Territorial Collection: France I and France II
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FRANCE*. ca. 1900 - 1945.  The collection is divided into two sections, France 1 and France 2.

*FRANCE 1*, ca. 1900-1930s.  The bulk of the collection consists of materials of Jewish cultural and social welfare organizations and *landsmanshaftn* established primarily by Yiddish speaking immigrants from Poland. Included are the Societe des Israelites Polonais; Kultur Lige; Workmen's Circle, Paris; Association des Juifs Polonais en France; Federation des Artisans, Faconniers, Fabricants, Marchands et Brocanteurs Juifs en France. Records of the Colonie Scolaire located at 36 Rue Amelot in Paris, reflecting its activities in the 1930s and in the post-World War II period. La Colonie Scolaire offered social welfare services which included a summer camp for children and a medical clinic called "La Mere et l'Enfant."      Two scrapbooks of clippings on the Dreyfus Affair.

  *FRANCE 2*, 1940 - 1945. This collection is of mixed provenance and consists of miscellaneous and fragmentary documents donated by individuals and organizations. The collection relates to the situation of the Jews in France during the occupation period.      Underground Jewish newspapers as well as circulars and leaflets by Jewish resistance groups. Issues of *Combattre*, *Notre Voix*, *Notre Parole*. Antisemitic materials of pro-Vichy government groups including propaganda leaflets, circulars and newspapers. Circulars from the French clergy denouncing antisemitism. Clippings of antisemitic newspaper articles. Blank French and German government forms. Materials from the Commissariat Generale Aux Questions Juives. Reports and other original materials from camps such as Drancy, Beaune-la-Rolande. A handwritten Haggadah used in Gurs, 1941. Letters from internees regarding conditions in the camps and packages.  Letters from the prison in Nice. Notes, sermons, eyewitness accounts relating to Lalande, 1941-1942. Reports on the round-ups at the Velodrome d'Hiver. Fragmentary correspondence of German Security Police in Toulouse addressed to the Security Police in Bordeaux. Fragmentary documents from other German government offices. Materials on the activities of the Consistoire Central. Reviews of the French press on the Jewish question and antisemitism. Proceedings of a trial of 24 partisans tried in Paris in 1944. Letters written to family members by imprisoned French Jews about to be executed. A Nazi report on the history of the Jews in France titled *Die Judenverfolgungen in Frankreich*. Samples of yellow stars worn by Jews in France. Telegrams to the Vichy government from individuals in the Jewish community, such as the Chief Rabbi of France.

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