American Jewish Committee: Foreign Affairs Dept (FAD-1)
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Brief Description: Reports, studies, memoranda, minutes, statements, briefs, correspondence, surveys, printed materials which relate to Jewish communities in over 75 countries. The foreign countries records are arranged by country. The following countries have files greater than 1 ft.: Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Egypt, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, Rumania, Soviet Union, Syria.      Significant topics covered in selected country files are:      *Argentina*. 1938-1973. : activities of the AJC Buenos Aires office; anti-Catholicism; antisemitism; Christian-Jewish relations; AJC delegations to Argentina; Israel and Argentina; Jewish organizations and leaders; emigration; general political situation.      *Austria*. 1946-1973. 1 ft. : displaced persons and refugees; Christian-Jewish relations; Austrian government officials; the Jewish Community Council in Vienna; neo-Nazism; restitution; Simon Wiesenthal Documentation Center. Reports of AJC correspondents on  condition of Jews.      *Brazil*. 1939-1973. : activities of AJC offices in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo; antisemitism; Jewish studies centers; interfaith relations; political conditions and human rights; Sephardic community.      *Egypt*. 1948-1972. : American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service; Central Registry of Jewish Losses in Egypt; emigration of Jews from Egypt; ex-Nazi groups; German scientists; legislation involving Jews; Nasser's anti-Jewish activities; United Nations and anti-Jewish persecutions.      *France*. 1941-1973. : relationship between the AJC and the Alliance Israelite; antisemitism; Centre de Documentation Juive Contemporaine; Conseil Representatif des Juifs; Jewish agencies and communities; Libyan-French deals; North African refugees; French politics; Zionist activities.      *Germany*. 1930-1973. : activities of advisors on Jewish affairs to the Governor of the U.S. Military Zone; Nazism and neo-Nazism; the AJC program on reeducation; AJC relations with German officials including Konrad Adenauer, Willy Brandt, Ernst Reuther; German politics; Germany and Israel; the Oberammergau Passion Play; publication of *Mein Kampf*; radical right; reparations.      *Great Britain*. 1947-1973. : activities of the AJC London office; Anglo-Jewish Association and Joint Foreign Committee; the Council of Christians and Jews; extremism and antisemitism; the Institute of Contemporary History (Wiener Library); Zionism.      *Hungary*. 1944-1973. : Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty; Hungarian Nazis; refugees. There are also materials on antisemitism among Hungarian Catholic groups in the U.S.; Nazi activity in the U.S.      *Iraq*. 1945-1972. : condition of Iraqi Jews; Iraqi government and the press; relations of Iraq and Syria; U.S. government and Iraq.      *Israel*. 1945-1973. : activities of AJC officials and of the AJC office in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem; reports of AJC correspondents and of AJC missions to Israel; American public opinion on Israel; Arab-Jewish cooperative ventures; attitudes of Catholics and other Christians toward Israel; diaspora-Israel relations; AJC relations with the Israeli government; immigration; the status of Jerusalem; Sephardim; the Arab-Israeli wars.      *Italy*. 1947-1973. : conditions of Jews in Italy; antisemitic propaganda; Christian-Jewish relations.      *Mexico*. 1945-1972. : reports of AJC correspondents; programs of the AJC Mexico City office; antisemitism; Arab propaganda; Christian-Jewish relations; Jewish communal organizations; political situation in Mexico.      *Morocco*. 1945-73. : conditions of Moroccan Jews; emigration; relations between AJC and the Moroccan Government.      *Poland*. 1944-1972. : activities of AJDC; antisemitism; Warsaw Ghetto.      *Rumania*. 1948-1973. : emigration; human rights violations.      *Soviet Union*. 1949-73. : antisemitism; visits of Soviet officials to the U.S.; anti-Zionism; dissent; emigration; human rights; the Jewish community in the Soviet Union; Jews and Birobidzhan; Polish Jews in the Soviet Union; Yiddish culture in the Soviet Union.
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