DP Camps in Germany
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Brief Description: Records relating to the camps in the American Zone of Germany:      Files of the Central Committee of Liberated Jews in the American Zone and of its departments.  Files of the Central Court of Honor.  Minutes and other materials of First through Third Congresses of Displaced Persons in the American Zone.      Files of local DP camps.  These files are comprised of materials from centers, camp committees as well as local branches of DP organizations and relief agencies. In addition, the following localities are represented:  Amberg, Augsburg, Bad Reichenhall, Bamberg, Berchtesgaden, Deggendorf, Eggenfelden, Eschwege, Frankfurt am Main, Fritzlar, Fulda, Gauting, Giebelstadt, Gersfeld, Hasenecke, Heidelberg, Heidenheim, Hofgeismar, Kassel, Krailing-Planegg, Lampertheim, Landau, Landsberg, Munich, Neu Freiman, Neu-Ulm, Plattling, Pocking-Waldstadt, Poppendorf, Regensburg, Rochelle, Schwabach, Schwaebisch Hall, Straubing, Stuttgart, Tirschenreuth, Vilseck, Wetzlar, Windsheim, Zeilsheim, Ziegenheim. By far the largest in this series are records of camps Feldafing and Fohrenwald.      Files of professional, social, cultural and political organizations.  Included are:  Union of Employees of the Central Committee, Union of Invalids, Union of Jewish Students, Jewish Actors Union, *landsmanshaftn*, political parties, ORT, AJDC.      Eyewitness accounts and other materials on the Holocaust collected by the Central Historical Commission.      Records of the DP camps in the British Zone. Includes materials of the Congresses of Survivors in the British Zone and files of the Central Committee in Bergen-Belsen. Announcements, files on religious affairs, lists of communities and committees. Reports of the Central Historical Commission. Police and court documents relating to former kapos, blackmarketeers and thieves.  Miscellaneous organizational files.      Materials of the French Zone and of Berlin, including reports, lists and statistics pertaining to the Berlin Jewish community and to Jewish DP's.  Election leaflets, printed matter about religious affairs, cultural materials, newsletters, Yiddish radio announcements, JDC reports and correspondence.
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Record Series Number: RG 294.2 /RG 294.2 
Created by: Displaced Persons Camps & Centers In Germany
Volume: 0.0
Arrangement: The collection is arranged in the following series: I) Central Committee of Liberated Jews in the American  Zone (folders 1-229); II) Camps & Centers, A-E (230-259); III) Camp Feldafing (260-557); IV) Camp Foehrenwald (558-762); V) Camps & Centers, F-Z (763-1046); VI) Union of Employees of the Central Committee (1047-1074); VII) Union of Invalids (1075-1190); VIII) Unions of Jewish students (1191-1276); IX) Landsmanshaftn (1277-1298); X) Jewish Actors Union (1299-1338); XI) Various D.P. Unions (13339-1352); XII) Zionist parties (1353-1389); XIII) ORT (1390-1496); XIV) AJDC (1497-1537); XV) Various organizations (addenda) (1538-1564); XVI) Miscellaneous printed materials (1565-1569); XVII) British Zone (1570-1627); XVIII) Berlin, French Zone (1628-1635); XIX) Supplements of various series (1636-1647)
Subject Index
Communal Welfare Organizations
Crime and Criminals
Displaced Persons and DP Camps
Holocaust and Aftermath
Politics and Political Parties
Radio, Yiddish
Religious Life
Survivors, Holocaust
Genres/Forms of Material
Documents - Records
Other Formats: MK 483 (117) [incl.#37A]
Finding Aid Revisions: 1994/10/11 ; 1903/01/23 ; GMB & YAT
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