Nathan Ausubel, Joseph Barondess, Herman Bernstein, Menachem Boraisha, Reuben Brainin, Abraham Cahan, Abraham Coralnick, Jacob de Haas, Eugene Debs, Celia Dropkin, Isadora Duncan, Ossip Dymow, Ilya Ehrenburg, Samuel Gompers, Moshe Leib Halpern, Alexander Harkavy, Peretz Hirschbein, Isaac Hourwich, Sol Hurok, Harold Ickes, Vladimir Jabotinsky, Yefim Jeshurin, Bertha and Jacob Kalich, Leon Kobrin, Herbert H. Lehman, Jack London, Joseph Margoshes, Louis Marshall, Henry Morgenthau, Sr., Paul Muni, Moshe Nadir, Shmuel Niger, M. Olgin, Mendel Osherowitch, Molly Picon, David de Sola Pool, Joseph Proskauer, John D. Rockefeller, Hillel Rogoff, Ludwig Satz, Jacob Schiff, Maurice Schwartz, Yente Serdatzky, Sholem Aleichem, Upton Sinclair, Alfred E. Smith, Rabbi Chaim Soloveitchik, Nathan Straus, Jr., Samuel Untermeyer, Baruch Charney Vladeck, Felix Warburg, Chaim Weizmann, President Woodrow Wilson, Rabbi Stephen Wise, Aaron Zeitlin, and Dr. Chaim Zhitlowsky.

There is also correspondence and other materials relating to the Socialist Party and other organizations, among them the American Association for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union (ICOR), American Jewish Congress, American Labor Party, American ORT Federation, Columbia University, The Day, Educational Alliance, Folksbiene, Morning Freiheit, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), Jewish Agency, Jewish National Workers’ Alliance, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Joint Distribution Committee, Keren Hayesod, New York City Board of Education, New York Times, Social Democratic League, Workmen’s Circle, World Zionist Organization, Yiddish Culture Society, Yiddish Writers Union, Zionist Organization of America, and Zukunft.

There are also manuscripts by Edlin, including Edlin's translations into Yiddish of literary works, manuscripts of other writers, such as Peretz Hirschbein and Pinchas Friedlander, newspaper clippings of Edlin's writings, including his column "What is New in the Socialist World" and other articles, financial records, notices of meetings, photographs, a metal printing template for a business card, autobiographical materials, birthday greetings, visiting cards, family correspondence, fundraising appeals, programs, resolutions, minutes, announcements for lectures, reports, bulletins, and speeches. The addendum contains materials from many of the same organizations and individuals found elsewhere in the collection.

This collection would be particularly helpful for those interested in the history of The Day and Yiddish newspaper publishing, Yiddish theater in America, the history and development of various communal institutions, and WWI-era Socialism and Zionism. The collection dates from 1894-1948, with three items from 1960-1969.

Historical Note

William Edlin was born in Priluki, Poltawa Province, Ukraine on May 3, 1878 to Paltiel Nochim and Miriam (Borodinsky) Edlin. He attended cheder until he was 12, at which point his family immigrated to the United States, settling in San Francisco in 1891. Edlin attended public evening school for two years and then enrolled at Stanford University, where he was greatly influenced by Socialist ideas.

At the end of 1896, he came to New York and began writing articles for English and Yiddish Socialist publications, including Abend Blatt (Evening Paper), as well as writing a book, The Coming Social Struggle (1897). He also was involved in the Socialist Labor Party, and was the assistant editor of The People in 1900. He became the manager of the Folks Tsaytung (Peoples Paper) in 1899 and later helped to found the weekly Social Democrat, for which he was the first editor, along with several other break-away members of the Socialist Labor Party, including B. Feigenbaum, Leon Kobrin, B. Weinstein, A. Kaspe, Morris Hillquit, as well as Abe Cahan and Morris Winchevsky. After the Social Democrat ceased publication, Edlin began working at The Jewish Daily Forward, where he was the editor from 1902-1903 and also wrote a weekly column about drama and music. He edited the Haverhill Social Democrat in Haverhill, MA, 1901, was the editor of the Capmakers’ Journal in Yiddish and English from 1902-1905, wrote for the Abendpost (Evening Post), the Jewish Daily Herald, 1903-1904, and the Morgn Zhurnal (Jewish Morning Journal), 1904-1913, for which he was also the drama and music editor.

