American Joint Reconstruction Foundation
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Brief Description: The collection consists of correspondence, financial reports, and reports on the situation in various communities from the AJRF offices during the years 1924-1939, as well as some material of the Reconstruction Committee of the JDC, a predecessor of the AJRF, 1920-24. It is divided into 19 series:                                                                                         1. AJRF General Records, 1921-28: lists of directors of AJRF in Eastern Europe, reports from E. European countries, Russia and Palestine; correspondence of ICA (Jewish Colonization Association), 1921-23; announcements and reports relating to the cooperative work between ICA and AJRF and ORT; memoranda from ICA, 1922; reports, tables and correspondence about the reconstruction work going on in Europe, 1922-24; reports of AJRF activities in Europe, 1924-28.                                                                                                                2.Ukraine, 1920: report of the situation in the Ukraine, 1920; file of Maurice Kass and his correspondence with the Joint and several individuals; materials on the Scandinavian Committee of the JDC; correspondence and reports about the work of OSE and ORT; correspondence from individuals in the Ukraine to relatives in the United States.                                                                                                                 3. Poland, 1920-38: reports of the situation in Galicia, in the Ukraine, White Russia and Congress Poland; reports of 121 loan societies in Congress Poland; statistics of 35 labor cooperatives in Poland; miscellaneous reports on Joint activities at this time; report of Jewish Industrial establishments in Poland, 1921; list of 97 Jewish communities rebuilt after World War I through JDC, minutes and memoranda relating to reconstruction work in Poland, 1924-26; reports on financial and educational situation in various cities, 1923-30; cooperative bank reports, 1923-29; reports of credit societies in Poland, 1923-29; financial reports of various loan societies and banks in Poland.                                                                  4. Lithuania: surveys of reconstruction activities, 1920-21; correspondence of Central Bank, 1920-23; balance sheets of 63 People's Banks, 1922; lists of requests for loans according to city (including 63 cities in Poland), 1924-25; miscellaneous statistical tables.                                                                              5. Latvia and Estonia: correspondence, reports, minutes, memoranda and tables relating to banks in localities in Latvia and Estonia, 1922-26.                                                                                            6. Rumania: correspondence concerning reconstruction of houses in Rumania, 1921-29; correspondence with Paris office of AJRF, 1935-37; with Berlin offices of AJRF, 1933-35; reports about AJRF activities in Bessarabia, 1923-31; reports of 32 credit associations, 1934-35.                                                                    7. Czechoslovakia: correspondence between Czechoslovakia and Vilna bureaus of AJRF, 1922; with Vienna bureau, 1922-23; with Berlin, 1924-25; with Warsaw, 1923; with Munkacz, 1924-26; statistics, policy statements, minutes, reports of Czechoslovakian branch of AJRF, 1922-25.                                                                     8. Hungary: report of educational facilities in Budapest and Meu Pest; investigatory report on the situation of Jews in Hungary; correspondence from Vienna bureau, 1922-23; financial reports of Hungarian offices of AJRF.                                                                         9. Austria: correspondence, reports, accounts, charters, clippings, minutes relating to the Viennese Credit Association, 1922-32.                                                                                                   10. Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia, 1917-26: reports on credit associations in various cities in these countries; maps; correspondence; financial reports.                                                                                      11. ORT: reports of ORT activities in various European countries; correspondence between AJRF and ORT offices in several European countries, 1920-24; financial reports and miscellaneous records relating to the work of ORT in different parts of the world.                                                                                           12. Agro-Joint: reports from Moscow office about Agro-Joint activities, 1925-37; correspondence between Agro-Joint and OSE, 1935-38; correspondence from Agro-Joint to AJRF, 1935-37; reports of OSE activities, 1936-39.                                                                            13. Emigration from Germany: correspondence between AJRF bureaus in Paris and Germany, 1933-38; correspondence with Berlin offices.                                                                                                         14. HICEM: minutes and reports dealing with the activities of HICEM for refugees in Germany, 1932-37.                                                                              15. Financial Records: correspondence of People's Banks, 1925-32; records of loans in different countries, 1922-23; AJRF monthly reports, 1925-26; annual reports of AJRF, 1927-31.                                                                                                                16. Miscellaneous files, 1920-39: miscellaneuous correspondence, 1921-23; materials from Paris bureau of AJRF.                                                                                                                   17. Employees: correspondence relating to the travels of AJRF officials, 1921-24; correspondence of the AJRF Vienna bureau; correspondence relating to Joint officials, 1921-23.                                                                                                                18. Press clippings: from Poland, 1921-34; from Lithuania, 1921-38; from Greece, 1933-34.                                                                                          19. Photographs: from AJRF and Joint activities.
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