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Brief Description: These are incomplete records of the Kehillah covering mainly the period of the Tzedakah Gedolah, 1844-1918, and the New Kehillah, 1919-1940.  Some pre-1844 records are included.  Originally part of the YIVO Archives in Vilna, only a third of the collection was recovered after World War II. Additional records of the Vilna Kehillah are in the custody of the Central Historical Archives in Vilnius, Lithuania. The collection relates to all three administrations, although records of the first "kahal" period cover only 1800-1844 and are very sparse.      Records of the Kehillah, 1800-1844:  Agreement with the Talmud Torah, 1825.  Materials on relations with the Christian butchers' guild, 1800-1806.  List of taxpayers. Legal documents, correspondence.      Records of the Tsedakah Gedolah, 1844-1919. Correspondence, minutes, reports, legal documents, court materials, lists, relating to various departments and activities.  Minutes of the Kehillah meetings, materials of the Hevrah Kadisha (burial society), 1849-1860. Materials on the meat tax, low-priced housing, Passover relief activities, relief work during World War I. Lists of taxpayers. Correspondence with Russian and German government authorities.      Records of the New Kehillah, 1919-1940.  Records relating to the following departments: Legal Department; Complaint Committee; Economic, Educational and Financial Departments; Child Care Commission; Social Services; interest free loan (*Gmilas khesed*) office; Community Taxes; Food Supply Section; Firewood Committee; Matzah Committee; Religious Department; the Vaad Harabonim. Lists of candidates in the Kehillah elections.  Minutes of the governing bodies such as the Executive Committee, 1919-1931, the Presidium, 1919-1924, Management Committee, 1919-1931. Budget and financial reports, 1919-1939. Correspondence with the Municipality of Vilna. Correspondence with Jewish deputies in the Polish Diet, with Polish and Lithuanian government officials, the Jewish National Council in Lithuania. Correspondence and proclamations of the Vaad Harabonim, 1917-1936. Birth, death and marriage certificates, 1909-1930. Lists of Jews in Vilna, 1925, 1937. Materials on community taxes, hospitals, community elections, 1918, 1928. Minutes, correspondence about the pogrom of April 1919 in Vilna.
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Created by: Vilna Jewish Community Council
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