Edlin helped to found the Workmen's Circle and was the General Secretary in 1913-1914. He supported Yiddish cultural activities and more widespread labor education through lecture tours and publications. He was later involved in the educational commission of the Workmen's Circle and served as the president. In late 1914, Mr. Edlin became city editor of Der Tog (The Day) newspaper and served as editor-in-chief from 1916 to 1925. He resigned from The Day in 1925 and became the National Executive Secretary of the Keren Hayesod in the U.S.A. from 1925-1928. He returned to The Day as editor-in-chief in 1929.

Edlin was also involved with music and theater. His book, Velt-Berimte Operas (World-Famous Operas) (1907) discusses and critiques popular Italian, French and German operas as well as music and opera in general. Der Yid (The Jew) was a four-act play, written with L. Cooperman in 1911, and was one of several plays Edlin wrote, including Mentshn in Keytn (Men in Chains), which was going to be performed in Jacob P. Adler’s People’s Theater with Adler playing a role in 1912, although this ultimately did not happen. Edlin was also president of the New York Foreign Film Critics, president of the I.L. Peretz Yiddish Writers Union, a prominent member of the Zionist Organization of America, and a translator of various works of fiction and history, including Ellen Thomas’ two-volume History of the United States (1912).

Edlin married Sarah Boudianoff in New York City in 1901 and they were divorced in 1912. He married Pauline (Polia) Zeltzer in 1912 and their daughter Charmian was born 1914. William Edlin died in New York November 30, 1947.

Subject/Index Terms

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: Permission to use the collection must be obtained from the YIVO Archivist. For information write to archives@yivo.cjh.org

Use Restrictions: Permission to publish part or parts of the collection must be obtained from the YIVO Archives. For more information, contact:YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011 email: archives@yivo.cjh.org

Acquisition Method: Donated to YIVO by Mrs. Charmian Cohn, daughter of William Edlin, in 1949.

Separated Materials: There is no information about materials that are associated by provenance to the described materials that have been physically separated or removed.

Original/Copies Note: There is an index created by David Wolfson in the front of the first box, which reflects an intellectual arrangement in three sections.

Related Materials: The YIVO Library has Edlin’s book about opera and his book The Coming Social Struggle as well as many books and other materials about Socialism, Zionism and labor. Edlin’s correspondence and records of his activities as well as the activities of organizations with which he was involved can be found in Records of the Day-Morning Journal, RG 639; Records of the Workmen’s Circle, RG 575; Records of the I.L. Peretz Yiddish Writers’ Union, RG 701; Papers of Abraham Coralnick, RG 321 and the personal collections of many Yiddish writers, particularly those who wrote for, or were otherwise connected with, The Day.

Preferred Citation: Published citations should take the following form:Identification of item, date (if known); Papers of William Edlin; RG 251; folder number; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

Series 1: Series I: Personal Materials, 1896-1948,
Series 2: Series II: Correspondence with Organizations, 1897-1947,
Series 3: Series III: Family Correspondence, 1896-1947, 1969,
Series 4: Series IV: Correspondence with Individuals, 1894-1943, 1960,
Series 5: Series V: Manuscripts, 1900-1938, undated,
Series 6: Series VI: Addendum, 1915-1948, 1962

Series I: Personal Materials
The materials in this series are generally directly related to William Edlin’s personal life, including financial and legal records, materials from Stanford University, autobiographical materials, clippings of articles by and about Edlin, including his column from The Day and articles and reviews he wrote about music, theater, film, and art, photographs, speeches, and manuscripts of Edlin’s writings, including translations he made of world literature. There is also a great deal of material about various Socialist and labor groups and activities he was involved with, including the Socialist Labor Party, the Social Democratic Party, the Social Democratic League of America, the U.S. Socialist Party, and the American Labor Party, among others.
Folders: 66
Folder 1: Personal loans
Folder 2: Legal matters
Folder 3: Income and personal taxes
Folder 4: Stanford University Club
Folder 5: Miscellaneous personal papers
1901, 1917-1927, 1939-1944
Folder 6: Press cards-visiting cards
Folder 7: College papers
Folder 8: Insurance and leases
Folder 9: Receipts and business papers
Folder 10: Budgets
Folder 11: Autobiographical materials
Folder 12: 50th birthday jubilee
Folder 13: Notes and outlines
1921-1943, undated
Folder 14: Clippings and circulars about Edlin
Folder 15: Clippings and circulars about Edlin
Folder 16: Condolences to Mrs. Edlin
Folder 17: Obituary clippings
Folder 18: Autographs of friends and relatives
Folder 19: Photographs
1915, undated
Folder 20: Talks and addresses
1944-1945, undated
Folder 21: Talks and addresses
1944, undated
Folder 22: Talks and addresses
1939-1945, undated
Folder 23: Talks and addresses
1899, 1946, undated
Folder 24: Talks and addresses
Folder 25: Manuscript - Heldn in Kaytn (Heroes in Chains)
Folder 26: Manuscripts - miscellaneous
1910, undated

includes: Geshmite Helden (Chained Heroes), 1910

Di Rusishe Revolutsie fun 1917 (The Russian Revolution in 1917)

