Territorial Collection: England
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Brief Description: *ENGLAND*. Printed materials from various Jewish organizations, mostly in London.  Included are:  Jewish Historical Society of England;  Council of Polish Jews in Great Britain; various relief societies established to aid Jews in Europe after World War I;  Friends of the YIVO in London;  Yiddish cultural organizations.      Materials from Zionist organizations:  Histadrut Tarbut, Habonim, Jewish Agency, Hashomer Hatsair, Poale Zion, Revisionists.  Contribution book for Jewish Colonial Trust, 1903.  Early postcards relating to the Poalei Zion, 1903.  Program of an early Zionist conference 1898.  By-laws of the Chovevei Zion Association, 1892.      Printed materials of Chief Rabbi Joseph Hertz.  Letters from other rabbis, including a copy of letter by Chief Rabbi Samuel Montagu concerning observance of the Sabbath by factory workers, 1897.  Printed materials from synagogues, Talmud Torahs, Agudas Israel.      Materials relating to the labor movement, 1880s-1910. Notices of strikes and public gatherings, including meal tickets for strikers during the Great Tailor's Strike of 1889.  Leaflets of anarchist groups.  Minute book of the United Workers Committee of the West End, London, 1962.      Autobiographical essays submitted to a contest sponsored by the Friends of YIVO in London titled "My First Year in England. "Minute books of the Ben Ouri Art Society, London, 1916-1932.
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