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Brief Description: Records of NRS Executive Offices: Data on officers and members of the Board of Directors.  Directory of NRS professional staff.  Minutes, agendas and reports of Board meetings.  NRS by-laws, charter.  Minutes of Executive Committee meetings.  Monthly reports and memoranda of Executive Directors.      Files of executive officers:  William Haber, Ann S. Petluck, Cecilia Razovsky.  Includes correspondence, memoranda, reports, case files.  Files of Albert Abramson, Stella Baruch, Milton Feinberg, Arthur Greenleigh, Augusta Meyerson, Ephraim R. Gomberg.      Records of NRS departments and committees:  Social and Cultural Department, Publicity Department, Division for Social Adjustment, Steering Committee - Joint Supervisory Group, Community Relations Department, Employment Department, Department of Research and Information, Migration and Alien Status Committee, Retraining Committee, Technical Advisory Committee, Employment and Retraining Division, Migration Department, Resettlement Division, Relief and Case Work Department, Family Service Committee, Central Reception and Information Service, Department of Economic Adjustment, Subcommittee on Reclassification, Speakers Bureau.      Correspondence and materials relating to organizations affiliated with the NRS:  American Committee for Christian German Refugees, American Friends Service Committee, American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, AJDC, Independent Order of B'nai Brith, Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America, Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Scholars, Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Physicians (also Psychologists, Social Workers, Scientists), German Jewish Children's Aid, National Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds, Musicians Emergency Aid Bureau, National Council of Jewish Women.      Correspondence and materials from unaffiliated independent organizations:  Jewish Family Welfare Society, Hebrew Free Loan Society, Jewish Social Services Association, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Jewish Theological Seminary, Jewish War Veterans, Jewish Welfare Board, Refugee Economic Corporation, Federation for the Support of Jewish Philanthropic Societies, National Conference of Social Work, United Jewish Appeal, United Palestine Appeal, Council of Service to Foreign Born, War Refugee Board, Jewish Refugee Committee in England, Refugee Children's Movement.      Correspondence with and materials from:  U.S. immigration authorities and government offices including U.S. Department of Justice, Labor, Agriculture, Interior, State.      Financial records: budgets, payrolls, grants, loans, accounting records. Correspondence with Milton Feinberg on financial matters. Topics related to administrative activities, the immigration settlement and resettlement process, financial and fundraising activities and publicity.      Administrative activities:  formation of the NRS, its structure and organization, as well as the final months of NCC activities.  Division of responsibility between NRS and National Council for Jewish Women.      Publicity activities:  materials of the Speakers Bureau, bulletins, newsletters.  Fund-raising projects.      Immigration process: immigration laws and regulations, alien registration, visas, temporary visas, affidavits, deportations, illegal entrants, ship arrivals and  departures, statistical studies;  refugees from Hungary, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Spain, Danzig;  Camp Kitchener in England.      Resettlement process:  resettlement projects throughout the U.S. by city and by state;  placement, vocational training and special programs for refugees, especially foreign physicians, scholars, scientists, social workers, psychologists, musicians.  Social and cultural adjustment activities.  Materials on special refugee camps in the U.S. such as Fort Ontario, Oswego, N.Y.; internment camps in Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma and other states.      Correspondents include: Shalom Asch, Paul Baerwald, Jacob Billikopf, Jacob Blaustein, Joseph P. Chamberlain, Daniel Charney, Milton Feinberg, Joseph C. Hyman, Alvin S. Johnson, James G. McDonald, William Rosenwald.
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