Folder 27: Manuscripts - translations by Edlin

includes: A Trip to Beethoven's Shrine, by James Faller

The Abyss, by Kazimerz Tetmajer and Stanislaw Przbyszewski

Bartel Turaser, by Philip Langman

A Victim from Russia, by S. Schiffman

Folder 27A: Manuscripts - translations by Edlin
La Rencontre (The Meeting), by Pierre Berton, Paris, translated from French to Yiddish
Folder 28: Articles by Edlin - clippings
Folder 29: Articles by Edlin - clippings
Folder 30: Articles by Edlin - clippings
Folder 31: Articles by Edlin - clippings
1909, 1920, 1936, undated
Folder 32: Articles by Edlin - clippings
column in Der Tog: Vos Tut zikh in der Sotsialistisher Velt (What's Happening in the Socialist World)
Folder 33: Articles by Edlin - clippings
music and opera, from Der Amerikaner
Folder 34: Articles by Edlin - clippings
1906-1944, undated
music and opera
Folder 35: Articles by Edlin - clippings
1907, undated
music and opera
Folder 36: Articles by Edlin - clippings
1907-1911, undated
music and opera
Folder 37: Articles by Edlin - clippings
Richard Wagner (English, German, Yiddish)
Folder 38: Articles by Edlin - clippings
Richard Wagner (English, Yiddish)
Folder 39: Articles by Edlin - clippings
1908-1910, 1929-1946
reviews of English theater and film (Yiddish, English)
Folder 40: Articles by Edlin - clippings
reviews of Yiddish theater and music
Folder 41: Articles by Edlin - clippings
Jewish music and art
Folder 42: Articles by Edlin - clippings
1910-1912, 1923-1933, 1946
Jewish music and art
Folder 43: Articles by Edlin - clippings
Jewish music and art
Folder 44: Project for a popular grand opera organization in New York City
1920, undated
Folder 44A: Project for a new kind of motion picture theater
Folder 45: Yiddish (Jewish) press - clippings
1923-1946, undated
(Yiddish, English)
Folder 46: Yiddish literature - clippings
1910, undated
Folder 47: Picture postcards - art pictures
1908-1937, undated
(English, German)
Folder 48: Socialist Labor Party - clippings
Folder 49: Socialist Labor Party - Socialist Manifesto
Folder 50: Social Democratic Party
Folder 51: Social Democratic Party - election campaign
Folder 52: Social Democratic League of America
Folder 53: Social Democratic League of America - constitution and by-laws
Folder 54: Socialist Party
Folder 55: Socialist Party
Folder 56: Socialist Party
1912-1917, 1930-1935
Folder 57: Socialist Party
1931-1935, undated
Folder 58: Socialist Party - election campaign
Folder 59: Socialist Party - press clippings
Folder 60: American Labor Party
Folder 61: Jewish Socialist organizations
1913-1918, 1940
Folder 62: Socialism - miscellaneous materials
Folder 63: Socialism - miscellaneous clippings
1900-1916, 1930-1947
Folder 64: Socialism - miscellaneous clippings
1900-1905, 1943-1945
Series II: Correspondence with Organizations
The correspondence and related materials in this series concern various Socialist, Zionist and labor organizations, Yiddish and English periodicals, unions, aid societies, cultural organizations and societies, local and national government institutions, schools, and publishers. There is also a great deal of information about Edlin’s work at The Day, including correspondence with staff and other professional correspondence, information about charity cases that The Day was involved with, financial records, reports, and minutes. Edlin’s connection to the Workmen’s Circle, including his work as Secretary General, is also well-represented through correspondence, by-laws, convention materials, and speeches.
Folders: 90
Folder 65: A
1906, 1920-1947
Agence Litteraire et Dramatique Internationale; Ambijan; American League for a Free Palestine; American ORT; Der Arbeiter
Folder 66: American Alliance for Labor and Democracy
Folder 67: American Federation of Labor, American Jewish Conference
1904, 1917-1918, 1945
Folder 68: American Jewish Congress
