Independent Brisk DeLitau Lodge
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Brief Description: Certificate of incorporation, 1963. Cemetery maps. Cemetery contract, 1922. Burial receipts, 1964-1995. Membership lists, 1968-1998. Correspondence, 1994-1998. Financial records, 1968-1993. Dissolution papers, 1991-1998.
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Record Series Number: RG 1670/RG 1670
Volume: 0.0
Subject Index
Brest Litovsk
Brest Litowsk
Brisk DeLitau
Brisk Dlita
Brisk D Lita
Brist nad Bugie
Brzesc Litewski
Brzesc nad Bugiem
Bzheshch nad Bugyem
Mutual Aid Societies
Russian Empire
United States
Acquisition Notes: New York State Department of Insurance; Acc. 27/04
Finding Aid Revisions: 2012/08/15 ; RCS
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