HIAS ARCHIVE: HIAS and HICEM Main Office, New York
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Brief Description:

Records of the main HIAS administration from 1907 until the merger of HIAS and the United Service for New Americans in 1954 to form the United Hias Service.  Records of the New York office of HICEM, 1940-1945.

This subgroup of the HIAS ARCHIVE consists of the following sub-subgroups:

Reports and Minutes of HIAS Meetings and Conventions, RG 245.4.1

Minutes and Reports of HICEM, RG 245..4.2

Correspondence between HIAS and HICEM Offices, RG 245.4.3

International Migration Problems, RG 245.4.4

Migration Statistics and Studies, RG 245.4.5

Correspondence of HIAS and HICEM with Organizations, RG 245.4.7

Correspondence of HIAS with Individuals, RG 245.4.8

Correspondence of HICEM with Individuals, RG 245.4.9

United States and Canada, RG 245.4.10

Palestine, RG 245.4.11

Europe, RG 245.4.12

Latin America, Central America, West Indies, RG 245.4.13

Australia and New Zealand, RG 245.4.14

Far East, RG 245.4.15

Africa, RG 245.4.16

Transportation, RG 245.4.20

Individual Cases and Lists of Immigrants, RG 245.4.21

HIAS Histories, RG 245.4.26

HIAS Records of Arrival, RG 245.4.41

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Record Series Number: RG 245.4/RG 245.4
Created by: Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)
Volume: 0.0
Arrangement: This record group consists of a number of sub-series, arranged in the following manner: I: boxes 1-4; II: boxes 5-9; III: boxes 9-11; IV: boxes 12-13; V: box 14; VI: boxes 14-15; VII: boxes 16-19; VIII: boxes 19- 20; IX: box 20; X(A-D): boxes 21-28; XI: box 29; XII: boxes 29-45; XIII: boxes 46-61; XIV: box 62; XV: boxes 62-70 (box 70 missing); XVI: box 71; XVIII: boxes 71-72; XIX: boxes 72-73; XX: boxes 74-75; XXI: boxes 75-87; XXII: box 88; XXIII: box 89; XXIV: boxes 90-91; XXV: box 92; XXVI: box 92; XXVIII: boxes 93-151;
Access Restrictions:

The Adminisrative Records of the HIAS ARCHIVE open to researchers with the permission of and by appointment with the Chief Archivist. To request an appointment please write to Chief Archivist at archives@yivo.cjh.org

CASEFILES in the HIAS ARCHIVE are not open to the public at the present time unless the researcher is the subject of the case file or his immediate family (father, mother, sister, brother) is the subject of the case file and she/he has obtained written permission from HIAS to see the file. Researchers granted access to the casefiles may read them only for the purpose of obtaining general historical data and may not record specific information about individuals. Researchers given such access to case files must sign a Confidentiality Form in which they agree to abide by all YIVO Archives requirements.

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