Folder 69: American Jewish Congress
Folder 70: B
1924, 1934
Biographical Encyclopedia of American Jews; Brownsville and East New York Hospital
Folder 71: Bronx Jewish Herald / Bronx Jewish Weekly
Folder 72: Bronx Jewish Herald / Bronx Jewish Weekly
Folder 73: C
1901-1906, 1922, 1939
Cantors Association of America; The Comrade; Coopers International Union; Coralnick Branch of Jewish National Workers Alliance
Folder 74: California Jewish Voice
Folder 75: Columbia University
1912, 1926
Folder 76: Committee on Public Information
Folder 77: D
1910, 1935
Daughters of Jacob; Dress and Waistmakers' Union
Folder 78: E
1919-1925, undated
Educational Alliance; Eureka Benevolent Society; The Evening Mail; The Ezra School
Folder 79: Federation of Jewish Philanthropic Societies
Folder 80: F
1902-1903, 1926-1942
Fellowship of Faiths; Folksbiene; Foreign Press Publicity Service; Forward; Di Morgn Freiheit
Folder 81: H
1920-1925, 1942
Hebrew Actors' Union; Hebrew-American Typographical Union; Hebrew Free Loan Society; Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS); Histadruth Ivrith
Folder 82: I
ICOR; Indritz's Yom Tov Schriften
Folder 83: J
1909-1929, 1945
Jewish Agency for Palestine; Jewish Biographical Bureau; Jewish Economic Board; Jewish Morning Journal; Jewish Publication Society; Jewish Telegraphic Agency; Jewish War Rally Committee; Jewish Welfare Board; Jewish League of American Patriots; Junior Patriots of America
Folder 84: Jewish Labor World
Folder 85: Jewish Writers Club
1912, 1937, undated
Folder 86: L - M
1901, 1915-1936
Labor Secretariat; Labor Stage, Inc.; Ladies Waist and Dressmakers Union; League for American Citizenship; League of Foreign-Born Citizens; The Literary Digest; Metropolitan Opera Company
Folder 87: N
1903, 1915-1935
The Nation; National Security League; National Labor Committee; National Social Club; The Neighborhood Playhouse; The New Leader; New Netherlands Publishing Company; The New Palestine
Folder 88: New York City - New York Fraternal Congress
New York City Board of Education; New York City Department of Education; New York City Department of Public Welfare; New York Fraternal Congress
Folder 89: New York Independent
1927, undated
Folder 90: New York Newspaper Writers Union
Folder 91: New York Public Library - Newspaper Club
New York Public Library; New York Telegram; The New York Times; The Newspaper Club
Folder 92: P
PM; Palestine Emergency Fund; The People; Poets' Guild; Polish Telegraph Agency; Port Morris School; Progressive Worker's Club
Folder 93: Pi Tomid
Folder 94: R
Reflex; Russian Political Club
Folder 95: Theatre Guide
1927, undated
Folder 96: U
1900, 1916-1933
United Cloth, Hat and Cap Makers Union; United Jewish Campaign; United Palestine Appeal; United States House of Representatives; United States Industrial Commission
Folder 97: United Nations Conference
Folder 98: United Nations Conference - clippings
Folder 99: W
1906, 1921-1924
The Warheit; Workers Self Educational Center; Dos Wort
Folder 100: Y
1922-1923, 1935
Yehoash Farlag Gezelshaft; Yeshiva College; Yiddish Art Theater; Young Judea
Folder 101: Yiddish Writers Union
Folder 102: Yiddish Writers Union
Folder 103: Yiddish Writers Union
Folder 104: Yiddish Writers Union
Folder 105: Zionist Congress, ninth
Folder 106: Zionist organizations
1919-1921, undated
Zionist Commission to Palestine; the Zionist Organization Executive; World Zionist Organization
Folder 107: Zionist Organization of America
Folder 108: Zukunft, Die
Folder 109: Day - Correspondence - A-C
Folder 110: Day - Correspondence - D-E
Folder 111: Day - Correspondence - F-K
1924-1925, 1939
Folder 112: Day - Correspondence - L-M
Folder 113: Day - Correspondence - N-R
Folder 114: Day - Correspondence - Sa-Sc
Folder 115: Day - Correspondence - Shapiro, David
1919-1925, 1937-1938
Folder 116: Day - Correspondence - Sh-St
