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Brief Description: These are records of scholarly projects and academic activities of the YIVO Institute in New York.  The collection also includes selected subgroups of administrative records of the YIVO Institute which were transferred to the YIVO Archives because of their historical value. For the historical note on the YIVO, see *The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research and the YIVO Archives - A Brief History* which can be found in the introduction to this *Guide*.      Records of the American Section of YIVO, called Amopteyl, 1927-1940.  Correspondence with individuals and organizations.      Records of the YIVO Library.  Correspondence, 1935-1961.  Included are records of the Central Jewish Library and Press Archives, incorporated into YIVO in 1940.      Materials of YIVO conferences and colloquia, transcripts and tapes, 1950s-1978.  Tapes of YIVO radio programs on WEVD, New York, 1963-1976.  Records of the YIVO In-Service Courses for public school teachers, 1965-1978, including tapes, correspondence, applications of prospective participants.  Tapes of the course on Yiddish literature given by Dov Sadan, 1969-1970. Essays submitted to the YIVO Annual Essay Contest.      Clippings about YIVO, 1967-1978. Correspondence of the YIVO Commission on Research, 1950-1969.  Correspondence of the YIVO Commission for Standardized Yiddish Spelling, 1952-1965.  Materials for the bibliography of Yiddish literature in the Soviet Union, compiled in 1950.      Records of the YIVO-Yad Vashem Documentary Project, 1954-1976:  correspondence and memoranda of Jacob Robinson, Project Director; correspondence of Chaim Finkelstein, administrative manager; reports to the Conference of Jewish Material Claims Against Germany and correspondence relating to grants. Materials relating to the Warsaw Ghetto Exhibit, 1963; descriptions and translations of selected documents on the Holocaust, and photographs of display panels. Materials relating to other selected YIVO exhibits.      Manuscript and materials for the book *The Early Jewish Labor Movement in the U.S.* by A. Antonovsky, YIVO, 1956.      Various records relating to YIVO:  conferences, lectures, colloquia, contests, collections. Materials of YIVO New York Aspirantur (Research and Training Division), 1942-1945: applications, curricula.  Correspondence with YIVO committees in Los Angeles and Detroit, 1950s.
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Record Series Number: RG 100 /RG 100 
Created by: YIVO Institute For Jewish Research (New York)
Volume: 0.0
Arrangement: This collection is divided into two parts: The first, RG 100A consists of academic and archival materials, accessible to the public. The second part, RG 100, consists of administrative materials, kept in the warehouse. Within RG 100A, the following division should be noted: Records of Amopteil: boxes 1-31; records of the YIVO-Yad Vashem documentary project: 32-47; records of YIVO essay contest: 48-63; general records: 64-112; Antonowski history of the Jewish labor movement: 113-119; Yiddish Commission: 120-121; photographs: 122-131, three file drawers; clippings: 133-134; Research Committe: 135-147; Assorted YIVO materials (including clippings, conferences, lecture courses): 148-182; Archive and library correspondence: 183-227; Radio programs: 228; sound recording disks from YIVO projects: 229, 230. Posters in BM:93/15; two cases of exhibition guest books in vault
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