Leo W. Schwarz papers (AJDC-DP camps)
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Brief Description: Most of the records pertain to JDC activities in the American Zone in Germany.        General administrative files of the JDC offices in the American Zone.  Reports, minutes of the JDC.  Bulletins, correspondence, personnel lists, circulars and maps of JDC operations in Germany. Monthly departmental reports of JDC offices on personnel, religious affairs, education, camp relief, transportation, legal aid, emigration, employment and provisioning.  Demographic and statistical reports. Records pertaining to contacts with U.S. military authorities and relief agencies.  Judge Louis Leventhal's records on his mission to Germany as the U.S. Military Advisor on Jewish Affairs.  Correspondence with UNRRA, minutes of the UNRRA Council on Jewish Affairs.  Materials on the American Red Cross and the American Council of Voluntary Agencies.        JDC reports on: kibbutzim; individual camps; deportations by the U.S. military authorities of individuals illegally in the U.S. Zone; cultural activities; the black market; general conditions in the D.P. camps. Camps and centers include Augsburg, Bamberg, Feldafing, Foehrenwald, Kassel, Pocking-Waldstadt, Regensburg (region). Correspondence of Leo Schwarz and Chaplain Abraham J. Klausner.        Records of the Central Committee of Liberated Jews, including correspondence, lists of members, memoranda, statutes, minutes, reports.  Materials on the Second and Third Congresses of Displaced Persons, 1947-1948.        Files of JDC departments:  Employment, Religion, Health, Welfare, Personnel Services, Emigration, Cultural Activities and Education, Legal matters, Supplies, Public Relations, Financial matters and Personnel.  JDC materials pertaining to Jewish D.P.'s in the British and French Zones and in Berlin.        Testimonies about the Holocaust by survivors.  Folklore and satire about the life of Jewish displaced persons. Manuscript of Schwarz's *The Redeemers*.
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Record Series Number: RG 294.1 /RG 294.1 
Created by: Schwarz, Leo W (1906-1967)
Volume: 0.0
Arrangement: The collection is arranged in the following manner: A) AJDC General files: series I) Organization & structure of the AJDC (folders 1-19); II) AJDC Reports (20-61); III) Military Authorities & Relief Agencies (62-102); IV) General Reports & Correspondence (103-122); B) D.P. Camps: V) The Central Committee of Liberated Jews: Organization & structure (123-129); VI) C.C. Congresses (130-134); VII) C.C. Minutes (135-145); VIII) Camps & Centers (146-224) a) Files on JDC Districts (146-173); b) Files on camps & centers (174-225); C) AJDC Departments: IX) Employment Board (226-240); X) Religious Dep. (241-270); XI) Health Dep. (271-295); a) Gauting Sanatorium (296-364); XII) Welfare & Personal Service Dep. (365-373); XIII) Emigration Dep. (374-393); XIV) Education & Cultural activities Dep. (394-447); XV) Legal Dep. (448-469); XVI) Supply Dep. (470-476); XVII) Public Relations Dep. (477-486); XVIII) Personnel & Finance Office (487-492); D: British Zone, French Zone, Berlin: XIX)  a) British Zone (493-513); b) French Zone (514-515); c) Berlin (516-531); E) Miscellaneous: XX) Memoirs & Testimonies on the Holocaust (532-552)
Subject Index
Communal Welfare Organizations
Displaced Persons and DP Camps
Folklore and Ethnography
Health and Health Care
Holocaust and Aftermath
Immigration and Emigration
Survivors, Holocaust
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Documents - Papers
Other Formats: MK 488 (48)
Finding Aid Revisions: 1994/10/11 ; 1903/01/23 ; GMB & AT
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