1924-1926, 1939-1942
Folder 117: Day - Correspondence - Staff
1916-1925, 1941, undated
Folder 118: Day - Correspondence - W-Y
1917-1930, 1942
Folder 119: Day - Correspondence - unidentified
Folder 120: Day - Correspondence - charity cases B-C
Folder 121: Day - Correspondence - charity cases F-M
Folder 122: Day - Correspondence - charity cases R-Z
Folder 123: Day - budgets and financial affairs
1927, 1941, undated
Folder 124: Day - lists of staff members and salaries
1920-1925, 1937, undated
Folder 125: Day - miscellaneous papers
Folder 126: Day - miscellaneous papers
Folder 127: Day - newspaper clippings
Folder 128: Workmen's Circle - circular letters
Folder 129: Workmen's Circle - circular letters
Folder 130: Workmen's Circle - constitution
Folder 131: Workmen's Circle - convention
Folder 132: Workmen's Circle - convention
Folder 133: Workmen's Circle - convention
Folder 134: Workmen's Circle - convention
Folder 135: Workmen's Circle - correspondence
Folder 136: Workmen's Circle - correspondence
Folder 137: Workmen's Circle - correspondence
Folder 138: Workmen's Circle - correspondence, Edlin as Secretary General
letters of congratulations
Folder 139: Workmen's Circle - correspondence, Edlin as Secretary General
Folder 140: Workmen's Circle - correspondence, Edlin as Secretary General
Folder 140A: Workmen's Circle - clippings, Edlin as Secretary General
Folder 141: Workmen's Circle - Independent Workmen's Circle
Boston, MA
Folder 142: Workmen's Circle - meeting notices and bills
Folder 143: Workmen's Circle - miscellaneous materials
Folder 144: Workmen's Circle - National Executive Committee
Folder 145: Workmen's Circle - clippings
Folder 146: Workmen's Circle - clippings
Folder 147: Workmen's Circle - clippings
Folder 148: Workmen's Circle - notices of meetings addressed by Edlin
Folder 149: Workmen's Circle - sanitorium
1913-1914, 1930
Folder 150: Notices of meetings that Edlin addressed
Socialist Labor Party
Folder 151: Notices of meetings that Edlin addressed
Social Democratic Party
Folder 152: Notices of meetings that Edlin addressed
1906, undated
Folder 153: Notices of meetings that Edlin addressed
unions and others
Series III: Family Correspondence
1896-1947, 1969
There is correspondence with Edlin’s sister, brothers, father, cousins, uncle, nieces and nephews, his daughter, Charmian, his first wife, Sarah, and his second wife, Polia, as well as other friends and family members. This correspondence is mostly in English, with some Yiddish and Russian.
Folders: 36
Folder 154: Correspondence with family and friends
Folder 155: Correspondence with family and friends
Folder 156: Correspondence with family and friends
greeting cards and postcards
Folder 157: Edlin, Alvin; Edlin, Blanche
1911, 1941-1943
Folder 158: Edlin, Ben
Folder 159: Edlin, Chaim
Folder 160: Edlin, Charmian
Folder 161: Edlin, Edith
Folder 162: Edlin, Edward M.
Folder 163: Edlin, Gershon
Folder 164: Edlin, Henry and Annie
(brother and sister-in-law)
Folder 165: Edlin, James S.; Edlin, Mrs. Juda; Edlin, Isaac; Edlin, Marshall
1923-1932, undated
(Isaac is a brother, Marshall is a nephew)
Folder 166: Edlin, Max
Folder 167: Edlin, Mildred; Edlin, Mordecai Ber; Edlin, Morris
(Mildred is a niece, Morris is a brother)
Folder 168: Edlin, Nathan (Paltiel Nahum)
Folder 169: Edlin, Nathan
Folder 170: Edlin, Nathan
Folder 171: Edlin, Nathan
Folder 172: Edlin, Nathan
Folder 173: Edlin, Nathan
Folder 174: Edlin, Raymond
Folder 175: Edlin, Sam; Edlin, Ted; Edlin, Vitali
Folder 176: Edlin, Sarah
1900-1928, 1969
(first wife)letters to William Edlin
Folder 177: Edlin, Sarah
letters from William Edlin
Folder 178: Edlin, Sarah
miscellaneous letters
Folder 179: Edlin, Polia (Paula, Pauline)
(second wife)letters to William Edlin
Folder 180: Edlin, Polia
letters to William Edlin
Folder 181: Edlin, Polia
letters to William Edlin
Folder 182: Edlin, Polia
letters to William Edlin
Folder 183: Edlin, Polia
letters to William Edlin
Folder 184: Edlin, Polia
letters to William Edlin
Folder 185: Edlin, Polia
letters from William Edlin
Folder 186: Edlin, Polia
letters from William Edlin
Folder 187: Edlin, Polia
letters from William Edlin
Folder 188: Edlin, Polia
postcards from William Edlin
Folder 189: Edlin, Polia
miscellaneous letters
Series IV: Correspondence with Individuals
1894-1943, 1960
The correspondence in this series is with various individuals, including prominent Socialists, people involved with the labor movement, Yiddish and English writers, and actors and other cultural figures. Some of these include Jacob P. Adler, Joseph Barondess, Abraham Coralnick, Eugene V. Debs, Celia Dropkin, Isadora Duncan, Isaac Hourwich, Herbert H. Lehman, Jack London, Joseph Margoshes, Shmuel Niger, Jacob Schiff, Maurice Schwartz, Sholem Aleichem, Upton Sinclair, Alfred E. Smith, Baruch C. Vladeck, Edward and Felix Warburg, Chaim Weizmann, Woodrow Wilson, Stephen S. Wise, Chaim Zhitlowsky, and many more.
Folders: 55
Folder 190: A
Abbott, Leonard D.; Abrahams, David; Abramowitz; Adler, Jacob P.; Adler, Stella; Arnstein, Ira B.; Astor, H.; Atkinson, Warren; Auerbach, R.; Ausubel, N.; Avery, Martha
Folder 191: Ba
Bandlow, Robert; Baradulin, L.; Barnum, Gertrude; Barondess, Joseph; Baskin, Joseph; Basovsky, Estelle;
Folder 192: Be
Belikov, Israel; Belovski, Morris; Berg, Isabelle; Berger, Victor L.; Bernstein, Abraham; Bernstein, Herman; Bernstein, L.P.; Bersford, Thomas; Berul, Zalmon; Berwin, Anna; Beuler, B.; Beverly, Helen
Folder 193: Bl-Bo
Blank, L.; Blatch, Harriet Stanton; Bloch, Joshua; Boraisha, Menachem; Boyarsky, J.
Folder 194: Boudin, Louis Boudianoff
Folder 195: Br-Bu
Brainin, Reuben; Brand, Ira; Brooks, M.; Budish, Jacob; Bushinsky, J.M.
Folder 196: Brown, Louis H.
Folder 197: C
Cahan, Abe; Celler, Emanuel; Chanin, L.; Cohen, B.; Coh, Albert; Conheim, Herman; Coralnick, Abraham and Beatrice; Coralnick, Manya; Coralnick, Sarah; Crowell, C.H.
Folder 198: D
Danzis, M.; Dalinda, Joseph Z.; Davenport, B.; de Haas, Jacob; Debs, Eugene V.; Denemon, E.S.; Dluzhnowski, M.; Dowler, A.S.; Dropkin, Celia; Dreier, Margaret D.; Duncan, Isadora; Dymow, Ossip
Folder 199: E
Ehrenburg, Ilya; Elbe, Leon; Elias, Miriam; Elstein, Morris; Ephros, Gershon; Epstein, H.J.
Folder 200: F
Faller, James; Feigenbaum, B.; Fein, David; Feinman, A.; Fels, Mary; Fink, Reuben; Finkelstein, Chaim; Finnegan, Elizabeth; Firth, Maurice; Fisher, Mendel; Fox, George I.; Friedkin, Israel
Folder 201: Ga-Gi
Gaisky, N.A.; Geiger, N.P.; Gelbart, Michael; Ginsburg, Saul; Gisnet, Morris
Folder 202: Go-Gu
Goldberg, B.Z.; Golub, Solomon, Foundation; Gonzer, A.M.; Gonzer, Gertrude; Gordon, M.; Graubart, Y.Z.; Greenberg, Alla; Grossman, Vladimir; Gutlevsky, Molly
Folder 203: H
Hardman, J.B.S.; Harkavy, Alexander; Harkavy M.R.; Hartman, Gustave; Hayes, Max S.; Herndon, Richard; Horowitz, Isac; Hourwich, Isaac; Hurok, Sol; Hurwitz, Maximilian; Hyndman, H.M.
Folder 204: Imchanitzky, Marie and Michael
Folder 205: I-J
Ish-Kishor, Shulamith; Jasinowski, Pinchas; Jefroykin, Israel; Jeshurin, Yefim; Jordan, David Starr
Folder 206: Ka-Ke
Kalich, Bertha; Kalich, Jacob; Kalich, Lillian; Kamenetsky, Sonia; Kantor, K.; Katz, Jacob; Katz, Louis H.; Kennedy, Charles R.; Kellar, Harold
Folder 207: King, Cameron H., Jr.
Folder 208: Kl-Kw
Klein, Alfred; Klein, S.; Kobrin, Leon; Koelble, Alphonse; Koenigsberg, M.; Kohut, Mrs. Alexander; Kremer, Ilsa; Kuperson; Kwartin, Bernard
Folder 209: La-Le
Landman, Isaac; Lapson, Dvora; Latzky, W.; Lavser, B.; Le Bosquet, C.H.; Lehman, Herbert H.; Levenson, Boris; Levin, Simon J.; Levitzky, B.; Levy, Aaron J.; Lewis, William H.
Folder 210: Li-Lu
Liberman, Meyer; Lilith, Ola; Lombard, Leo; London, Jack; London, Charmian (Mrs. Jack); Lopatin, A.; Lubin, Arthur
Folder 211: Mac-Mar
Machalansky, Esther; Marcus, Joseph S.; Margolin, Arnold; Margoshes, Joseph
Folder 212: Margoshes, Samuel
Folder 213: Marshall, Louis
Folder 214: Mc-Mo
McLoughlin, J.E.; Meister, Isaac; Milch, Jacob; Mishman, Rose; Monfried, Lazarus; Morewsky, A.; Morgenthau, Henry; Morrill, C.A.; Morrison, Captain; Morrison, Maurice; Mosessohn, Nehemiah
Folder 215: N
Neumann, Emanuel; Nicoll, William C.; Niger, Shmuel; Nochotowitch, Achill; Noel, Rose F.; Noel, Sterling
Folder 216: Pe-Pi
Peck, George; Petrunkevitch, I.; Pfeffer, J.; Phelps, Philo F.; Phillips, Nathaniel; Pilsk, M.
Folder 217: Po-Q
Pool, David de Sola; Posess, M.; Postel, Max; Potter, Sarah; Proskauer, Joseph M.; Putnam, E. Val; Quirk, D.
Folder 218: Ra
Rabinowitz, S.; Rappaport, W.K.; Raskin, Rae; Raskin, Saul; Rauch, C.E.
Folder 219: Re-Rj
Regulsky, M.; Reich, H.; Reisenberg-Sherman, Nadia; Richards, Bernard G.; Riley, William Harrison; Rjawski, Anna
Folder 220: Ro
Rockefeller, John D.; Rockmore, Clara; Rogoff, H.; Rogovin, J.; Roncini, G.; Rose, Mrs. F.A.; Rosen, Emanuel; Rosen, Lia; Rosenauer, Nicholas; Rosenberg, Albert A.; Rosenberg, James N.; Rosenblatt, H.; Rosenbloom, Ben-Zion; Rosenwald, William; Ross, Jacob M.; Ross, L.; Rottauer, N.
Folder 221: Ru
Rubinstein, Z.H.; Rumsey, Mrs. David; Russell, Theresa H. (Mrs. Charles Edward)
Folder 222: Sa
Sachs, S.A.; Salmanowitz, Mrs.; Samuel, Maurice; Saphirstein, Jacob; Satz, Ludwig; Savage, Leon;
Folder 223: Sc
Schachnowitz, Mollie; Schaenen, Mendell M.; Schaffer, Benjamin N.; Schiff, Jacob; Schomer, Abraham; Schwartz, Maurice; Schweitzer, Mrs. Peter
Folder 224: Se
Seglow, Celia; Seglow, Edwin; Selkin, Alexander; Semel, Bernard; Semenoffsky, A.D.; Serdatzky, Yente
Folder 225: Sh
Shank, Mrs. Max; Shapiro, Chaim; Shapiro, David; Shelubsky, M.; Shelvin, B.; Sherrill, Charles H.; Shiplacoff, A.I.; Shipman, Samuel; Sholem Aleichem; Shuman, L.
Folder 226: Si-Sm
Sinclair, Upton; Slezak, Leo; Slobodin, Henry L.; Slokowsky, Zelman; Slozow, I.; Smith, Alfred E.
Folder 227: So-Sr
Solotaroff, H.; Soloveitchik, Chaim; Spargo, John; Srebnick, David;
Folder 228: St
Steinberg, Shirley; Steinbrook, H.; Stern, Augusta; Stokes, J.G. Phelps; Stolinsky, A.; Stone, N.I.; Straus, Nathan, Jr.
Folder 229: Strunsky, Anna
1897-1902, 1960
Folder 230: Strunsky, Hyman
Folder 231: Strunsky, Manya
Folder 232: Strunsky, Simeon
Folder 233: Sw-Sz
Swick, Otto; Syrkin, Marie; Syrkin, Nahum; Szurpicki, Frank
Folder 234: T
Tarlan, Evelyn; Tauber, L.; Tchaykovsky, N.W.; Teitelbaum, Abraham; Teller, Charlotte; Tenenbaum, Joseph; Terriss, Tom; Tobenkin, Elias; Trommer, Lazarus
Folder 235: U
Udin, Sophie A.; Untermeyer, Samuel
Folder 236: V
Vladeck, B.C.; Vornberg, K.; Voss, J.C.
Folder 237: Walling, William English
Folder 238: Wa-We
Warburg, Edward M.M.; Warburg, Felix; Warhaft, Gertrude; Weinstein; Weis, J. Max; Weiss, Shmuel; Weizmann, Chaim
Folder 239: Wi
Wichnitz, H.; Williams, John D.; Wilson, Woodrow; Wise, Stephen S.
Folder 240: Wo
Wohliner, A.; Wolf, Artur; Wolff, Marcus D.; Wortsman, Charles
Folder 241: Y
Yehoash; Young, Clara
Folder 242: Za-Zl
Zagor, Frieda; Zametkin, M.; Zeitlin, Aaron; Zelikovitch, G.; Zemach, Benjamin; Zhitlowsky, Chaim; Zilberts, Zavel; Zimbalist, Efrem; Zlotzowsky, Pauline
Folder 243: Zu-Zw
Zuckerman, M.; Zuckerman, William; Zunser, Miriam; Zwerin, Joseph; Zwig, Israel
Folder 244: unidentified
Series V: Manuscripts
1900-1938, undated
The manuscripts in this series include plays in Yiddish and English, as well as one in German, an English and Yiddish list of plays from the Federal Theatre Project, and a patriotic poem.
Folders: 6
Folder 245: Manuscript - Der Yid (The Jew)
Folder 246: Manuscript - untitled
drama in 4 acts
Folder 247: Anglo-Jewish Plays
list of plays from the Federal Theatre Project
Folder 248: Manuscripts - by other writers
1900, 1922, undated

includes: Farvos Roze Krankt (Why is Rosa Sick?), by M. Phillips, 1900

Di Fardekte Vane (The Covered Bath), by Pinchas Friedlander

Does Might Make Right?, by Benjamin Levinson, 1922

Folder 249: Drama scripts - by other writers

includes: Dos Kind fun der Velt (The Child of the World), by Peretz Hirschbein

Der Weisse Apfelbaum (The White Apple Tree), by Sholom Pollak (German)

Innoculation to Prevent War, by James Faller

Folder 250: Drama scripts - by other writers

includes: Benedict Spinoza, by Harry Krachmalnicoff

Jacobowsky and the Colonel, by Franz Werfel

Series VI: Addendum
1915-1948, 1962
The addendum consists of more of Edlin’s professional materials, including correspondence, clippings, meeting minutes, and reports from many of the same organizations found earlier in the collection. These include the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, the Coralnick Farlag Committee, Federation of Jewish Philanthropic Societies, materials about labor Zionism, Keren Hayesod, for which he was the National Executive Secretary, and the Zionist Organization of America.
Folders: 25
Folder 251: American Jewish Congress
Folder 252: American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
Folder 253: Concourse Center of Israel
Folder 254: Cooperative Credit Union of New York
Folder 255: Coralnick Farlag Committee
Folder 256: Coralnick Farlag Committee
Folder 257: Coralnick Farlag Committee
Folder 258: Correspondence - miscellaneous
Folder 259: Facts about the Jews in Germany
Folder 260: Federation of Jewish Philanthropic Societies
Folder 261: Hillel Solotaroff Publication Committee
Folder 262: Jewish Publication Society
Folder 263: Labor Zionism
1922-1932, 1943, 1962
Folder 264: Palestine Foundation Fund Keren Hayesod
Folder 265: Palestine Foundation Fund Keren Hayesod
fundraising campaigns in Dayton, OH and Buffalo, NY
Folder 266: Palestine Foundation Fund Keren Hayesod
Folder 267: Zionist Organization of America
Folder 268: Zionist Organization of America
Folder 269: Zionist Organization of America
Folder 270: Zionist Organization of America
Folder 271: Zionist Organization of America
Folder 272: Zionist Organization of America
Folder 273: Zionist Organization of America
Folder 274: Zionist Organization of America
Folder 275: Zionist Organization of America

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